Diego Masciaga of Waterside Inn Restaurant Prepares Canard a la Presse.mp4

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hillhead11 : That's wonderful, but I ordered the fish

Rick Holt : It is a pleasure to watch someone who takes his job so seriously - it is more than a job to him.

Edward Okarimia : I have no idea why this is in my recommended list

bartelR : in that style he could slaughter a pig in front of me and i would be overwhelmed

ek_tha_KC : wooden spoon could be used.

Ali Hussain : Hahahahahaha at 7:45 chef provided me with a little bit of stock Hahaha and who provided the stock; is it Marco Pierre white providing Knorr stock to The roux

omfriend : this man loves his job

Chriib : It is not blood. It is a mixture of water and myoglobin.

Steve Sturges : Cooking table side is a lost art, along with other sorts of classical dining, le voiture comes to mind immediately, and the dessert and brandy trolleys. Waiters and maitre des were highly skilled in silver service and carvery. The good old days

chrish12345 : no chips?

Andy Nischen : Bella cruda.....che schifo

cs512tr : wonderful to watch and appreciate the effort they put in

tombonomy : Last meal would be this served with some 20 year old Hermitage Syrah. Anyone wanna guess the bill for that? I’ll bet ~$500-$600

rick b : He cooked this for me - I fell asleep at the table

少川靖男 : Now, that s real FRENCH SERVICE !!

NEOPAGAN 59 : SUPERB ... & difficult to find nowadays. Splendid upload ... Thank you.

Del2012 : A beautiful restaurant....with lovely rooms too......Bray is a lucky, lovely place.

obie nwachukwu : Competent man! Great service!

G. Infinit : "in front of a guest you can not show the guest that you are struggeling cutting through bones, very often you see waiter trying to struggle and that´s no good." aaaahm, yes, always show the fat cats that you are their emotionless servant.

James Dale : Fine dining!

Michael Walsh : There is a fair amount of overlap between what the gentleman is doing here and the skill set required for open heart surgery.

Giovanni Milan : What a piece of art! bravissimo !

Wil Jones : What a load of pretentious rubbish.

MercuryCobalt : Do I have to tip this guy?

M F : he forgot the oyster

dogstar167 : beautiful

joe maestro : If you have a chef doing it all right in the kitchen, there is no need for for this to be done in the dining room. This in my opinion is just "trying to be as posh as possible"

Ludolf Ebner : Fantastic

a trom : get rid of those green umbrellas they look so tacky otherwise great video

Mikko Ttt : When the chef has a suit on, it can't be a good thing.

Kristoffer R : I have watched this 10 times just today!

Tress Braga : I hated the city of Paris... then I went to Versailles and I fell in love with France all over again. I had this dish there ("confit de canard," I think it's called). It was an unforgettable day!

Joe Brikha : Is this for real? Squeezing bones and partly cooked duck meat to extract the blood right in front of the guest? I was expecting Count Frankenstein to appear any moment.

Mike H : Crazy comments here!?!

Jose Vega : A touch too pink? It was raw

João Martins : He just needs to learn how to carve!!!

trident maple : Perfection! 👌

Julian Saez : old cuisine

Alexandre Stiermon : You should not call the juices coming out of the press blood; And the stock either because it is a “demi glace”.

Norbert Vossiek : This four seasons "version" shows a certain lack of interest in what the composer actually wrote down.

Evil Sean : vocation is key to success in any endeavour i have found ... and this is looking like a life quest right here ... wonderful

Huberdina : I growed up with the classic cuisine, sad this is also disapering...(love this passioned man)

claymore cluepile : showbiz......$300 please

Kimo Hogan : "Yum" :)

antonio rollo : Thank you for posting!!!!

Vi Ma : beautiful video. thank you

Milordbovarobernese : Davvero un bel lavoro Diego, estremamente professionale e con quel tocco Italiano che è eccellente

Mike Johnson : Very elegant but not for me.

Tony Stark : il pollo crudo te lo mangi tu...

kommisar : What version of Vivaldi's "Spring" is this? Sounds a little different from the renditions I have heard. Beautiful nonetheless.