Frantic 911 call after woman in vegetative state gives birth

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Nurses caring for a woman in a 16-year coma were frantic when she suddenly gave birth to a baby boy in her nursing home bed, a 911 call released by police revealed. The unnamed woman, aged 29, gave birth to a boy at Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 29. In the five minute call, the nurse — whose name is redacted in the audio released by police — tells the dispatcher: 'We had no idea this patient was pregnant'. The nurse adds: 'The baby's turning blue, the baby's turning blue. We need someone now.' On Friday it also emerged that the woman had entered Hacienda HealthCare when she was three years old after a drowning incident. Police are now carrying out DNA tests on all male staff as well as others who potentially had access to the woman's room in a bid to find who is responsible. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

Comments from Youtube

MonicaS. : This was a nurse calling for help from 911 & didn't know the unit number or phone number? WTF! This place needs shut down & criminal charges filed!

Ida Dee : If they don’t know who raped this patient, why is the facility still in business. They need to shut it down to prevent further sexual abuse.

guest : This situation is pissing me off. Whoever did this, I hope gets life.

Olivia Bolivia : This is why you dont put your family members in these type of facilities. They dont give a Damn about your loved ones. They dont even look at them long enough to notice a change in her stomach region. Would you want this so called nurse caring for your loved one? Pathetic.

Beautiful Disaster : Clearly they don't chart women's monthly cycles at this place....smh

Jamie Hague : She failed to mention she is in a coma


nicole797 : How can u not know how old your patient is??? She’s been there for a long time! And she sounds like she’s trying to make u believe she had no idea, by repeating it over and over, but I’m not buying it!

Angel Porsha : That nursing home needs to be short down period, so unprofessional place, I don’t think that person is the nurse in charge

J Groovy : What if someone there was pimping her out like in Kill Bill? This is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard.

Junior Diamond : Someone rape the patient/resident OMG!

guest : These are clearly those uneducated nurses that do home healthcare. Hire educated nurses.

purplepassion1 : DISGUSTING absolutely DISGUSTING..SHAME ON ALL THE STAFF...

olivia brown : She sounds like she's trying to cover for herself and the workers there by constantly saying "we had no idea"

2006glg : How you don't know your work address and phone number and you're working in a medical facility?

Joanna Navarro : This woman is an idiot! She's a "nurse" but has no clue about an LIFE SAVING procedures, not to mention she's so unprofessional and all over the place... SMH

Tanya Flemon : What kind of “nurse” was this? This facility probably hired a bunch of unqualified folk

Steven Serrano : The people at this healthcare place are just f*cking blind not noticing that she was pregnant.

Bleu Skye : This whole story is disgusting. Starting with this poor thing being in a vegetative state her whole life. What the hell !

Imre Demech : There is so much unprofessionalism going on in this country it's pathetic. Start right with Service Industries where managers have been promoted for diversity sake. Teachers in New York had to have test scores lowered to pass a Teacher Exam to Teach. All done for Diversity, not brains anymore. I don't trust anything in America today as I have traveled all my life & seen enough of dumbdowned so called professionals. The Standards to be a Professional has been lowered significantly by Liberal Idiots in charge.

Lady M : I hope she's not a nurse because she didn't know the room number she'll don't know the phone number very incompetent if she's a staff member I don't understand how they not know this young woman is pregnant when you're supposed to be doing her daily care. doesn't sound right. she keep repeating we had no idea she's was pregnant.

Yon Yon : LIARS! vegatative patient=bed baths MEANING her cargiver had to noticed a small petite patient growing abdomen while giving bed baths n changing diapers😡

JadesInTheSky : I guess traffickers are using facilities like this, how sick!!

Chris M : She doesn’t sound like a nurse

Don't Say My Name : Hopefully they do a dna test and also collect dna from the male staff !

Ambatron Davis : WTF! a whole minute went by before anything that made sense was communicated. This is is so wrong. Are these people running this place even qualified? insane. Just awful.

Enna Kavi : Hispanic CNA. These places are the biggest medicaid and medicare scammers.

princess heather : The person on the phone sounds not only inexperienced and unprofessional but like a complete moron. This whole facility needs to be shut down clearly if they didn't know she was pregnant like they say then they were not taking care of her properly. They are more than aware of what goes on there and probably just chooses to look the other way.

Dang Shame : If I had a family member at this place I would move them NOW. This nurse sounds like a moron and confused. This is her job she sounds like a visitor that just called 911.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

ζαρα Ιωάννα : Bloody hell that baby was non responsive for a long time she relatively calm given what had just happened

Mohammad Suleiman : She said: " we had no idea she was pregnant". It's a very rare thing an honest person can say I had no idea. She could have said we didn't know. This raises many questions, if the victim is in vegetative state, who changed her tampons? They must have had an idea that the victim didn't have a period for months. Someone had an idea.

Missy Lu Lou : They noticed they just did not won’t to get involved she gets bed baths the belly would of grown at some point even if it was at full term I just carnt believe not one person noticed

Eliete Panzo : That's truly someone to be take care of by the place.Can you a $$$$$..I'm taking out a lawsuit so freaking out there.

the_fallen : This lady is a nurse and she is calling 911 for help to deliver a baby and how to do CPR.....shes should not be a nurse

purplepassion1 : The lady on the phone sounds ……….phoney??????

Jeannie Geiser : Honey, I think you did fine considering nursing homes don’t typically deliver babies. I’m sure the man will be found out and taken care of. One bad apple doesn’t make everyone bad! Keep your chin up!

Chelsea Bella Gallo : Wait. What. What kind of nursing degree does she have?

Mar~Bear : The employee sounds retared and mexican💩🖕🤢

blaze rebal : OMG These are health care professionals and they don't know where their facility is located? There is just no cure for stupid!

Niecy Harvey : I heard it all!

Saved by Christ : So MANY things wrong w/this call 🤦‍♀️ 911 did great but phew.. they need to be closed down! If I had a loved one in there I'd look for other homes ):

noirdesire : unless the woman was severely overweight how could they not notice the patient became pregnant? its not like pregnancy has zero physical characteristics.

Jeff Dirt : The nurse was so unprofessional

Eightys Baby87 : Why did the janitor who had no clue what's going on call the police.

Amanda Smith : Was this lady under age? They wouldn't give out her age?? So she must be super young! Isn't this place a nursing home for children? This is so so sad

gemini image : Omg this lady got on my nerves

vivianna hinks : Hmmmm...this caller shud be questioned over and over. Smells fishy.

Satara Murphy : Halfway through the call this dumb lady still doesn't say the patient has been in a vegetative state for years she's not giving critical information....hell for that matter she didn't know the telephone number nor address

Satara Murphy : this facility definitely need more training in emergency situations this 911 call was awful and things could have been moved along a lot faster if the lady knew what she was talking or saying on the phone