Joey Quits (worker quits hotel job with a marching band)

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william J. singleton : You should make a company who provides this service for those who want to quit their jobs in style! Awesome!

Pericles of Los Angeles : You know that a boss is great when his reaction to a situation he doesn’t understand is aggression.

Ty Kenyon : *boss walks in* "what the hell is this. Guys, all of you out." Who the hell just tells a random band to leave.

Goyard Galli : You sir have real friends

Pete Zielinski : I wish i had a job to quit.

1899Capone : His Boss is on screen for 5 seconds but it is already visible that he is an A-Hole.

Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen : Omg I thought they would play some sad ass song but no they start going completely nuts I haven't laughed this hard for some time

ALPHA IC1 : Legend has it the band is still playing 🎶 🎺 🥁

OCDTraci : It's 2018, I'm just seeing this, and it's STILL funny as shit. My abs hurt from laughing so hard

Lipid : "Days without lost time accident" Holy shit shoulda quit sooner.

77777aol : 'This department has worked 3 days without accident' What happened 4 days ago ?!!!!!

Kratos : "Jared I'm quitting" *Ali-A intro plays*

Andrew Rodden : Excellent taste in exit music.

Mike Gaughan : UPDATE- JOEY went back to ask for his job back by playing flight of the bumblebee on his bosses piccolo. Lol

Trash Can : People quit managers not jobs!!!!

Bored : Haha, I'd totally do this if I had friends.

Poot : Replay button: 2:00

Frank Costanza : Having worked at Holiday Inn for 3 years i totally get this

Greg Dundee : I prefer the simple No show and leave them in the shit method, very satisfying when they try calling you all day. Thats when they realise how how much you do for them.

TheSoundOfTwang : Needed more cow bell..

HanShotFirst : If my rock band ever makes it big, I'm going to quit and perform a special love song for my current boss in the lobby at peak hours describing all the wonderful ways he makes me want to stab him in the face.

BintyBat : Today Joey is a drone operator; targeting & eliminating our enemies overseas.

Milos : Zeni nam se Vukota hahahahahahha

Super knullisch : 02:16 HAHA! ZEROING those "3 days" on the chart!!! YEEEEAAH BABY!!!

Jhonny Klop : Most amazing video on YouTube hands off

ankit siruvani : Now that's how you quit in style

Giraffe Legend : I can't believe they played Bubamara, song from white cat black cat. Such a cool way to quit job!

Sarah Michaels : Epic!🤣 From everyone out there who has had to work at a crappy job with a crappy boss, we applaud you.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

awdturbo4 : I think that was stupid.... you should have gone thru the lobby.

Young Vinny : *I would pay to get that band to do the same for me* Literally, I'd ask for a random job, get hired, 1 hour later get fired in style😂😂

Stewie Griffin : This guy deserves 9999999999999 dollars

Jose Lara : Update: Jared still works for the same hotel chain and hates his life

Rupert Migtau : I always was the first in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening, while working as an accountant. Before I could quit, I was fired. This was nearly 9 years ago. Haven’t had a decent job since then. Now, I’m 49 years of age and caring for both of my parents, hadn’t had holidays for four years, no girl friend, who wants to help. All self entitled career focused princesses in Western society. My hips hurt, my knees hurt, my back hurts. Cannot sleep properly anymore.

Bill Hicks : in the five seconds his former employer appeared, I can get why he quit the way he did. What an uptight schmuck.

sulyman1234 : I'm glad this got to my recommendation

Matt Benson : Really cool way to quit! To all workers get unionized! !In Australia there is an effort of government and business to destroy unions- more union members make this harder. The only improvement to your marching band resignation would have been if you wore a band leaders top hat with a hand on a spring on thefront giving the bird !

Have a Nice Day : Never let a job do this to you.

thibaud drion : Actually replayed the scene cause I found the song quite entertaining 😂😂

Simalacrum : I love how the girl changes the "days without incident" sign on their way out xDDD

Jacob Belcher : As a employee of Marriott for over 2 and half years that just quit yesterday for another job all becuase of the ass clowns they call room inspectors, this is so relatable rn hahahahahah xD

Raggle Daggle : GOOD JOB WORKERS!! HAHA!!

Laynna Lane : Literally went out with a BANG 📣📯🥁🎺

Agree Disagree : That was awesome! why would anyone hit the thumbs down button? Lol

john porterfield : Now thats how you quite a job

walter smith : Going out with a it.

Jetdot37 : I love how they keep it going.

ODD1019 : the funnest part where i died on is wen he realized it was nothing he could do about the music coming next

xsanctom : This was a great career move by James Franco, look at him now.

Merchant Ivory : "Jared I'm quitting" Bwan Nah Nah Brawn Nun Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah, Bwan Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah, Bwan Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaa!

Brandon from Kentucky : Until the next job ask what he did for the last year when asking for references