Bear Does Laundry - Samsung Washing Machine Commercial (funny)

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Bennerbench : Yeah this is real alright. I was there saw the whole thing. This camera is just really bad

Mark Imhoff Sr. : I'm buying that damn washer!!! Lol

A B : Bears hibernate in winter.

speed Gull : Funny

Visionery1 : The punchline was when he took his 'coat' off, they could've cut it there.

Ms. Moonchild : my mom just showed me this and goes "look they were filming a commercial for a washing machine and a bear came up" i laughed cuz ik what was happening and she looked at me funny. then the bear took its coat off and she laughed so hard she was snorting cuz she honestly thought it was real.

Abcde Berdff : I'd love to see this real

Terry Holt : Bare's hibernat in winter

Teddy Tedaloo : eggcellent.

brandon Ocampo bear : Don't tell thats a fake/reall bear 😔 Just kidding its fake

Terry Holt : Lol

edward kenway : Pedobear

S.E.C. Sepaus : this is fake lmho

Sydney's Suds Laundry Service : The bears in Maryland schedule with Sydney's Suds.

Shailyn Lugo : lol love this

Basab Chanda : Lol

Royal Tampon : is this real?

Banana buttons : This is the best advert ever. The stripey briefs are the icing on the cake for me. Luckily adverts have no effect on me , trying to get my money.(Hides all her Samsung appliances and coughs aukwardly)