Adpocalypse Update - Out Of The Trenches Platform - Italy Trip I THE GREAT WAR

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k loraas : Hi Flo. Just a thought. Does going back and rewatching Past episodes help? Ie. Hit the play lists like 1914 and 1915 watch every episode. Or in my case listen cause I'm working. Help with this adpocalypse? Doesn't bother me listening to Indy while I work.

Retro AP : This is one giant ad itself for their new vid "what if Germany won the Great War" special episode.

Sabre Zero : It's sad to see this is happening to you guys, this is such a great channel shame on you YouTube. Why not mess with other channels instead like Jake Paul's or some other stupid channel who are famous for absolutely no reason. Talk about going downhill

lastwolflord : Youtube has been ripping off everyone and making the tired claim it's their software. Surprised nobody is taking them to court over it.

Paullian Blantar : Youtube is turning into a concentration camp!

ToughAncientSpark : Who exactly are these people who are deciding morality. And what exactly are they basing this morality on? BTW, fuck you YouTube.

Nelson3300 : Are they really messing with you guys too? Here I thought it twas just all the controversial talking heads I watch... Honestly I be it is something REALLY arbitrary having to do with opening a market in China...

Carlton B : If you want to keep up revenue on Youtube, ask everyone to wait at least three days or more before watching the video. This should keep your revenue up. Keep us updated and if it takes five days, then ask us to wait five days. There are solutions to these problems.

ColasTeam : You guys should tell Youtube to fuck off and start uploading on another site, maybe even a dedicated one. I'd follow you.

Steve Sheldon : Fascinating. This sidn't show up on the subscription page, but it did show up on the home page under recommended videos. Youtube is just fundamentally broken, and they don't seem to want to fix it as this has been going on now for months.

Eric Carlson : Flo is looking good. I enjoy listening to him speak. a possible fundraising stunt- folks could pay to brush that luxuriant awesome beard

Marc Wechsler : When did Samuel tarly get a job at the Great Wat?

Robert walpole : Hey indy and crew is was wondering if you would make a video on Rafael de Nogales, he was quite an interesting character

Alex : Excited about the oott app! Thank you to the developers and all involved!

Benjamin Dergovits : Why is YouTube self destroying itself? Nearly every youtuber got problems with this shit... You make such great videos, which are always interesting!👍 Please continue😄

cooper g : lol this is literally listed under the "education" category. Why are the view demonetized?

BossMadOne : This is what happens when you allow a authoritarian group to start thinking for you.

Jon south : what the hell are YouTube thinking why would YouTube go after you, you guys are the best channel on this thing and are so wonderful and educational their is no controversy about your magnificent programmes if anything they should be giving you a grant to supplement the add income so you get even more revenue to support the show

Marek Dohojda : I really think it is past time to replace Youtube with some other platform. Youtube is becoming beyond stupid.

Jonas Drøjdahl : This is bloody sad. Documentary and educational work of this quality has been absent from the old media for 20 years or more. To see it being stymied here too is just so wrong. This stuff might be entertaining to a lot of us, but damn me if even people with a lot of knowledge of the time and events don't learn a hell of lot too. This is so educational... This is exactly what people should watch, and not some corporate BS or some pointless commentary about something equally pointless. Urgh.

StarzoneNeo : Is this for the one time Indy cursed

Brick Boy763 : Maybe you can give your videos a plain coloured thumbnail and change it when it has advertisements that way we won't watch it until it has ads?

ziggy ashton : Trying to silence this show is like erasing your identity , it's thanks to those who gave their lives that corporations like YouTube and Google exist so YouTube don't silence , as George Orwell once said "All the war propaganda,All the screaming and lies and hatred comes invariably from people who are not fighting"

Bob Ross : Youtube is like an overprotecting parent, they think their doing everything they do for the better, but they just end up making things worse and everyone angry at them for making stupid decisions. Like why of all things would you demonetize an education channel, I see tons of videos that are not age-restricted and not demonetized that should definitely not make any money, but god forbid education. Mention the word war and youtube will be all over your ass, but i see f***ing porn on youtube with ads. Youtube needs to do heavy work on their algorithms and what should and shouldn't make money on their platform.

