Diego Masciaga of Waterside Inn Restaurant Prepares Canard a la Presse.mp4

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hillhead11 : That's wonderful, but I ordered the fish

bartelR : in that style he could slaughter a pig in front of me and i would be overwhelmed

Rick Holt : It is a pleasure to watch someone who takes his job so seriously - it is more than a job to him.

omfriend : this man loves his job

ek_tha_KC : wooden spoon could be used.

Ali Hussain : Hahahahahaha at 7:45 chef provided me with a little bit of stock Hahaha and who provided the stock; is it Marco Pierre white providing Knorr stock to The roux

rick b : He cooked this for me - I fell asleep at the table

a trom : get rid of those green umbrellas they look so tacky otherwise great video

Richard Kelbe : That looks too pink for me?

chrish12345 : no chips?

Public Domain Comics : Welp, he ruined it for me: Never add alcohol too a pan that is directly on the heat because it can travel straight up the stream and explode the bouteille.

Chriib : It is not blood. It is a mixture of water and myoglobin.

Kristoffer R : I have watched this 10 times just today!

auguste escoffier : Das ist höchste französische Kochkunst! Schade, dass das Video auf Barbarensprache ist und nicht auf französisch!

EMPEROR MOWE : dear mr wacky cat picture I  would like you to know that this gentlemen is french and you are  the sad sad  example of poor  education 

Miguel Ferrigno : he forgot the oyster

obie nwachukwu : Competent man! Great service!

robertrjsaa : no one tastes anything you should taste every thing you send out.....

G. Infinit : "in front of a guest you can not show the guest that you are struggeling cutting through bones, very often you see waiter trying to struggle and that´s no good." aaaahm, yes, always show the fat cats that you are their emotionless servant.

ElBulPagani : He never tasted the sauce

paulsss69 : GoVegan

Jose Vega : A touch too pink? It was raw

tombonomy : Last meal would be this served with some 20 year old Hermitage Syrah. Anyone wanna guess the bill for that? I’ll bet ~$500-$600

navidski : "What's really nice in the orange, is the orange colour" oh well, good to know. I always thought it was the ethereal oils...

NEOPAGAN 59 : SUPERB ... & difficult to find nowadays. Splendid upload ... Thank you.

Milordbovarobernese : Davvero un bel lavoro Diego, estremamente professionale e con quel tocco Italiano che è eccellente

James Wright : Tabasco sauce? Is that acceptable?

Del2012 : A beautiful restaurant....with lovely rooms too......Bray is a lucky, lovely place.

Greynoone : I just don't know how they can get all this done with those metal rods stuck up their ass, food looks good though

Damoskinos : The Chicken was confirmed as being from Tesco's Deli Counter which was why it was sent back

omfriend : blaaaaad

kommisar : What version of Vivaldi's "Spring" is this? Sounds a little different from the renditions I have heard. Beautiful nonetheless.

Fernando Garcia : Comemierdas! Cool...=)

iva hardy : Mikko Hirvonen has left the WRC and become a waiter for the Waterside Inn

MrBallasuda : French ..

endautrestermes : Tabasco ?

Salvatore Maglie : TOP

Kimo Hogan : "Yum" :)

Lars Westerhausen : Escoffier 101

shinuradevil : what music is in the background?

Ramis R : the sound of the metal spoon against that pan is a little unsettling

microphonehead : shot of tabasco? michelin 3 star? Then the bottle in front middle of shot:) Kind of broke the spell

Wacky Jackscum : Pompous Brits.

Rob Smudger Smith : How much for Michelin star egg & chips?

bambam : Read it up. Any recipe I know of, even wikipedia states that fact. The duck has to be strangled to retain its blood.

brendan wright : what's with all of the moronic comments, you guys are the reason youtube is cleaning up comments

brendan wright : what?

bambam : The real disgusting fact about pressed duck is that the live duck has to be strangled for this dish and that is just plain cruelty and should be forbidden!

roman14032 : a well trained maitre d' rare thing nowadays

Elle : people like you exactly