Chappelle's Show - Black Bush

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Tony Rios : *Golden Era of television.*

Chezzburger : To those who aren't familiar with the yellow cake joke, yellowcake is a name for uranium concentrate powder which is obtained from the processing of uranium ore, which is used to make nuclear bombs

Markeisha Pope : So we gonna ignore Jamie Foxx as Tony Blair?? 😂 And Mos Def cameo was hilarious

Madzlick Chinatown : Whether it's Yellow Cake Uranium or just plain Yellow Cake, you better not drop that shit.

M Chaney : "oh wait a minute, you don't have an army, guess you need to STFU" lol

Rudie Obias : I want to see Dave Chappelle do "Black Trump" now!

Tia V. : yella cake from the motha land don't drop that shit!

B007 : Trump’s been watching too much chapelle show.

Mr OhsoS3RIOUS : Black Bush, the originator of #SpaceForce 😂

845835ab : Back when this was made it was funny to believe that a President could be this ridiculous but here we are in 2018 and this skit has basically become reality.

Kenny Johnson : "I got 40 nations ready to roll son" "Like Who" "Who TF Said That "😂😂😂😂😂


Kool Kendra : Trying to get that OIL, HA HOIL!!! 😂😂😂

Mclovin : Key & Peele could never come close to being this funny!!!!

Jason A. Gutekunst : Cradle of MF-in' civilization!

Sobuka : “Gay People Gettin Married”... wow. Welcome to 2018. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

hiphop4x4 : “Stankonia, said they’re willing to drop bombs over Baghdad.” 14 years later and I finally get this one. Such a genius. Lmao

Ignacio Ruiz : I still remember watching this shit live. I just lost it when I saw Jamie Fox as Black Tony Blair.

Juan Gonzalez : Chappelle predicted the future on space exploration. Donald Trump talking about space now. Lol

Roni S. S. Palermo : When you realize Trump is basically behaving like black Bush. He was warning us...

Acc0rd79 : Before reality TV took over all of TV and ruined it! I miss these days, I'm getting old:(

Time- Binder : It is completely amazing how a up and coming comedian when the war was just starting in 2004 broke it down.This is probably one of the best skits of all time . Dave should receive a journalism award for this piece. Pulitzer ,SPJ , Hugo,Apex or something.The journalist today should be ashamed that a comedian can do a much better job than someone who went to a University for 6 years.

bighf24 : “U might speak 16 languages but u gon need em when u in time square sellin fake hats” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Go big Orange : VOTE BLACK BUSH 2020 👍✌️

Adam Sangermano : “Special CIA napkin” this whole skit is timeless

juvydamexican : ALUMINUM!!

Steven Sturgis : I didn't get the Yellow Cake Uranium reference until right now lol. Back in 2004 that went right over my head.

Kimbee : Chappelle’s a prophet. A PROPHET I SAY!!!

Gamesick2077 : This aged sooo well

Redeye -/- : Never saw this sketch before but it's somehow crazy when comparing to speeches of Trump today! That sketch was like a look into future.

Frank Jones : Who said something about oil b**** you cooking

Nik Tantardini : Black Bush = Donald Trump

MoguMogu : "Tryna get that oillloo..oohhoo" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Official Celly : It's funny, his speech at the end about america going to space its literally trump space force speech lol

Bound Dragons : 6:05 Trump explaining the Space Force

Smarky Wolf Reviews : The oil scene always gets me.

Maurito Adr : Black Head of the CIA entrance was the best one ever hahaha

Captain MonStar : Trump must’ve just seen this, right after he watched Avengers: Infinity War

StaccCurrency productions : M.A.R.S son !! Red rocks !! 😂

Mariah B : Hold up...did Dave Chappelle predict the Space Force at the end???

Jaidon H : “Oillll olllchoooolllll “

Jackie Kramer : Sadly this was actually true. Fucking Bush. And now we’re stuck with Trump. Could you imagine a Chappelles shows with Trump president? It would be comedy gold!

Jared Frazier : Trump saying all this stuff right now 😂😂😕 space force and all

Mario Persaud : Comedy central shouldn't have tried to change his stuff and push for their influence on him so we could get more greatness.

Kino : 3:47 just got that because i was recently listening to outkast

Andreas M : Best comedian ever

Joel387 suzuki : greatest comedian ever

wyatt allen : This is so relevant right now

Henry Gonzalez : lmfao "do I need to tell you what you can do with aluminum tubes.."

Bryan Christopher : "Some black dude" needs his own show