Bohemian Rhapsody in the Style of System Of A Down

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Ten Second Songs : Do you want the Johnny Cash version on the Ten Second Songs Volume 1 album?

Sol Portella : Theory: people keep voting SOAD style because that's the closest to a new SOAD song we'll have for a very long while

pooding : Very badass. Imagine if System of a down actually made a cover though. I'd lose my shit.

CB : Despacito in the style of rammstein?

SyberiaN : 4:35 - 5:35 is the most System of a Down part by far.. Thanks for this masterpiece while SOAD don’t record new songs haha

HalfmanDude : Now i need this song with vitas style.

Nils P : His Daron is spot on but his Serj sounds nothing like Serj

Death to the Doomemou : 1:19 Is when the song starts

Buenomars : Plot twist: System of a Down had planned to announce the end of their hiatus with a cover of this song but now that you've done it, they have put their plans on hold will now only release a new album in 2040!

why you stole my candy from me in kindergarden? : i beg you do a David bowie Version of bohemian rhapsody . i would pay actual Money for it. p.s: i loves this song. great work Anthony

LocoOfAO : This is crazy how you changed the tone enough to sound like System of a Down but not too much to where it doesn’t go away from the original.

Gabrol : do country roads in the style of pantera please

nate green : Put a headset on. Don’t watch the video while you listen and you can actually imagine it being system of a down and it’s spot on.

The Elusive Danny DeVito Teletubbie : *Wait a minute!* This isn’t ten seconds 🤔

Sacred Coffee : 4:34 "Chic N Stu" xd

Jesse H. : Now do Chop Suey in the style of Queen!!

Kamil Puchalski : Please , more songs in a System of a Down style!

Trrixie : This song makes me miss soad, we need new songs from them :(

TheRagingArceus : Africa by Toto in the style of AC/DC

Guilherme Paschoal : Meanwhile, rappers are making millions... :(

VanDii Motorsports : This felt like Scars on Broadway... Which is basically SOAD without serge. Either way, I liked it!

Alan : even flow pearl jam in 15 styles 👌🏽👌🏽

Guilate drey : This is the best thing in the world im happy to be alive omg

Luis Angeles : Baby shark in SOAD style..!!!

JustThatGuy : 4:34 highlight of entire song

Alessandro di Tria : that middle finger during the solo is a fine cultural reference

Midas van Schaik : Skip Ad >> 1:09

gary snyder : So practically play the song in a minor scale?

El tukan místiko :v : I want a version of David Bowie Like if you too

Kiky Eka : omg... it's really really cool.. u made this song up to another level n atmosphere.. but still keep the epic soul of the song stay right there .. i like it.. 😆😆😆

Brioni Faith : SO EPIC.... I have no words

Sally Face : Style: Guns N’ Roses 🌹🔫

Albertix Animation : David Bowie style , please)

The_Potato_ Cult : Tabs pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!

HCkev : At 4:33 I think Daron's voice saying the "scaramouche" and such would fit better

frank unodostres : wow... I know it sounds dumb when I say I waited for this and it made my week but... this makes me really happy. thank you ant

DarkLord75253 : Damn dude, you nailed their style. =subscribed

Sa' ENJOY wae : So cool, SOAD fans from INDONESIAN .. Tribute to Freedy Mercury QUEEN .. VERY VERY COOL 🤧🤩

KnightZx : 1:20 start

Coney Island Queen. : Now I only have these soad style covers to compensate for a new non-existent system of a down album that is never going to release, I’m not complaining though

MasterJugitsu : yessss!! now can you do chop suey in queen style?? EDIT: omg i wasn’t expecting to have this much likes thanks y’all

TheGreatestDuck : I need Stevie Wonder please

GitarStu : This is probably the most amazing cover of a song I've ever heard. Not only did you manage to still maintain what is Bohemian Rhapsody, but you also managed to bring in every aspect of what makes SOAD such an amazing and awesome band and combined it perfectly! I wish I could like this a million times for you!

Deribn : Ma BF stood and watched all this "Very Accurate System Of A Down" big smile on his face, big smile on mine. You nailed this.

Nik_ Untul : I need dragon force - through the fire and flames in style bohemian rhapsody, thank you

Jason Edwin : Chop suey in Queen style Makasih like nya babi

Ren JungGi : I also want a vitas version of bohemian rhapsody please.😂

Daniel Burley : Yes, this sounds exactly like SOAD covering Bohemian Rhapsody... WHO IS THIS GUY WELL DONE

Freddy Lopez : No no no dude

TheS1PikesPeak : Absolutely Awesome 👏