That's stupid, you're stupid, stop being stupid!

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JaxBlade : Reaction to Frieza coming back again

Mr. Mark : You know what's really stupid? Watching this on 0.5 speed. lol

btannen777 : This is like communicating with social justice warriors.

The Lugman : I said to Cortana "That's Stupid" and she automatically gave me this video

DoctorDrinkX10 : You have NO IDEA how often this clip comes to mind when I read face-palm worthy stuff.

DittoMaster6 : *Favorites for later use*

SelfAwarePedant : Frieza vs internet comments

Suika Ibuki : Trying to chat with every youtube commenter ever in a nutshell.

Garret Walker : Oh Frieza. You're just awesome.

Oraizan Era : My reaction to Tumblr Users.

CegeRoles : Typical reaction I have to Fox News.

Simas A. : like arguing with religious fanatics...

Alec Eisenbeis : When one of my friends tries to tell me they're gender fluid.

Cody Noll : My initial reaction for Donald trump and all of his stupidness

Black Lister : I use this exclusively on League of Legends forums.

EggmanDJ66 : 4-chan in a nut shell.

potada1289 : ...You know, the weird thing is, that last thing Goku said is actually kind of right, if you really stretch it.

Derp : My reaction when people tell me they voted to leave the EU

Sarah Barker : Breadwinners in a nutshell.

Smonked Weed : How I feel debating creationists

Spectral Corruption : I use these tfs abridged phrases in my daily life now haha

Richard Gustafson : Oh, God. Is there really a need for a flame war on THIS video?! I would expect that for a feminist rant, but THIS?! C'Mon guys, that's ridiculous.

Autumn Reed : Whenever I see Trump supporters on Facebook.

Min ._. : donald trump

Jim Cockerill : I work in a bar and deal with drunken imbeciles on a a regular basis. This video is my mental go-to place when i have an argument with one of my customers. Thankfully, i've never had to kick them in the head. They're lucky hahaha.x

Manubibi Walsh : Tumblr.

TheRealCap0ne : Frieza perfectly emulates my rage when protestors block an active highway and then become upset when someone gets hit with a car

BrentJohn : It's just like arguing with social justice warriors and anti-GamerGate people.

MetalMouth Tycho : Probably my favorite DBZA moment ever.

JCBro2014 : This is the perfect forum weapon when someone's arguement is completely faulty and makes absolutely zero sense.

LenintheRedBear : This is literally what I think of when I hear a significant proportion of the Liberal community in America speak.

spagot_ lord : Talking to my 12 years old cousin

ed : My reaction to every flat Earth video.

J-productions : Anti-vaxxers = Goku Frieza = Literally everyone else

Aidan Keogh : When people get philosophical in the comment section.

Skeptic T-shirt proves the globe : debates with atheists in a nutshell

TrueBlueMajikDewd : My response to somebody that was bitching about how Hindu deity's are treated in American fiction, and saying they don't do this with villainize other culture's deity's. Because apparently Spawn, Lucifer, and Hellboy never existed.

Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku : How I feel talking with liberals and college kids.

Ars Filmandi : Problem is, Freeza WAS acting transcendent. But he was't transcendent. He is as much a victim of his own inner anguish as everyone else.

kenpoarniceguy1 : My reaction to Trump protesters.

Mmicb0b : tfw I accidently paused at 0:06 and it ironically made it funnier

Marito Fuentes : When my friends try to explain their otp to me

Username NA : When somebody doesn't vaccinate their child.

dragonstormx : Dear Kami, Goku is such a troll here.

malcasablanca : Now I've got a face to put to those replies I keep seeing: Pale, smarmy and prone to punches.

Michael Rhett : “I hid myself while I tried to repair myself”

Spidey Viewer : Marvel Comics right now. Nuff said.

The Millennial Gamer : Me arguing with people on twitter!

Fire Blades : When people say mac is better

Solid Snake : Pretty much how it feels to be arguing with a good percentage of liberals and SJWs.