Silent Twins: Without My Shadow

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Lowkey Peace : First of all they faced racism and were bullied

Oh Shit : This is so interesting and so sad. Does anyone know how everything is going for June now 2017? I can’t find anything new about her

Lakeya Mcclain : Everyone is focused on their speech impediment....did anyone notice how brilliant they are?😳 their novels and diaries were impeccable! The words that flowed from them had me was like poetry...I think they were misunderstood GENIUSES! I feel like its alot of extra shit went on in their life for no reason...a lil speech therapy and patience, would have ex'd out alot of this heartache and bullshit they went through...

Isabella Orlowski : Who came from Bella’s video?

Angelica & Angelique Flores : Seems like they just had a speech problem and hated repeating themselves and it became a habit to just not talk to people

kitteekittee : Everyone makes the silent twins story come off as this spooky creepy story....its really not.Its sad and both twins were/are beautiful people.

Doneisia Davis : Everybody failed these girls! Sad...Sad...Sad!!!!!!!!

Stench Trench : Well now I know the real story instead of an exaggerated "scary" version from all the unoriginal YouTubers.

Vol B : It is Jennifer's death that mystify's me. Predicting your death like that.... And june saying one of them had to die so the other could live....

Maays : African clicking language? I wouldn't speak to anyone too if I was suffering frm racism from classmates AND teachers

Renee Wheeler : Would you talk to people that were bullying you? Heck No!

Ark10 : Those girls were taunted, ostracize and tortured by their classmates, not only because they had a small speech impediment because there were of African ancestry, the teachers didn't want to bother with the twins, so they lied along with the children saying they spoke a secret language, there was no secret language............they spoke English. I can understand it them clearly! Systematic racism did not afford them the same opportunities as if Caucasian or rich. They were failed by the judge, court ordered psychiatrist, educational and the legal system, most of all they were failed by their parents who were unaware of the ill intentions of the powers-that-be

Annell08 : These girls were were very intelligent, you can tell by the way that they wrote..

Rebel Love : Question... WHY do all these videos on youtube talking about "evil kids" show THEIR photos? They weren't even evil. This is why its important to do your research.

ignaucio witherspoon : " a sort of African click language" wtf lol

Sweet Ginger : I feel like their parents moved to the tranquil town in England from Barbados in search of a Better life. Their identical twins faced racism because of the color of their skin. No one realizes how damaging racism is to your psyche. I wish that their classmates showed them love. But no, they had to leave school five to ten minutes early daily because of their psycho classmates bullied them.

Laurie X : It was as if they were using the twins for experiments

tionne baptista : They have such a beautiful way with words, they should have gotten more recognition for their writing than they did.

intl_bohemian : Parents should think twice before moving their children to places where they will be isolated and unaccepted by others, shame on those parents for not putting the needs of their children first. Also seems like there was some neglect going on. Really sad.

Xx Xx : They both felt like they were one person So there cant be two of one One had to die for them to feel like an individual I think

April Espinoza : Is it weird that I understand eveything she's saying i can't understand crap the guy in the yellow is saying

Melissa Diamond : Anne Frank got a book of her diaries Why cant the twins get their own book...

Alia Azizul Rahman : That teacher ya, the girls have speech impediment, being bullied ALL their life, its nothing abnormal about it! Thats the effect of years of being bullied and they end up relying on each other to survive.

Wayne Lucas : Is it weird that I can completely understand June? I've been fascinated by this story for a long time but this Is the first time I've seen footage of the twins. It's very sad.

Nya G : I've no idea why they were made such a spectacle of! They were failed so terribly on so many levels. They needed psychological and emotional support and love, and not to be treated like lab rats or a freak show.

deairreo hill : 12 years for arson a white kid would have got probation

Torri loopay : "If you can't hear us now then you never will" 🤐😶😶😶

P. Belle : The father does not have a speech impediment he has an accent. He's from the thr Caribbean.

Capitan Crazy : they are actually really beautiful, especially when they grew up

Carol Hills : I feel there is something else that is not being said here, but whatever

Elle Pride : They would have been better off in the Caribbean. The UK effectively ruined their lives. Racism triggered their behavior.They would not have encountered racism in the Caribbean. They never would have been placed in Broadmoor if they had been white, and, murderers get less time in prison than these girls had to endure. Structural racism alive and well.

mae foster : The system turn them like that my opinion the used them as lab rat

Kj : They said after her sister died.. She started speaking in a more "normal" dialect and she had to basically learn to speak again. I think how is she is speaking now is much different then how people heard them when they were younger. I watched Bella Fioris video on it before this one.

Bcherie U : they needed speech therapy. you can see how they never learned how to full open their mouth and enunciate the words.

Carolina : Why did they gawk at them and their minds so much instead of finding a good orthodontist and speech therapy! these little girls couldn't speak!... it wasn't selective mutism...

noorsahida : Their movements from the videos looked as if it was all in slow motion. I thought I was tripping.

Laurie Smith : It's evident that the female teacher and the one male psychologist care deeply for them. I studied this case for a psychology course I took at school last year, and from what I researched, there was no evidence of either twin being schizophrenic. It seemed more to me Jennifer wasn't mentally strong enough to survive in the outside world- especially when watching the videos they took of them- while June was mentally strong enough to survive in the outside world. if anything, I think they had an exceptionally close bond that seemed to border on obsessive. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

MsPorcia : This should be a lifetime movie! Wow! This is fascinating

Shan Brooks : I think if they were in America round black kids in see people of the same color as them they would had a chance they were round nothing but white people picking on them

Sara Matilde Grytten : 2018?

Natalie M : June seems so normal, but when you think of everything that has happened and everything she's done, she seems like she should be insane.

Vonda Jay : Why isn’t this a movie yet!!! Lifetime where y’all at!!?

Sheena Bailey : Seems like they were very smart and their family tried to provide them with more than the average minority family.

Amber Stephens : That "African clicking language" is quite obviously English. Interesting how racism shuts the mind off to truth.

Chloe : It's like the more you watch the video, the easier it is to understand. Also after listening to her for a while it's hard to understand the other people

0.0M views : Society kill what they don't understand, especially a racist society.

Katie Aviss : The videos of them together are quite haunting. Such a strange and sad story.

Michael Ornelas : They were treated as oddities from day one instead of human beings. Being ostracized as a child is very damaging mentally. To go from around the clock bullying and abuse from classmates to being thrown into a topsy turvy system is not normal for anyone let alone little girls. I'm glad this documentary focused on the bare truth rather than exploiting the twins as other worldly mysteries.

Bridget C : It's crazy how they knew one of them had to die for the other to live a normal life. Jennifer predicting her early death and how both of them tried murdering, I mean drowning one another...just gives me the chills.

breezy : Everyone is saying they can’t understand her but I can understand her fine??