Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 1

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NanoPhoenix : Bob really wanted the best for Chris. : /

Fredrik Knudsen : When you said comprehensive, you weren't kidding. Nice work, looking forward to the rest.

Vicious Zero : "Just remember, there are many sides to a mountain and many ways to climb it. If you get stopped, back off, regroup, and try to find another way. If you are still not successful, maybe it is not meant to be. Accept it as experience and go after something else for a while. If it is meant to be, having it in the backburner simmering for a while is not bad. It will pop up again, and the way to attain it will be there. Everything in it's time." - Bob Chandler Well, if Chris won't take his advice, I will.

MichaelLeroi : The stuff about Bob made me so sad

Shannonbarnesdr1 : i wish there was a way to hear from cole about his feelings about chris, i kinda wonder why cole didnt get his brother out of the situation, because his home life plus the isolation ruined him.... and whoa tey had a daughter ??? wow i neer knew that... i wonder even more so why the other kids even though chris was a half brother, still out of human kindness why didnt they try to help chris early on, chris is a mess because of his envirnment and upbrining, if he is autistic or delayed ect, or even if hes not, if thatwas a mistake, sometimes enviornmental stuff extreme can cause a person to be autistic like, as wellas develop odd traists and so fourth

Sea Lake 1985 : Man Christian could have been a good person but sadly he was to naive and listened to the trolls ruining his life for good

Anthony Cardiali (2nd Channel) : I watched a doc on him before last year, but these ones are better and more informative. Poor guy, he was really psychologically messed up... as you can see as to where he is now 🤔

Hentai.Anubis_99【褻外人】T.V : "Plautistic: a plant that is autistic" Bruh 😂😂

Faust Girl : I think what really went wrong with Chris Chan is not Sonic, Autism or bullying, its the smothering. Chris should have gone to that special ed school , his parents should have listened to the teachers and allowed them to discpline their Son. His father nor his mother should have protected him so much and allowed him to get anything he wanted (they even allowed him to change his own NAME) his parents are at fault, they paid children to befriend their son they chose the worst teachers to guide him who told him he was greatt, a bad therapist who told them he is not going to harm anyone hes just fine, and pretty much making everyone who dares to critize him out as the bad guy, creating this fantasy world where he is perfect and everything is black and white.

Clint McKee : I've got a Jeffrey Dahmer documentary in my suggestions, coincidence?

The Spitting Drama Llama : Saw the Pewdiepie video about him and your series looks the most in depth to follow up about this fascinating person. Looking forward to watching your videos. Hi from Ireland!

shannon mcfarland : >"Hold on to my possessions" > He carelessly sold almost all of them to buy vidya Poor Bob... Also good documentary, I didn't know about the workshop!

Rommel : As someone that has done a documentary on people like Chris, I know how hard it is to compile the information and pictures and do the scripting, so I applaud your effort for this video. Great work mate.

Saucy Gonzalez : God, the Dreaming Studio part is depressing.

Meaningless Modern Existence : Really well done, you've clearly done your research and studied a lot of christory, cant wait for part 2

BubbaSteve : I've never heard of this dude before? Why was this in my recommended videos?

*Starry * : Imagine a world where Chris got the help he needed as a kid? imagine if that horrible baby sister and "friend" never got their hands on Chris? Imagine if he accepted himself for who he was (I say he might be bisexual) I do wish Chris could somehow see an image of how he'd turn out if he got a good start in life... I wonder how'd he react, would he even be able to comprehend what he was seeing? Oh Chris..

Oliver Bannink : I really hope whoever bought bobs possessions takes good care of them, I would hate to see bob not just failed by his son but his belongings carelessly destroyed

BaronOfAnarchy : His life was ruined since day one. His mom coddled him, his parents didn't understand his condition, they avoided most help. He was a nuisance before the internet. All his friends from school who pitied had long left him behind, he had no one. He turned to the internet since the real world wouldn't have him. Barbra is technically the reason for Chris. She wasn't a good person or mom so she ruined him.

Clay3613 : The part about Autistic children being restrained is true, I saw it done even in the 90s.

nullset2vid : Bob was a fucking badass and he deserved a better child.

K9vendetta The wolf of mordor : i thought my writing was chicken scratch

Generic White Male : This documentary has, if anything, only made me angrier at Chris. Getting all the insight we have on Bob kind of opens a new perspective when it comes to him. It also opens a new perspective on Chris. It makes Bob seem far more caring than we originally thought, and a lot more sentimental. We can clearly see that he wanted to live through Chris -- and that's just something Chris refused to do. And this all makes Chris seem much more like selfish, arrogant, and self-absorbed asshole.

