Adpocalypse Update - Out Of The Trenches Platform - Italy Trip I THE GREAT WAR

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john melchek : I don't understand why YouTube is doing this to you guys. This show is one of the most mature and PG show involving the Great War I have seen. Sure there are things you guys can't avoid saying but that's just part of history. I always thought you guys would be able to dodge the adpocolypse because of the nature of your show, but YouTube has gone way too far with this.

Konst Saalfeld : This is mad! Why do they do this? This is education damn them if anyone learns something...

scarletcrusade77 : Thats a pretty good Flo disguise you got there Indy, even nailed the tone of voice and everything

Ole Tom : Flo is looking awesome today

V. Athanasiou : Flo now is a star in his own right!

Bernhard Jordan : can you uplod the video in private and wait for the review ?

Y Pop : Hi Flo Thank You for the update!

Boston Prince : Never knew about this channel, but I'm loving Flo and his accent, I'll sub only if we get to see more of him in front of the camera,

kaszti17 : yt is being selfdestructive imo

Chocolate Chip : And this is the company that wants to drive our cars for us. smh

impalabeeper : The adpocalypse is a conspiracy by the establishment corporate media to silence the competing independent and alternative media platform flourishing in Youtube.

Engineer57 : Were you wearing any pants during the making of this video?

Gaudia Certaminis : It's ludicrous that channels like this are being hit by YouTubes panicked response to advertiser complaints. The algorithm is completely whacked, targeting factual shows, gaming channels and news outlets indiscriminately. There has to be a way of tagging channels that have a proven track record of producing 'approved' content.

Mr. Recker : Why is indy german in this video?

TopBunkProductions : Youtube are slowly killing the independent channels, so that the corporations take control of everything uploaded on this site. Soon, the only channels allowed to upload anything will be those owned by corporations.

Falco Gaming : Guys, i think the whole italy trip is an excuse to arrest Indy and turn him into a POW, this german spy is trying to deceive us!

Chauncey Syposs : When people complain about how cable history content has stagnated and died, I send them to channels like The Great War. This show, and shows like it, are the future of History content IMO. It needs to be funded and continued, or else we'll now about bigfoot and ancient aliens.

Brett Peacock : On the plus side, Flo, I generally watch most if not all your episodes at least once, and sometimes i go back and do recaps as well.

Mennolt van Alten : The COOTTQPDWAT sounds quite interesting, although it should be noted the Dr. Doofenschmitz school of acronym development isn't the best there is. also, maybe we should all go and rewatch every vid in the background once the ads do start XD

Commander Shepard : Can't you send the videos for review while they're still unlisted, and publish them after you get the OK from YT? That way you wouldn't loose any Ad revenue.

SeaDragonMiner R : Yay, Flo!

Guy : The show literally has tripled in quality. The specials from the historical sites and museums with experts are phenomenal and are doing a great justice recording and sharing the knowledge of so many historians who only encounter the people who can get to those museums. For someone so far away from Europe, its so good to get this kind of content! Thanks a bunch and hope you get some great footage in the Alps!

maxsmodels : Youtube has turned into a PC Stazi organization.

Indiana Jones : Do you guys have anything for sale on Amazon?

Jefferson Apple : I like efficiency too, Flo!

Mr Emerald : Was recently in Berlin. Can confirm that Germans are incredibly efficient. Such an amazing city.

H : pfft i like flo just as much as indy so its a win win

BLADE : Damn Indy looks different

Han Yolo : Just go with the Flo...

Ryan Merlino : keep up the good work guys

Adam Hopkins : Super Important Question: - How much do I have to donate per month for Indy to make a recording for my answering machine?

WW2 matthew15pro WW2 : Will you guys make a mobile application.

The Doughnut King : FLOFLOFLOFLO!

TheCovertGamer : Love your videos been watching them for a year, keep it up. -Lane coming from USA, Michigan.

Dubspool _ : Indy, you're not convincing me that's Flo :D

Srećko Čuvalo : Hi Flo

Tjuhr : Youtube has become policor feminist bolshewism, sadly

Wladislav : Sad to see YouTube's terrible ad revenue model hurting more very important channels. Remember this everyone: *The ads will not support you.*

NO U : ^

Ben Quinney : A fixed set of rules

Laserrifle125 : I blame Conrad.

k loraas : Hi Flo. Just a thought. Does going back and rewatching Past episodes help? Ie. Hit the play lists like 1914 and 1915 watch every episode. Or in my case listen cause I'm working. Help with this adpocalypse? Doesn't bother me listening to Indy while I work.

mr Wood : Wish BBC would fund YouTube projects like this. Than pay for news in pigeon English. Always feels like a waste of my tax money. YouTube holds so much power they can sensor what you see or talk about. Pretty shocking really.

Hornet : Can't believe this is happening to you guys I have watched you from the start and you don't do anything wrong it's educational, YouTube needs to sort this out as it is hurting really good content and could stop people from making stuff that is truly beneficial like this show.

Unitater : Flo is amazing!

AdstarAPAD : Could you submit a video to Utube 72 hours before you post it on Utube??? They need to make up some kind of process that can make a video add acceptable at the time of it's release..

Leim O' Galbraith : Could you do a video about francis ledwidge since he was a slightly prominent and upcoming writer in the time of ww1. Just a suggestion and I love your videos keep up the good work.

Bill Kerman : Is it possible to have your video approved while it is unlisted? If so, couldn't you just upload the video about a week before the release and leave it unlisted? This week the video could be approved, so that it is monetized on release.

TecnicStudios : It's SNAFU here and the YouTube system is FUBAR once again, story of the decade.

Thad Pohl : Take your time. Wait until the monetization classification is settled and then post the video. I'll wait...