That's stupid, you're stupid, stop being stupid!
Thats stupid youre stupid stop being stupid

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Taken from TFS's brilliant Dragonball Z abridged series, episode 29:


The Lugman : I said to Cortana "That's Stupid" and she automatically gave me this video

btannen777 : This is like communicating with social justice warriors.

DittoMaster6 : *Favorites for later use*

SelfAwarePedant : Frieza vs internet comments

DoctorDrinkX10 : You have NO IDEA how often this clip comes to mind when I read face-palm worthy stuff.

Mr. Mark : You know what's really stupid? Watching this on 0.5 speed. lol

Suika Ibuki : Trying to chat with every youtube commenter ever in a nutshell.

Garret Walker : Oh Frieza. You're just awesome.

potada1289 : ...You know, the weird thing is, that last thing Goku said is actually kind of right, if you really stretch it.

Spectral Corruption : I use these tfs abridged phrases in my daily life now haha

Sarah Barker : Breadwinners in a nutshell.

Derp : My reaction when people tell me they voted to leave the EU

Black Lister : I use this exclusively on League of Legends forums.

MetalMouth Tycho : Probably my favorite DBZA moment ever.

Alec Eisenbeis : When one of my friends tries to tell me they're gender fluid.

Chris'n Chips : 4-chan in a nut shell.

CegeRoles : Typical reaction I have to Fox News.

J-productions : Anti-vaxxers = Goku Frieza = Literally everyone else

TheRealCap0ne : Frieza perfectly emulates my rage when protestors block an active highway and then become upset when someone gets hit with a car

ed : My reaction to every flat Earth video.

JCBro2014 : This is the perfect forum weapon when someone's arguement is completely faulty and makes absolutely zero sense.

Jim Cockerill : I work in a bar and deal with drunken imbeciles on a a regular basis. This video is my mental go-to place when i have an argument with one of my customers. Thankfully, i've never had to kick them in the head. They're lucky hahaha.x

malcasablanca : Now I've got a face to put to those replies I keep seeing: Pale, smarmy and prone to punches.

Manubibi Walsh : Tumblr.

Seb Maccas : This was pretty much my response to  a teacher who said "Homosexuals are not human."  (I wish I was bullshitting.)

White Darkness : Frieza -viewers Goku -DarkSydePhil

Solid Snake : Pretty much how it feels to be arguing with a good percentage of liberals and SJWs.

Richard Gustafson : Oh, God. Is there really a need for a flame war on THIS video?! I would expect that for a feminist rant, but THIS?! C'Mon guys, that's ridiculous.

Saucy Sean : Forum weapon

Aidan Keogh : When people get philosophical in the comment section.

C. Jump : Oh my God, this applies to like 90% of people online.

Joshua Miranda : My reaction to anyone who believes in socialism

Sir_Renn : whenever my grandmother says just about anything

KingNazaru : Turles isn't canon. The closest thing we've gotten to an evil Goku was Cell.

fdrdevotee : We already did get an evil Goku, His name is Turles :P

TempestMask1000 : Hahahaha! LOLZ!

Dragnerz : :) I know.

TheOmegau : Or are you the idiot for being trolled so easily? Try not to get drawn into that kinda shit. It pisses trolls off when you don't get pissed off.

TheOmegau : No, I'm pretty sure you were trolled by that guy.

TheOmegau : /watch?v=RP3aj_f2djE

Sinapth : A distillation of 99% of all internet conversations in 17 seconds.

TouhouFather : My experience in the imdb message boards for "Divergent" summed up in 17 seconds. Unfortunately, I couldn't kick the idiotic "Divergent" fangirls (at least, I assume they are all female) in their faces.

Doku sayian : fine then i don't give a damn

Dragnerz : You should have been the bigger man and ended it a number of comments ago. :)

Dragnerz : Again with putting down your peers. Chillax bro. Don't worry, be happy.

Zander Cage : we need to have an intervention. i have a feeling you are like a eric harris and dylan klybold type individual. do you wanna talk about it?

Zander Cage : what are you doing with your life? just stop everything! "STUPID BEING STOP"!!!!!!

Zander Cage : get your life together son. get out of the basement! make some friends, see some sunlight, and its okay to go out in public every once in a while

KingNazaru : Well he'd still be weaker than the Goku we know since he wouldn't be pure of heart and know techniques like the Kaioken & Spirit Bomb. And since you need to be pure of heart to be a Super Saiyan and a Super Saiyan God, those forms will be lost on him as well.