GCJT1949 : Check out Geoff Who is annoyed with YouTube. And is a Patreon supporter.

Hbabamb Roadz : Go to war. Make it a Great War.


TheTechnoLocker : I know this doesn't completely solve the problem (especially for the weekly episodes) but couldn't you upload a video and set it to private and monetise it. When (/if?) it gets monetised then make it public and so you get the ad revenue from the views from the get go? This could potentially work well for the OOTT and Special episodes, obviously postponing the week by week videos probably won't work as well.

Luksas4 : My name's not Indy Neidell, welcome to the Great War

AspectRatioPolice : Youtube will only learn when a better outlet comes around. Spread yourselfs.

joehoe222 : That's annoying for a community with 80% or more people with an adblocker...

nettles89 : Screw it—AdblockPlus installed, Patreon pledge made. Become the consumer rather than the product, and pay the people creating this excellent content. YouTube and their advertisers can go Foch themselves.

Gnawer Shreth : It's amazing how Youtube (and Google) seem willing to completely wreck their own platform in the name of protecting people from hurt feelings. It's absolute insanity. It's obviously in their own interest that they have as many good content creators as possible so why they've entered this "hurt feelings" nonsense is beyond me. As if anyone sane would ever think that a brand (Let's say Coca Cola for example) has anything to do with what video they advertise on. lol If anyone *actually* thinks that the ads mean that Coca Cola actively supports what's being said in the video, they need professional help.. And possibly medication. What's next? Should war movies, crime dramas, "controversial" documentaries etc. on TV not have commercials? An Adidas commercial before a documentary doesn't mean Adidas agrees with it or supports what it says ffs. Everyone sane fucking knows that, and if anyone boycotts Adidas over it, it's an irrelevantly tiny group of crazies that you can't satisfy no matter what. They won't stop being whiny crazies because Adidas pulls its commercials either, they just want to whine and get their way and they'll continue with the same idiotic behavior no matter what TV stations, Youtube, Google or brands do.

RootedHat : It's not youtube who reviews the video. It's the goddamn "Youtube hero" programme....

otsys77 : Youtube is a sinking ship. Mirror upload to other sites, and start migrating away from YT.

Money4Nothing : Is there no way to submit the video to youtube before uploading to get it approved for advertising? Then all of your views can be monetized. Either that or upload the show as private for Patreon supporters only, then make it public when the ads are approved.

Yaldabaoth : COOTTQPDWAT is my new favorite abbreviation.

harlockmbb : We need watch the videos two times.

Little Jenny : It always good to see Flo usurp Indy's power! Hehehe... -Jen

Daniel Garten : Fuck you google for buying out YouTube and giving into the governments bullshit

Valkyrie N : Youtube had it planned all along, They dont care about the controversy they just noticed they could easily save millions just by cutting salaries paid out. So they found an excuse to do so since they knew the public are to weak to change platform.

expendedAmmunition : Flo you the best, keep up the good work team

Mimir : "Not Indy" "apocalypse update" have never been so amused.

Diebulfrog79 : Sue You Tube and Google, join the crowd of lot of You Tubers. Second, move over to Vidme. Thank you for your hard work.

I Hernandez : Wait. YouTube is screwing with you guys too on ads? Wth is their problem?

Sam Stewart : Hi Great War. You need to organize a you tube protest. You tube is stealing money from anyone who may be presenting content that is not recognized as standard gov. approved content. You tube has become a cancer- just like the and the media. Please keep posting great videos. Do not let you tube/ gov shut you down.

Paul Varga : I have deleted all my Google apps except YouTube because to this. Bing and DuckDuckGo are great search engines

One Smooth Stone : Go with the flow

Hunter Bradley : Increase your reddit upvote and viral your reddit post. we have thousand reddit members group. They will give you many upvote in a shot time. just cont:

rbf caf : YouTube started great! Now this is gone crazy! YouTube will not last long doing this bull crap!