RCR goes to Austin Texas

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Tails Fucking Dies : I feel like Mr.Regular fits the aura of austin. You know, the whole "Keep austin weird" slogan.

Miles Pannell : Its RCR o'clock

Old Fords Don't die : Regular Fursuit reviews God have mercy

Godwind Racing : Saab 95, Swedish winga dinga

0rang3z : Yo wtf I live in Austin Texas and you didnt even review my 2012 scion tc trd???? Shame. Anyway hope you had a great time in my hometown. Hope you didnt get molested by any purple haired ladyboys

Michael Opnv : Forget car reviews, we need more city reviews.

VILLINZMVNT•CASHRUF : rcr chills with furries confirmed

Fos : No footage of a Shelby Mustang with a Cowboys logo on it. NOT REAL TEXAS

Road Buster : Those segway people gave me dystopian vibes

AutoMotivate : Why is everyone wearing toe shoes!?! 🤮


Moug MeDuro : Time for a YTP...

THE BRAIN SPECIALIST : Austin: The redheaded stepchild of Texas.

crazykirsch : So uh, are Segway Gangs and rando's in Fursuits typical Austin flair?

artistwithouttalent : Are we getting a Saab 95 review?? Also why can't I find a modern car with rear-facing seats??

Knight Rides : Kinda confronting seeing him do relatively human stuff

HachiZenki : Austin = not really Texas.

Kevin F1 : with pee

needs more TRAINS : 8 minutes of hanging out with Stef, and we didn't even get to find out if she's jarglus? FAIL! Just kidding. This was awesome. More pleeze. Also, that jump seat arrangement looks profoundly dangerous to ride in.

Palmer Ailanjian : InB4 furries

Keld Tundraking : I love that he walks by the Segways without a word. Nothing needed to be said, the joke was onscreen.

closedcl8 : Stef Schrader? Dang. I ship it.

Demolitions : Thank you for not over glorifying Austin and making it look like a nice place to move to. Please dont move to Austin anyone.

I'm wrong and idiotic : Austin a spot of blue in a sea of red

Wes Frazier : Saw a homeless guy polishing a turd in Austin. Great place

AimlessMoto : Was that Lil' Sebastian's birthday party?

Tomoko Kuroki : Mr Regular found the guy that bought his old fursuit online.

Denny Lewis : I'm in San Antonio...... Come review my 2014 Nissan Altima. Lol

CL Anthony : At least that giant box wasn't full of Beanie Babies -_-

Alex's Customs : Didn’t see one gun store, are you sure you where in Texas?

Deadstreak_tK : You shoulda came to downtown fort worth for some REAL Texas vibes. it may be small but your visit won't be in vain :)

saturnotaku : Rear-facing car seats are hipster catnip.

An Average Guy : Furries brought to you by *AUSTIN*


0rang3z : The bums are indeed bums. Austin has a reeealy bad homeless problem.

Brandon Cope : I'm so sorry you have to experience Austin. Come to Dallas next time

Che1seabluesdrogba11 : We get it, you like stuffed animals Steff 🙄

Dana Vixen : FURRIES!!!!! (we're everywhere)

chbrules : Did you accidentally get in bed with furries, Mr. Regular? Run. Just RUN!

Cameron Schluchtner : REMEMBER E.M.

David Bell : Still getting used to you visiting New Zealand episode.. when I was vacation driving across the USA 3 women of middle america asked me did i drive my car from Australia to the usa.. i was speachless and walked away..

c76 : this channel got me hooked on cars. now i love cars. i love baseball. i love cars. i love regular car reviews. i love the "voice." i love regular car reviews. i would review my car but you already reviewed my car. i'd review my dad's car but he'd kill me if i drove his z4. i love cars. i would review my dad's other car but he's at work. i would review my mom's car but she's out for lunch. i'd ask my friend robert to review his mustang from the 1960s but i don't think he'd let me. he has a subaru but i don't like his driving style with manual (he revs really high then it pulls you like a FRICK!!!!) I love Regular Car Reviews. I love baseball. Go cardinals.

Eliseo Arroyo : mr.regular you have come to my state and yet you go to little california

Tim G : Bro Dozer

TheNormalberries : Goddamnit. I was at Eeyore's that day.

Mike Morris : I was born in Pennsylvania and working in Texas right now Also. The what burgers are everywhere. They love it here.

furrymessiah : It finally happened. RCR met a fursuiter. Happy 1st Internet Birthday, RCR

fsjonsey : Visitng UT Austin and no veiled Charles Whitman References? You're losing your touch Mr. regular.

AlexSpeed : Come to Houston if want to drive a modified Mazdaspeed 3!

dan cash : I love how people bitch about Austin being liberal . Come try in live in Seattle and get back to me if you want to see what far left liberalism looks like .BTW they don't I force any laws so the homeless can do what ever they want camp all over . It is the walking dead literally. It so bad we have homeless people attacking family's and raping woman almost daily . I am waiting for a homeless person to try me he or she will get a beating the parents should of have them years ago.