Fruit Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 92)
Fruit Salad You Suck at Cooking episode 92

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Alora G : “Just because it’s called salad doesn’t mean it needs a dressing” *Puts lime juice on the salad*

rchaffer : Cutting the top off a tin of pineapple that has a ring-pull. GET OUT OF MY HEAD

GrandmasterDjCade : tbh the best part of this cookbook is knowing he's gonna post more videos to advertise it properly

Mel Fels : Well, I was about to have that giant fruit salad party, but apparently I'm not anymore... thanks.

Shiny-Breakfast_Wolf : Can we just stop and appreciate the fact this guy is a great musician because he always has a song at the end

Caroline Mc evoy : 2:33 the shade I want to send to everyone who makes fruit salad in a cooking exam

Alfredo Barajas : Uses can opener Dumps out pineapple Bottom side has an easy open lid...

Blak : I...CAN'T... BANANGJANGLER... We're in the presence of genius.

HapsterTV : I think the fruit salad thing was just an excuse to show off his kittens

deprofundis : Canteloupe hate detected, reported for discrimination! Jk, I forgave you the moment I saw the kittens! 😉❤️

FUfusd Fasd : it's a 90% berry salad, not fruit wtf clickbait report ban

Not Wasting Today : There's literally a ring pull on that can of pineapple, YSAC using the tin opener instead is just a metaphor for this channel I swear

Mima Hakurei : "NO! Do not trust a fruit that has a seed nest in the middle" Finally, someone who understands why melons are terrible in fruit salad!

•_______••______• : Remember, anything can be a wangjangler if you're brave enough

Sub2EnergyA : What I learned from the video, blueberries like parades. And triangles are the most dangerous shapes. Educational!

De Moon : Do not trust a fruit that has a fruit nest in the middle. *Throws in a kiwi that has a fruit nest.*

Josh Virzi : Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit, wisdom is knowing they don’t go in a fruit salad.

Elizabeth Jones : YES. Finally, a fruit salad recipe without stupid melon filler fruits.

Billy Chambers : Bananjangler made me laugh harder than I should have

Londo1227 : Now we’re gonna take a melon. *N O*

_sunflower finn_ : Just reading YSAC's replies to comments is entertaining

gozzilla177 : 0:56 rofl flips it upside-down and the easy open on the bottom 😂😂😂😂 genius.

L : Opening a easy-to-open can with a can opener. What a madman. 1:10

Kate Macchi : 2:23 I don't know why, but I found the fork sliding into the banana deeply unsettling. Like, gag worthy unsettling 🤷🏻‍♀️🤢

mac_n_cheesy 234 : The narration is so passive aggressive and now I feel self conscious about my fruit salad :(


Pika Memez : Pineapple (Hands on chest) Coconut (Hands on butt cheeks) *BIg Banana* (Hands on private part)

Turbo Terrapin : Can you cut your strawberries into circles to make something more well rounded?

WarriorOwnsAll : I'm sorry but poppy seed dressing is the best with fruit salad

Tei Till : @0:15 Gloria Estefan's "Conga" played in my head

mike olsen : message me for a VIP premium high quality next level awsome jangwangler with extra coolness.

Jared Hanson : Really impressed with how much your videos have improved! They old ones are still classics.

Steven Matthews : "You can't mess up making a fruit salad" **adds tomato** YSAC: *_wait is this a fruit or a vegetable?_*

comet ags : Seeing you carelessly dump small round fruits you usually eat more of at once onto your cutting board is why I subscribed to this channel in the first place

[デンでいー]- Dendy : 2 second into the video... IS THIS A JOJO REFERENCE ??

alexander deluna : Love your channel! But can you please do a WING edition!!!!

Keming Su : A YouTube video about how to make fruit salad? I should make a YouTube video on how to watch YouTube video.

Thot Patrol : 0:15 Way to call out... Every cooking channel is existence

Dead Roach : *Bananas Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video*

carraway_ : Your singing at the end always makes me want season 3 of patriot to htfu :(

Space Jay : I saw the title, and all I could think of was the Wiggles... Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

a y : I always sing along to the intro with replacing you parts with i

Bpk Fishing : Opens can what a can opener.... Flips can and shows a pull tab

Irrelevant survivor. : Love it, Another great video. Thank you for uploading!

duckmanisnothere : Salad is just green stuff with sa- *NYOH!*

Nico Borah : you should do a nip reveal when you hit 2 million subs

jaehyunluvr : let me “tell you” a “secret” about “fruit salad”

Joe : Face reveal on episode 100?

Troy Thomas : Back to produce, my favorite. :)