Rising Star - Jesse Kinch Sings 'I Put a Spell On You'
My favorite performance on any reality TV singing show Jesse Kinch sings I Put a Spell On You

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Jesse performs "I Put a Spell on You" on the Series Premiere of Rising Star. Watch Rising Star Sundays at 9|8c|7m on ABC. Subscribe: http://abc.tv/RisingStarSubscribe Learn how to download and use the Rising Star Voting App here: http://youtu.be/oHogUFSa088 Connect with us on social: https://www.facebook.com/RisingStarABC https://twitter.com/RisingStarABC https://plus.google.com/+RisingStarABC http://risingstarabc.tumblr.com/ http://www.pinterest.com/RisingStarABC http://instagram.com/RisingStarABC http://abc.com/RisingStar Official Hashtag: #RisingStar


ele Papelashvili : all the panties dropped on 0:14 LOL

satexguy1 : He would have won American Idol, The Voice, AGT, and could have saved X Factor from death.  This show was so under-marketed.  I hope he makes it big.

Tristin Robinson : his voice is so sexy it got me pregnant and I am a boy

PD Janavia : he should've went to the voice :/

JDMan94 : As much as I dislike these contest shows... it is always nice when a talent like this gets discovered. I may watch this show just for him. Can't wait for him to tear in some Rock.

Ella Havia : I've lost count on how many times I hit the replay button...😂

Ioanna Stavrianou : the best cover for this song i have never heard

Jessica Bryant : No matter what happens, Jesse WILL be famous after rising star. No doubt.

ahmtTyln : I think this dude has the most impressive upper octave range than anyone else :D

dana dillard : I remember I wasn't paying attention and I left the app to do something else on my phone. Then he came on and I dropped my phone on my face in shock

Doom Guy : Really sucks they canceled the show. This guy's got real talent.

mike hanson : we need more rock on these singing shows ... enough with the Diva and Country music singers winning everything

rodney fullove : jesse won it for me.

Saučey Sāiyan : His voice is so intense he probably sang the song better then the original artist did.

Zayna Travis : The next Steven Tyler

Stephanie Talamantes : The fact that his voice went away after his performance we can all agree that he gave it his ALL on that stage! My fav of all. 

Gold DEMON : halfway through the first verse I knew he would win.

Shannon Holihan : I have now watched this video five times in a row. I'm just so in love with this voice. Jesse Kinch you will be famous. 

Rian Graves : Damn that was good

Eden Atlas : GOD !! He is beyond amazing

mona lisa : DIVINE... it is like all previous best of rock gathered in him and channeled to us...spellbound...

Adriana : He should be getting more recognition than he's gotten.

TheValSL : i am in love.

Mary Rebeka : My God :O incredible. Wow.

Keanna Corley : His voice gives me the chills. Wow. Just wow.

Tasha Braithwaite : God he is sooooo damn fine

Jasmine Williams : I watched this live and he is so cute and his voice is just WOW

Michael Juarez : he is the only reason for me to watch rising star classic rock is back

Breannabanana : he murdered the stage

conmce36 : He looks like Jim Morrison

repsvip40 : He's the only one I actually like

Jenna Rose : We both have the same vocal coach ! btw this is fantastic !

whutwhut : i was baked when i first saw this live on tv. and when it all culminated during the lifting of the wall and hes like "yaaahhH" i got chills. it was a-freaking-mazing

whoisnix : his voice gave me chills when I saw the episode.

Hannah Renee : Please, I want him to make love to me. OMFG

mary mccloskey : If Jesse doesn't win , this is rigged !!!! Jesse you rocked America !!!!

OkGoGirl82 : Looks like he just had an album release on June 1, 2018!

Dovah kiin : holy *insert curse word* ...this guy is.... freaking amazing.

jezzi davison : You did amazing tonight on rising star :) you are by far my favorite :) <3 I very much so hope you go far!! <3

Ben Aguilar : Geez, still gives me the chillz - it's electric...

Kaitlin Oliver : someone needs to sign him ASAP 😍

TwiheartismGirl : Jessie you should do a cover of Foreigner's Cold As Ice

Kyeash Wilson : he just propose and don't even know it 💀😂goose bumps chills snatched my soul

Amanda M : Safe to say that this is my favorite audition, and even performance in general, on any singing competition show. He is truly unreal. That voice is hypnotic. I miss this show...

Prince Brundall : Perfect! First, Caleb Johnson, now him. Hope Jesse will win!

Karlene Tan : Hope he wins!

Bailey Edmonds : Marry me? 

AnnMarie : Omg I'm in love, I would be his any day.

mzkinkin8853 : Jesse already Won this..Lets be real