AIR CHINA EMERGENCY in Flight Simulator X Multiplayer (ATC)
AIR CHINA EMERGENCY in Flight Simulator X Multiplayer ATC

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Lord van Looo : Tower: 34R or 34L? Air China: Yes

Alkalide : "You are clear to crash and die." at 6:40 totally got me.

tam waitii : Hey guys iam airchina981 in the game haha my name is Tong. Hold can play with you all😂😂😂

RKD aka Nakainu : I'll give credit to people who are not native English speakers trying their best to speak English.

Acid Productions : Airforceproud has finally found a person who can match his skills... they call him... Demo001

Kitana Kahn : Please bring Air China back for season 2 of the Flight Sim anime

レイ·ライト -Raylight : -Should have greet Air China with "Welcome to the rice field m"- It's not Airforceproud95 's video without Hot Air Balloon @ 400 kts xD

Vortex Eleven : Man that guy that played Air China really took realism to the extreme. He even nailed the accent!

Kennxth17 : AirForceProud: Uploads once in three months YouTube: *wait, that's illegal*

吳梓楠 : Can't stop laughing, the most perfect HK English(Chinglish) ever heard, round applause to Air China😂 I'm from Hong Kong LOL

Kevin Morris : 'GET YOUR HANDS OFF AIR CHINA.' That's going on a damn shirt.

Omar/Melanie Riverz : That mayday is going to be declined You're clear to crash and die lol 😂😂😂😂

TheZondaS : Airforceproud95 is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

google mapss : We need to get this guys 1million subscribers

SouthpoleSoul : I don't know about everybody else, but I watch all of these videos, then use them as background noise for studying, and also use them to fall asleep. This also happens to get my mind off my depression issues. If AirForceProud95 sees this, just wanna let you know that you are an awesome dude and I love your videos.

Shiko82nd : Died when Air China said "oH yOu HaVe a BiG vOicE DoN't yOu?"

Block Like : Never have I enjoyed watching videos of a game I have absolutely no interest in as much as this

The Railfanning Birdwatcher : Air China, we love you, you are hilarious. Also, the rough translation for that phrase at 10:38 is: goodbye my friends!

Alphaspiderman : Approach - level 1 crook Tower - level 100 mafia Air China - level 999 sauce boss Because that is how mafia works

Dylan Kimble : That should be a shirt: Intercepting the interceptors that are intercepting the intercepted

Ashley Hw : 6:45 “You are clear to crash & die” needs to be on a shirt

Fazers : Protect Air China at all costs

RomanLegion : I was hysterical when it got to the “we have an SR71 ready” “GET HIM”

Uaene : International diplomacy at its finest

pepep44 : Hot air balloon @ 400 kts at 2:22 thank me later

Jacob Ellison : I can't explain logically why I love these vids so much.

AmtrakFan 101 : 10:37 instead of spending 10 minutes of your life trying to figure out what that means like I did, it means "Goodbye my friend!"

Vincent Dong : Does the Air China guy sound like Dennis from Linus Tech Tips?

Anton t23 : 9:52 the funniest thing I have every heard 🤣😅😄🤣😅😄🤣😅😄

Census : Air China: Good Night Everybody and Thank You! Seattle: Clear As Day

johnstjohn1987 : "Air China is being intercepted right now. " "Is he real- OH MY GODDDDD!!!" LOL

Rubber Don’t Give A Ducky : I died when air china was talking over the cockpit warnings 💀💀💀

Timothy McMahon : @Airforceproud95 , I need to apologise. *I* am the real TimmyMac, but it was son using my steam account and making an annoyance of himself during this session. I apologise for his behavior, and for my failure as a father for having reared such a pain in the arse. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Good day to you sir.

PredatorsGamingPS4 : You and DEMO001 would make good auctioneers.

StatisticalError82 : DEMO001, audio book guy, and of course Air China are my new favorite Airforceproud95 pilots. I hope we see more of all three, except maybe audio book guy

Apples : 4:00 Please butter my croissant Confirm those wind conditions again for me fuuccckkkk

DaemonenprinzessinXD : I never thought I could get so excited over a flight simulator video

So guys we did it : [This comment was removed due to restricted internet]

Donald J. Trump : Did somebody say _C H I N A_ ?

Vernon Pullins III : You should make some air China merch for the dude

Eliu Rios E. Jr : (LITERALLY 30 SECONDS LATER) 1:25 *engine warning* Dis Air China...Engine Fault lol 🤣🤣🤣

Brad Setzer : If you’re not subscribed to bottlecruncher95, what are you doing with your life.

Josh Revelo : For some reason I found captions with the .jpg hilarious.

Richard Powell : Apparently Air China forgot to ground their Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet.....

razorfett147 : Finishes working out departure with speed guy.... [cockpit alarms] Air China: "Uhh...Seattle" 🤣🤣🤣

Jace berg : I’ve recently met him on team speak he is very nice air China 🇨🇳

Roblox Ninja : Did you ever hear the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?😂😂😂


Oya Lara : "Is he actually from china" "yeah hes been here a while" dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