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Fredrik Knudsen : When you said comprehensive, you weren't kidding. Nice work, looking forward to the rest.

Bren Tenkage : As someone with autism, I can understand his reasoning and thoughts...but it doesn't change the face this is pretty depressing. I mean he is kinda the poster child of what can happen to someone like us. Still thanks for making this respectful and informative ^_^

Wojti 2000 : "Dreaming studio of Mr. C & Little C, where dreams do come true" Am I the only on that finds this plaque quite sad in hindsight?

Areku ShippoFoxDemons : Real talk, been a Christorian for over 10 years and honestly Bob gets so much hate sometimes for nothing. Of all the documentaries, you honestly talked some good about Bob and gave his light. That man loved his family. Seriously Lumberjack, R.I.P.

Kekero : What if Chris could’ve been like bob if raised right? The potential lost.

Vicious Zero : "Just remember, there are many sides to a mountain and many ways to climb it. If you get stopped, back off, regroup, and try to find another way. If you are still not successful, maybe it is not meant to be. Accept it as experience and go after something else for a while. If it is meant to be, having it in the backburner simmering for a while is not bad. It will pop up again, and the way to attain it will be there. Everything in it's time." - Bob Chandler Well, if Chris won't take his advice, I will.

Faust Girl : I think what really went wrong with Chris Chan is not Sonic, Autism or bullying, its the smothering. Chris should have gone to that special ed school , his parents should have listened to the teachers and allowed them to discpline their Son. His father nor his mother should have protected him so much and allowed him to get anything he wanted (they even allowed him to change his own NAME) his parents are at fault, they paid children to befriend their son they chose the worst teachers to guide him who told him he was greatt, a bad therapist who told them he is not going to harm anyone hes just fine, and pretty much making everyone who dares to critize him out as the bad guy, creating this fantasy world where he is perfect and everything is black and white.

The Spitting Drama Llama : Saw the Pewdiepie video about him and your series looks the most in depth to follow up about this fascinating person. Looking forward to watching your videos. Hi from Ireland!

BubbaSteve : I've never heard of this dude before? Why was this in my recommended videos?

K9vendetta The wolf of mordor : i thought my writing was chicken scratch

Crooty : Wait Bob was 54 when Chris was born? That might have been a contributing factor in his condition

KingRui. : According to an Autistic friend, Chris being pinned down and recorded is very likely, but not in the way Chris remembers. It's a practise to help autistic children let out their emotions because of how difficult it is for them to express emotions in a socially normal way, its likely Chris became violent and had to be restrained, and the teachers told him to express himself into the microphone to try and understand him.

PieNinjaProductions : Fantastic Doc, man

TMM : How many documentaries about Chris Chan are there now?

NanoPhoenix : Bob really wanted the best for Chris. : /

[FAZE] FAZESGT.JOHNSON : Bob isn't black and white. A lot of people on the 789/888chan hailed him as some kind of hero, others blamed him for Chris being the way he was. Regardless, he didn't deserve to die the way he did. Nobody, except the most foul kind of subhuman refuse, deserves that. I miss the old Chris. I miss the Chris that loved his dog so much he immortalized her in his comic. I miss the Chris that lifted boxes of soda to show how strong he was. I miss the Chris that put copyright symbols everywhere in his comic, even though he had no patent. Now, he is bitter and resentful. He could pass for a bloated corpse, his eyes are even glazed and soulless. The hope and innocence has been replaced with fatigue, tired from a life of failures. As someone who has followed him for a long time, it's extremely depressing.

D BHAW : Binge watching this

Goofy Goober : chris(tine) is one of the most fascinating people ever

Zim Babwe : Autism was a mistake.

Sir Grim Locksmith VIII : I guess Chris really failed to understand his middle school teacher's words.

aarongreenetv : The honey suckle thing is really common I remember everyone sucking on honey suckles as a kid because they tasted sweet. So I doubt sarah was trying to kill him.

ur mum gay : There is more information on this *"man"* than George Washington.

Doll Parts x : This makes the Chandler Christmas so much more depressing. Bob so dreamed to spend a Christmas with an adult son who he could be proud of. But he just got a man child and feels like he failed.

MichaelLeroi : The stuff about Bob made me so sad

Vorst : Being a person who does have Aspergers and had a shit father, I have to say I'm pretty envious of Chris having a father who at least cared about him and wanted him to do good. ...Only then to almost literally shit all over Bob despite that.

broderick kurtz : Those girls tried. Bless them for being the kind girls being nice to the tards.

