World's Manliest Hose

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Pajamapants Jack : She may be gone but that garden has gotta be maintained. I related to this in more ways than one

Marcus : This hose is so manly I grew a beard on my nutsack

DammitSinged : _Should have named it HIMCULES._

HardLeg Gaming : Finally, a shark resistant hose, just what I always needed.

StickMaster500 : This video makes me *_M O I S T_*

SuperGaming Dude : Welp now my pants are wet. Damn that critical badass voice

CozmicK G : I swear this is exactly what they've made shower hoses from for decades.

Zuzu : I'm trying so hard not to make a sexual joke right now wait...

Poetic Abomination : Hercules Garden Hose. Always dependable when times get wet.

Nathan Stalter : I want Charlie to be my father

Temmie Plays! : I saw some idiots on a news station try to tow a car with it, and it broke (of course ) and shattered their windshield.

ClaydolTheGreat : DNA Do Not Assume your hose is better than the Hercules

Nick Fonte : Amazing

Corn For Free : Now what in tarnation

Jason Landry : saw 'World's Manliest Hose' and thought charlie had finally released his nudes.

Mary Universe : Finally the hose I need to keep my marriage together! I can finally tie my husband to a chair and he won't be able to escape! Thanks Hercules Hose!

geordie may cry : You know when I invite a girl over the first thing I do is show her my *Hercules™garden hose* , it's a sure fire way to get laid.

BallZack : Wow instead of breaking your hose it breaks your lawnmower


Somescrub : lmao the fucking shark test though. Because who doesn't have a pit of sharks just below their flower garden?

polaire † : i want that hose in me

Just a Random Guy : Thia looks like an actually good product

It's not a phase mom : This made my hose spew violently

Carlos Cruz : Man, Charlie really does do a southern accent good

Hououin Kyouma! : This does look like a good hose though. Old dry kinky non-moist hoses are hell to deal with. I'd have an easier time trying to eat the hose rather than actually using it.

Sweet : All men should aspire to be on the level of manliness as critical.

Nolan Jenson : Finally, a hose for the politically correct to be offended by. A hose so manly feminists will prosecute it before it even leaves the shelves. A hose so manly, people's genders will change to one on the manliest side of the spectrum with every purchase. Finally, a hose for me.

Madzii 0w0 : h e l l o

Supreme Duck Gaming :

willem : It will please your wife better then you better did.... I miss you so much

Atom Xplosion : Worlds Manliest Hose gets you the Worlds Moistest Hoes

WakkoWarner123 : what's the point in making sure the hose is "shark tested" in what situation would this specific information be helpful to you

Helix_- : Raise your hand if you’re a pleb with a regular water hose

selekos : Damn! This is almost as manly as Rich Evans!

Stoat Admiral : Ah, this must be the hose that Chuck Norris has prophesied. Only too fitting that Charlie would be the one to announce its coming, as well.

Folie Deux : That's not adamantium,that's vibranium...

Term1nator 98 : Thank god its shark tested, I was afraid they'd attack my hose.

Asango : When you'd rather destroy your 50$ lawnmower blades instead of a 10$ garden hose, buy the Hercules

Darkwing Dumpling : Bought one for my son as I can't be asked to raise him into a real man myself, I'll let the Hercules Hose do the job

Dad : I've been telling my shitty son that he needs to buy one of these for months! I should show him this!

Caleb Collings : That gardens gotta be maintained goddammit

Kenton Smith : First

Chasbo Ken : Charlie’s accent is brilliant 😂

Fujoshi Bish : **nut**

Epicthedog : *HUEEEEEHH*

Jake Clay : Whoa there Wheeler Walker Jr...

AlfredoDubstep : That is one sexy hose

Evans Evans : A sharkproof hose, just what I needed.

Vircon : Every day I lose a bit of hope for humanity

James Anderson : 'Shark tested and approved'