KingRui. : According to an Autistic friend, Chris being pinned down and recorded is very likely, but not in the way Chris remembers. It's a practise to help autistic children let out their emotions because of how difficult it is for them to express emotions in a socially normal way, its likely Chris became violent and had to be restrained, and the teachers told him to express himself into the microphone to try and understand him.

laurel jade : Bob's letter brought me to tears.

PanamanianBootyscoutTV : Going into this, I thought "Why do I watch these? I've seen like four of them." But this is different. It focuses in Chris as a person and not just as something to gawk at. Really makes you put some of this into perspective. Thank you for making this.

Mighty Raccoon : *_I'M WORKIN ON IT_*

The Mime : Very well put together, an abundance of care was put into this documentary, clearly. Hoping part 2 comes soon!

Nate : It's almost poetic, how Chris ruined his family's life - specifically poor Bob Channler. Something about that old jazz record of Bob's and how Sonichu is crudely inserted upon the cover gives an impression of the symbolic plight he was. And corrupted every aspect of what once was normal and sane. To say Chris Chan was a "mistake" would be cruel, and no child deserves that. But Chris was definitely "something" and I'm not talking about his autism. He was like a storm. If I had to describe it. Chris' disability has zero influence on how awful of a human being he is naturally. Sexist, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic in every sense, delusional, perverted, sex crazed, and lazy. The Internet was just a single dot to this portrait of a bigger picture. I feel Chris would've manipulated and slimed his way through life naturally like this, leeching off his family and being like a miasma to the local community until his own unhealthy habits killed his ass. Seems like he was already on that path before we all recognized him anyway.

Hideboshi : If Barb dies most likely he will be in a group home being supervised his whole life. This would be the best for him since he can make friends there and able to avoid any stupid action that he might make and get arrested.Since even though he already earns a good amount of money from social security, ebay, and patron he has to pay back the tremendous debt of his credit card (which nost likely he will not instead will baloon since I dont think he understand how credit card works) which can seriously make him homeless

PieNinjaProductions : Fantastic Doc, man

NintenFoxy 1983 : i like this video very much. Better than the documentary. When will part 2 be released?

Crooty : Wait Bob was 54 when Chris was born? That might have been a contributing factor in his condition

xHeavenHelpUsAll7771x : That was actually really damn good. Can't wait for you to dissect his college years, since we don't relatively know that much about them when compared to his high school days.

TheOfficialFuck : "plautistic" Oh holy shit that's amazing

Colin : I love the focus on bob and the family dynamics, a side that doesn't get touched on in detail in Chris's saga

Tracer : It'll be a sad day when this guy dies.

Rexmon : Chris chans antics may be entertaining to watch and laughed at but once you hear his life story you just feel bad for laughing at him.

Edward : When both parents are of advanced age the odds of genetic defects that give rise to things like autism and Down's Syndrome increase considerably. His parents should not have tried to make children.

Hanferd : A friend of mine who used to prank call Chris and Bob told me that Bob is actually pretty nice person to chat to whenever he is bored. Bob told my friend that Bob was knowing he was dying and that he said "Couldn't give a shit after he dies" about what happens to Charbs. Also the friend was the guy who did the phone call where Bob said he used to be in KKK phone call one.

Lord Blue Balls EX : I'm being recommended Jeffrey Dahmer documentaries for watching this?, not sure what to make of that

ShippoFoxDemons Areku : Real talk, been a Christorian for over 10 years and honestly Bob gets so much hate sometimes for nothing. Of all the documentaries, you honestly talked some good about Bob and gave his light. That man loved his family. Seriously Lumberjack, R.I.P.

Diamond of Blood : That World War II essay was intense

David Franklin : first time hearing that much about his dad this shit runs deep

Sir Grim Locksmith VIII : I guess Chris really failed to understand his middle school teacher's words.

Chris King : > Bing Crosby, Sinatra and Armstrong In some sad, small way.....Chris did eventually learn and appreciate the music his father wanted him to. Too bad he burned down the fucking house and subsequently every single possession his father ever left him with a *fucking Keurig.*

Tara Nolte : Bob didn't deserve that.

IndigoAurora : A lot of people fear they go off too long in the beginning of stories in essays but the beginning is the most important part of any story (in my opinion). The backstory (the base/roots) should be tackled intimately as you did, you start as far back as we possibly know (rather than from his first public appearance when he won the sonic tournament), it also helps you understand Chris's mindset better because you see the build up, very well done.

retro aesthetic. : Holy fuck this is good. Brought to light more things than I knew already, even after ~6 years of knowing of this guy's antics.

Justin Y. : The information on Chris Chan rivals entire libraries. This gave me new insight on his father, thank you. Edit: Btw he has his own youtube channel too