Hot Wheels Xylophone
Hot Wheels Xylophone

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Let's play musical cars, shall we? A total of 374 black-and-white '65 Ford Mustangs hit some black-and-white xylophone keys to play the world's first die-cast song. Music composed by EmCee Thomas Turbo Jungle Detour Outro music "Overlook" by EMCEE Yes this video is edited on the computer but it would've been difficult to film otherwise. Filmed with a Sony VG30H camcorder and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. Special thanks to Trevor for brainstorming and Justin for letting me disassemble his instrument (it's back together now, don't worry dude). PLAYLISTS Marble Runs: Lego Roller Coasters: Knex Roller Coasters: Stop Motion Animations: Hot Wheels: SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Facebook: Twitter: Channel: Book: 2019 - 5 Mad Movie Makers Props to Wintergatan for actually getting his marble machine to work in real life.


Kraken Films : “What kind of instrument do you play?” Me: Umm it’s complicated

Jeremiah : "Yes Patrick?" "Is hotwheels an instrument?"

セペラトン : Thank you YouTube algorithm, very cool!

Macedingle : When you realize its not one continuous shot

not_travis : Me: Where did the cars go? Thanos: Gone. Reduced to atoms. Update: I am no longer thanking for likes courtesy of the nighthawk boi

Derrick Moses : you will never accomplish anything with those cars young man... kid: hold my capri sun.

lost kite : Teacher: “what instrument u will play in concert?” Me: *shows this video*

Noice : When you buy 250 versions of the same HotWheels car and don't know what to do with them

A Simpleton :I : 1950's: In the future, we'll have flying cars. 2019: Hot Wheels Xylophone.

Assassin Shark : *Some say they saw it on their recommendations,* *Others says they found it themselves...*

RaceGrooves : That's quite a project! Nicely executed!

Synpheros : Next video: "Let me introduce you to my new proyect: The Hot Wheels Machine X"

Ashish Lugun : Shopkeeper : How many hot wheelz you want ? This guy : Yes

Allx360 : Quick, someone make All Star out of this.

Jason White : Ngl i was really hoping it was going to play the mii channel theme.

Pierre Angelis S Nunes : Só o trabalho que dá pra fazer um vídeo desse já vale o like! Muito boa sacada! Parabéns!

Drake Deardorff : That song was actually beautiful. It made me feel nostalgic for something i've never seen before.

David Dockery : :56 and on sounds so good. All of it does but I enjoyed that part. Very creative

Theremin Hero : 10% setup, 90% editing. Still a good result!

Depressed Acorns : *Front paint gets violently scratched*

NOCTURN 05 : Introducing the Wintergatan hotwheel machine.

Noob Slayer : You know what, I'm about to say it... That's a glockenspiel not a xylophone.

HerrXenon : Really cool. *Now make the soviet anthem version*

KoolBeenz : Damn this is actually pretty cool! For once the YouTube algorithm is good 🎉

Cristiano Dallatana : Friend: What instrument do you play? Me: It’s complicated

Trades46 : Probably the most satisfying thing I would see this week. Thank-you for posting.

Kiên Channel : 1688: piano instrument was first invented 2019: HOT WHEEL INSTRUMENT WAS FIRST INVENTED

Der SPS : Really cool, the effect would be almost seemless if the individual car clips were just a little bit longer

Uncharted Thoughts : It feels like you just ran car by car (note by note) then just composited, either way is impressive is what I'm trying to say ♥️

Czarcasm : U should really start a series with covers for different songs using this

Ash : This was Phillip defranco’s secret link of the day and MAN am I glad I decided to click it today. Hell yeah

琉紫本命 : The music is kinda nice.(But you have to withstand the "rrrrrr"sound)

ercost60 : FREAKING BRILLIANT! Love this.

Laserbreak : Never underestimate the limits of human creativity, you will often be surprised by the results.

Legend Y. : this is actually really cool, i remember trying to drop two cars at the same place on the track to race them, so this is just incredible

aleee2002 : Times 2 sounds great! Also can you make one of each note by itself please?

tzengtm : Dude you know the marble machine by wintergatan? You should make a hot wheels machine with hot wheels tracks. That would be amazing.

Kvng Jay : Them: how many hot wheels do you need Me:yes

COASTER BOT : This is extremely creative and cool and I love it!

ll Kasper ll : Not just original, but record-setting! This is the first time in history that a group of Mustangs has gathered without 1+ of them losing control and spinning off the road like an idiot.

ThatWolfDude01 Gaming : Who else is here bc you clicked on Phillip DeFranco’s secret link of the day?

Blinky Blue : I'd love to see a top down view of this (if possible lol) like how it would look in one of those music beat tapping games. Huge props to you guys, this was super creative!

Hevesh5 : Absolutely love this!! This was so cool, even if it's edited! haha "props to Wintergatan for actually getting his marble machine to work in real life."

Torrance : This is why the internet was made. I love it.

ErzaRose1894 : I haven't got words, amazing

Alexis Alexander : Yooo, this could get you crazy famous if you play a bunch of famous songs or meme songs!

wyanSS : This is gonna go viral don't worry

Miyu Miyu : Live now on the site of a musical festival gone very wrong. Thousands of tiny cars piled on top of each other, it's unbelievable. How many notes were in that melody? I don't know for certain but it sure doesn't account for the lives lost in that massive mass collision. YTNews coverage.

Cyanide Jack : What instrument you play? Oh you know hot wheels