How to Stop Package Thief's. Water Jet Mailbox.

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Daniel Pinkney : Both you and Colin furze upload videos about mail today, coincidence, I think not...

Skullker : Damn I gotta say, for under 10k subs the quality and editing skill you demonstrate is incredible! Every video is entertaining and funny, great job.

GumiBear : You improved this boring lecture by 100% Still waiting for my professor to put a letter in the letterbox I brought with me though

Techno Babble : Here in the states, the regular postal service delivers both regular mail and junk mail. Do you Aussies have regular mail and junk mail delivered by different dudes?

Brady Broderick : Bro this is just what I needed! 'priciate ya

Jasertio ✅ : The skits were funny and all, but I was really hoping to see it in action.

a97013 : I'm doing fine, how are you going?

Ian Teo : Thoroughly enjoy your hijinks. Kudos man =)

Bogdanoff's Servant : No offense, but you have the finger nails and toes of an ogre.

NODROG HTIMS : I have been a Postman with Royal Mail for over 20 years. To see this is disturbing. I hear "More junk Mail"! Every day and it turns out to be a letter from a loved one or a card to a person who has died and forgotten to tell the sender. You think the Postman has no point in a modern world? Every Postman/Woman knows we have that special 'Diamond' in every sack/bag we carry! A note to Mum or Dad or like I delivered last week from The Antartic Expedition on a Post Card with writting so small it must have taken a month to write. A short Vid to make a joke? I was given an extensive course in First Aid by Royal Mail that saved a young girls life! So tell that to your Mother who sits alone and waits for me for a 2 min chat every day or the disabled or blind who know I will leave a packet in the spot they choose! This Vid has upset me.

Max_ Malcom4357 : I've got total respect for someone who doesn't clickbait on a 10min video that doesn't need to be. Keep improving the world m8

Dustin Marquis : your front yard is your problem …………….clean it up man

Corey Taylor : "dont shoot the messenger....meh, screw that"

Zualtea Skills : Well, I think imma sub

GadMas : So in Germany we have Stickers that legally prohibits junkmail, just wondering if something like this exists?