Diego Masciaga of Waterside Inn Restaurant Prepares Canard a la Presse.mp4

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bartelR : in that style he could slaughter a pig in front of me and i would be overwhelmed

omfriend : this man loves his job

Kristoffer R : I have watched this 10 times just today!

ek_tha_KC : wooden spoon could be used.

rick b : He cooked this for me - I fell asleep at the table

EMPEROR MOWE : dear mr wacky cat picture I  would like you to know that this gentlemen is french and you are  the sad sad  example of poor  education 

Ramis R : the sound of the metal spoon against that pan is a little unsettling

hillhead11 : That's wonderful, but I ordered the fish

robertrjsaa : no one tastes anything you should taste every thing you send out.....

paulsss69 : GoVegan

finediningguide : No it is not dog blood! What are you talking about? If you do not like that is fine but be factually accurate please!

bambam : The real disgusting fact about pressed duck is that the live duck has to be strangled for this dish and that is just plain cruelty and should be forbidden!

Rick Holt : It is a pleasure to watch someone who takes his job so seriously - it is more than a job to him.

Public Domain Comics : Welp, he ruined it for me: Never add alcohol too a pan that is directly on the heat because it can travel straight up the stream and explode the bouteille.

Miguel Ferrigno : he forgot the oyster

ElBulPagani : He never tasted the sauce

obie nwachukwu : Competent man! Great service!

G. Infinit : "in front of a guest you can not show the guest that you are struggeling cutting through bones, very often you see waiter trying to struggle and that´s no good." aaaahm, yes, always show the fat cats that you are their emotionless servant.

MrLickivuk : PERFECT...

chrish12345 : no chips?

Chriib : It is not blood. It is a mixture of water and myoglobin.

spdykat : idiots disgust me

navidski : "What's really nice in the orange, is the orange colour" oh well, good to know. I always thought it was the ethereal oils...

Richard Kelbe : That looks too pink for me?

omfriend : blaaaaad

Milordbovarobernese : Davvero un bel lavoro Diego, estremamente professionale e con quel tocco Italiano che è eccellente

roman14032 : a well trained maitre d' rare thing nowadays

Greynoone : I just don't know how they can get all this done with those metal rods stuck up their ass, food looks good though

Del2012 : A beautiful restaurant....with lovely rooms too......Bray is a lucky, lovely place.

OLO 59 : SUPERB ... & difficult to find nowadays. Splendid upload ... Thank you.

Fernando Garcia : Comemierdas! Cool...=)

endautrestermes : Tabasco ?

Lars Westerhausen : Escoffier 101

shinuradevil : what music is in the background?

Elle : people like you exactly

T : He said "Duck" not "Dog" you morron. He can't help that he has a strong accent.

a trom : get rid of those green umbrellas they look so tacky otherwise great video

Mr UK London : Hahahahahaha at 7:45 chef provided me with a little bit of stock Hahaha and who provided the stock; is it Marco Pierre white providing Knorr stock to The roux

brendan wright : what?

Ramis R : However this looks extraordinary

iva hardy : Mikko Hirvonen has left the WRC and become a waiter for the Waterside Inn

kommisar : What version of Vivaldi's "Spring" is this? Sounds a little different from the renditions I have heard. Beautiful nonetheless.

Damoskinos : The Chicken was confirmed as being from Tesco's Deli Counter which was why it was sent back

kingsmeadow : exquisite

brendan wright : what's with all of the moronic comments, you guys are the reason youtube is cleaning up comments

James Wright : Tabasco sauce? Is that acceptable?

Wacky Jackscum : Pompous Brits.

JenkyBoom : truly exquisite.

Kimo Hogan : "Yum" :)

spdykat : I have had the pleasure of enjoying this at the Waterside and it was superb. Diego is a showman with his presentation and a master at what he's doing, and so charming.