Bear Does Laundry - Samsung Washing Machine Commercial (funny)
Bear interrupts washing machine advert

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Close encounter! No rights go to me


Mark Imhoff Sr. : I'm buying that damn washer!!! Lol

Benjamin : Yeah this is real alright. I was there saw the whole thing. This camera is just really bad

Sydney's Suds Laundry Service : The bears in Maryland schedule with Sydney's Suds.

Shailyn Lugo : lol love this

BoRn 2 SinG : Lol

Royal Tampon : is this real?

Kyle Stubbs : How doesn’t he notice the camera crew?

Visionery1 : The punchline was when he took his 'coat' off, they could've cut it there.

Bearreally alot : Don't tell thats a fake/reall bear 😔 Just kidding its fake

Abcde Berdff : I'd love to see this real

Terry Holt : Bare's hibernat in winter

A B : Bears hibernate in winter.

Teddy Tedaloo : eggcellent.

S.E.C. Sepaus : this is fake lmho

speed Gull : Funny

edward kenway : Pedobear

Terry Holt : Lol

Banana buttons : This is the best advert ever. The stripey briefs are the icing on the cake for me. Luckily adverts have no effect on me , trying to get my money.(Hides all her Samsung appliances and coughs aukwardly)