Rising Star - Jesse Kinch Sings 'I Put a Spell On You'

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FrozenCube RotMG : I still remember that night. I was watching TV out of boredom when he started to sing. My body froze and I got chill down my spine. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe his voice. I hope he's doing well. Would buy all his albums tbh.

satexguy1 : He would have won American Idol, The Voice, AGT, and could have saved X Factor from death.  This show was so under-marketed.  I hope he makes it big.

Tristin Robinson : his voice is so sexy it got me pregnant and I am a boy

ele Papelashvili : all the panties dropped on 0:14 LOL

PD Janavia : he should've went to the voice :/

JDMan94 : As much as I dislike these contest shows... it is always nice when a talent like this gets discovered. I may watch this show just for him. Can't wait for him to tear in some Rock.

Ella Havia : I've lost count on how many times I hit the replay button...

Ioanna Stavrianou : the best cover for this song i have never heard

Saučey Sāiyan : His voice is so intense he probably sang the song better then the original artist did.

Jessica Bryant : No matter what happens, Jesse WILL be famous after rising star. No doubt.

mike hanson : we need more rock on these singing shows ... enough with the Diva and Country music singers winning everything

Doom Guy : Really sucks they canceled the show. This guy's got real talent.

ahmtTyln : I think this dude has the most impressive upper octave range than anyone else :D

dana dillard : I remember I wasn't paying attention and I left the app to do something else on my phone. Then he came on and I dropped my phone on my face in shock

rodney fullove : jesse won it for me.

Stephanie Talamantes : The fact that his voice went away after his performance we can all agree that he gave it his ALL on that stage! My fav of all. 

Zayna Travis : The next Steven Tyler

Rian Graves : Damn that was good

Gold DEMON : halfway through the first verse I knew he would win.

Jenna Rose : We both have the same vocal coach ! btw this is fantastic !

conmce36 : He looks like Jim Morrison

Hannah Renee : Please, I want him to make love to me. OMFG

mona lisa : DIVINE... it is like all previous best of rock gathered in him and channeled to us...spellbound...

Amanda M : Safe to say that this is my favorite audition, and even performance in general, on any singing competition show. He is truly unreal. That voice is hypnotic. I miss this show...

Breannabanana : he murdered the stage

Miranda Muzik : New goal in life is to see Jesse Kinch perform live, already setting money aside in that fund

A Schoolbus : At the first note I knew. That one. I wasn't even paying attention to the show! He caught my attention and "Put a spell on me" LITERALLY

DIY David : Jesse, we're all saying the same things: you're a breath of fresh air with your effort toward each song, you sound incredible, and we want to hear more of you and would GLADLY buy music you make! Your originals are awesome too! Continue to come up with songs you can really belt out, and you've got us all! Good job!

Keanna Corley : His voice gives me the chills. Wow. Just wow.

Adriana : He should be getting more recognition than he's gotten.

BkFox 93 : I remember when I first started watching this show. His voice got me weak to my knees, listening to it now still gets me weak.

44animegirl : I freaking love this audition, my mom loved this song and used to sing it all the time so it was nice to think of her when this happened

repsvip40 : He's the only one I actually like

Belinda Smith : This guys Going Places

AntNation747 : I wish this show still came on...

Richard Crespo : He was my favorite... what a voice

Dovah kiin : holy *insert curse word* ...this guy is.... freaking amazing.

Lydia Seo : Jesus......nailed it

Kotal killion : 3:35 is when kesha fell in love.

True Cameron64 : didn't this show end after the first season?

Jasmine Williams : I watched this live and he is so cute and his voice is just WOW

Mary Rebeka : My God :O incredible. Wow.

TheValSL : i am in love.

Maddy Smith : When is the second season starting??

SamuelNa70Hd Lu Bu : I May Ain't Here! Jesse Kinch!

A Schoolbus : Me my mom and my sister all knew he would win from the start he didn't get kicked once!

Beverly Sigourney : Chills and Thrills, Jesse!!!!!

Rih Bona : Oh my!!! He's pretty good!!!!!!

bhf4u : is it just me or is there a lot of john fogerty in his voice

whutwhut : i was baked when i first saw this live on tv. and when it all culminated during the lifting of the wall and hes like "yaaahhH" i got chills. it was a-freaking-mazing