Bohemian Rhapsody in the Style of System Of A Down
Bohemian Rhapsody in the style of System Of A Down

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Darthmolar : Starts at 1:20 :) Edit:thanks for the likes never had so much!

Alex Vyncke : wasn't convinced. until we got to about 4:35 and onwards. that was soo SOAD!! :-)

Politically Carrot : Your understanding of music astounds me. I am thoroughly impressed.

andreas kipper : “When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.” ― freddie mercury

Sol Portella : Theory: people keep voting SOAD style because that's the closest to a new SOAD song we'll have for a very long while

Daniel H : I like how you used the newer and old SOAD style.

Felix Du Bouexic : I am absolutely amazed by your understanding of music and this wonderful interpretation of the SOAD style. Thanks for giving this to us, this was missing to our world

Josi Kitzrow : I always thought System of a Down was the metal version of Queen. I respect them both for bringing something new to the music world

Ariel Fernandez : Damn that Daron Malakian impression is on point


Andi c : Exactly what a cover should be. Not a remake of the original song but a recreation with just a hint of the original. LOVED IT

Elijah MacDougall : *me waiting for coke fueled rampage* *rampage strikes* Yup, that's System alright.

Dominick Efrim : I was so convinced this was gonna suck. Pleasantly surprised. Lol

Joel Bates : "Serj-voice" is really nasally, his is much more throaty and warbly, but there "Daron-voice" is on point. Well done!

Jason Edwin : Chop suey in Queen style Makasih like nya babi

Gulf City Scuba Steve : Amazing absolutely amazing. I've never subbed to a channel so fast Edit: Just noticed this came out November of last year🤦‍♂️ WTF am I just seeing it now

MagicBirch : Before I clicked this I knew that this remix could have serious potential starting at the 4:34 mark. You did not disappoint.

De Dede : THIS.IS.BRILLIANT. Honestly, I usually would dare anybody to touch Bohemian Rhapsody for a cover-version, but this is just great. Btw I also like pretty much SOAD! So, I really appreciate this masterpiece! That was fun!

ZUlCEE _ : You went off at the operatic section holy shit. props to this man

MasterJugitsu : yessss!! now can you do chop suey in queen style?? EDIT: omg i wasn’t expecting to have this much likes thanks y’all

thelocoraven : His Daron guitar style and voice is spot on, Serj voice wasn’t the greatest. Sounded closer to a Scars on Broadway cover.

Moicano Mohikan : Like it. But that looks more like "Scars on Broadway". Serj voice is lacking. Anyway, great work there.

Leon Jett : System of a Down is one of my favorite bands of all time, and this cover was both entertaining and accurate! Very good and great listen. Such a cool way to remix an already amazing song. 🤘

Eva Sêco Lima : Omg! Nailed it... Wow! Best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody I've ever listened to.

bracoyote96 : It sounds like System of a Down without Serj and with two Darons.

Joshua Michael : Oh my freaking god!!! A true tribute to both bands! That was amazing bro. You killed it my hats off to you!

Jonathan R. Fox : That's the best cover I've ever heard and the best fusing of two things. You're jaw-droppingly amazing.

superHAPPYrocks : Dude....Bravo... I heard Pogo, Soldierside, Holy Mountain, Spiders, Chop Suey, and most of the Hypnotize album in there. Fucking majestic dude. Well done. I liked the whisper vocals the best. Very Serj like in all ways. You even nailed Darren's whiney high vocal harmonies. Bravo

IAmIvyAlice : OMFG you're AMAZING !!!! What a work you did to adapt an wonderful song in the style of a wonderful band !! you deserve to know that's a total eargasm !

Ten Second Songs : Do you want the Johnny Cash version on the Ten Second Songs Volume 1 album?

Ty Jeffers : First video of yours I've seen. I was completely blown away by your performance. I look forward to watching more, keep being awesome!

C-FU gaming : damn dude, you looks so pissed when you're singing, who made u mad? i'll talk to him.

deadfred821 : Holy fuuuuuuuuuck..... bruh.... I almost broke my phone rocking tf out....🤘🏾😈🤘🏾

Stickboy 26 : At first I didn't like this..... Then I realized that if system of a down had done this song, it would be pretty much exactly this excruciating to listen to in pretty much the same way. So on second thought, bravo lol

Varangian Bill : That went from "Lost in Hollywood" to "Prison song" real fast.

Crush3333 : Likeless: 82% Rendition and performance: 100% Great work, my dude

Hannah Mattox : Omg. I think my heart just exploded.

J_Mike214 : Dope af. Put basically all of their songs cadences into the songs. Fucking beautiful harmonies... Subscribed

Lazar Nedeljković : I swear i heard Daron in there somewhere.

winlover37 : Closest thing we'll ever get to a new System of a Down album.

Jessica : That was amazing! Totally different sound to original, yet so spot on for how I imagine System would do it. I miss them 😢 but great video - thank you!! 😎😎😎

Madara Uchiha : now in Ghost b.c style

JoyJoy Bean : My phone knows I've been listening to all SOAD albums on repeat for the last 2 weeks and recommended this. So awesome

BobbyDigitalRD : Musically has a SOAD flare but vocally it's all Daron. It's more akin to Scars in that regard

Miguel Restrepo : Dam - Lost in Hollywood - Soldier side intro - A bit of hypnotize and ATWA - 1:20 - 2:41 Toxicity era (drums) - Mesmerize - Hypnotize era (guitar and vocals) - 2:42 - 3:12 That is too Lost in hollywood and a bit of Revenga - 3:17 - 3:23 That solo could be Spiders or ATWA, (the middle finger is a Deer dance refence because of Daron) - 4:06 - 4:19 Holy Mountains, U- fig, Soldier side and Revenga vibes - 4:20 - 4:33 Pictures, Chic N stu, CUBErt, Innervision and the bridge of war? 4:34 - 4:39 Typical soad scream but i would say is Deer dance and Prison song 4:40 - 4:42 Fast picking part of Stealing society but is more Question or Revenga 4:43 - 4:45 Galileo part is too Chop suey part of FATHER and agin the fast picking part War and suggestions and from Scars could be Dictator 4:53 - 4:55 After this typical soad scream and riffs of the self titled album Chop suey ( the whisper) 5:08 Mama mia part is Suggestions, I E A I A I O, sugar Aerials vibes 5:27 - 5:34 Totally Revenga - 5:35 - 6:00 the screams are pure Needles ( EY ) 6:01 - 6:05 LALALA part could be BYOB or Radio/video 6:05 - 6:09 and the prison song riff 6:10 - 6:13 the end is pure Holy mountains and Aerials EPIC Great job. (EDIT) the end is violent pornography too and thanks for the likes guys!

Derrick Marks : I am stunned.... Literally, probably the best song, I’ve ever heard. Hands down, between queen, soad, this is just mind blowing

- ALFIE - : He has Daron’s voice down perfectly. Incredible job as always dude.

Cliff Skelton : Not gonna lie, this is the first time I have heard of you and I thought you were gonna bomb it. But I could jam that as much as I do them! Much needed as well.

Karla Nascimento : Tem brazuca 🇧🇷 por aqui! Kkkk muito bom! Gostei demais dessa versão. 🤘🤘🤘🤘