FilmmakerJ : This seems incredibly strange to have so much focus on a guy who should have never gotten the kind of attention or negative trolling that he received. I honestly thought the coverage from Legends of the Internet and Down the Rabbit Hole were as detailed as it got. But there are so many specific details here its as if the Biography channel was involved. I'm glad you're choosing to approach this in a way that does not openly mock Chris, but more or less simply states facts, and far more intricate facts that help explain how Chris got to the point that he did by the mid 2000s. Stunning.

Fuu Balls : His schoolwork is too cringe.

Shannonbarnesdr1 : i wish there was a way to hear from cole about his feelings about chris, i kinda wonder why cole didnt get his brother out of the situation, because his home life plus the isolation ruined him.... and whoa tey had a daughter ??? wow i neer knew that... i wonder even more so why the other kids even though chris was a half brother, still out of human kindness why didnt they try to help chris early on, chris is a mess because of his envirnment and upbrining, if he is autistic or delayed ect, or even if hes not, if thatwas a mistake, sometimes enviornmental stuff extreme can cause a person to be autistic like, as wellas develop odd traists and so fourth

Emily White : As someone who works with children with functioning disabilities like autism, this person has always fascinated me, especially back before she transitioned. From the way they were raised to their parents to everything Sonichu, I find myself delving into it every few months and searching for where these behaviors come from. I’ll be honest, it breaks my heart the way the world treated Chris. They weren’t given the proper help, had old fashioned ideas put into their head, and dealt with so much severe bullying. I wish more people understood autism isn’t something to joke about cruelly or use to put others down.

FriedSoup : With my two years of Spanish class back in high school, I have managed to decode Chris Chan's Thirteen Lucky Tips. These aren't direct translations because it's grammatically incorrect in both English and Spanish, therefore I had to improvise in order for it to make sense. Use standard written English. Do not use contractions in formal writing. You must have a thesis statement in each essay. The thesis statement is the final sentence of the introductory paragraph When writing, the thesis must include the author's name and the name of the work. The body paragraphs support and relate to the thesis. The body paragraphs must have a topic sentence, giving the paragraph a unifying concept. The details support and relate back to the topic sentence. You need adequate supporting details. Write in present tense. With the paragraphs with topic sentences, they need three points. You need to create good writing that makes sense and is logical. Check your writing very carefully.

Dopamine : There needs to be more research into better treatment of autism. This illness has the potential to cause unbelievable suffering to both victims and their families. Ironically, despite it being a disorder of empathy it is usually others who lack any empathy for the autistic. Especially in more recent times, where autism has been relegated to a 2 bit insult.

Wanpaku Graffiti : Bob clearly wanted the best for his son, and tried his very best to make Chris into a respectable adult, but unfortunately he and his wife simply couldn't get through to him and eventually just gave up and allowed Chris to live this way. I can commend Bob for everything he did with his life, it's just a shame no one will carry on what he left behind.

Echte Sinte : A comprehensive CHRISTORY! BAAAAMMM!!!

Catherine Finkbeiner : "Use standard written English" Proceeds to write half the assignment in Spanish. Good job, CWC.

Goolog : his mom was 40 when he was born? that explains a lot. Anyways, This shit is not even that funny...its just sad.

Simon Kawasaki : If he only took that goddamn advice from Mrs. Sanford...

Sea Lake : Man Christian could have been a good person but sadly he was to naive and listened to the trolls ruining his life for good

Daddy : Y'all mind if I hit that LIKE BUTTON ?

Mattitude : all i got to say I've watched other videos done on Chris, but nothing as in depth as this. Cool vid

Togi Poo : Wow his mom was a pretty bad person

PanGalacticGargleBlasters : I feel so, so bad for Bob. He wanted Chris to be happy so much, and tried to give him the best life possible. He... Couldn't. Even without his autism, he was a horrible person. I.... Ugh God this HURTS to watch...

ACARD Remixes & Music : I watched a doc on him before last year, but these ones are better and more informative. Poor guy, he was really psychologically messed up... as you can see as to where he is now 🤔

zyzix : cwc is like a comedy act in real life. his story can either be extremely sad or extremely funny depending on how sadistic you are

onemoreturn : The saddest mofo in history.

Houston Burnside : This like a serial killer documentary

Nintendog140 : “Plaustistic - a plant which is autistic” I bursted out laughing.

Reague of Regends : So this is what it feels like to be NSA... 😏

ScopeDog : 32:15 My jaw literally dropped in horror

Landon Sirmans : Chris Chan is a conundrum really. You feel sorry for him, but at the same time you don’t feel sorry for him.