Bohemian Rhapsody in the Style of System Of A Down

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Ten Second Songs : Do you want the Johnny Cash version on the Ten Second Songs Volume 1 album?

HalfmanDude : Now i need this song with vitas style.

Rebel Phoenix : I'd like to see you do 20 styles of Toto's Africa.

Michael Ramirez : Very badass. Imagine if System of a down actually made a cove though. I'd lose my shit.

nate green : Put a headset on. Don’t watch the video while you listen and you can actually imagine it being system of a down and it’s spot on.

Jesse H. : Now do Chop Suey in the style of Queen!!

Sacred Coffee : 4:34 "Chic N Stu" xd

100,000 subs no videos challenge : I miss Freddie Mercury... it makes me soad... *geddit?*

Nils P : His Daron is spot on but his Serj sounds nothing like Serj

Danny DeVito Teletubbie : *Wait a minute!* This isn’t ten seconds 🤔

VanDii Motorsports : This felt like Scars on Broadway... Which is basically SOAD without serge. Either way, I liked it!

Buenomars : Plot twist: System of a Down had planned to announce the end of their hiatus with a cover of this song but now that you've done it, they have put their plans on hold will now only release a new album in 2040!

Kamil Puchalski : Please , more songs in a System of a Down style!

Guilate drey : This is the best thing in the world im happy to be alive omg

Justina : In the beginning I wasn't so sure but as the song picked up I was impressed. Good job dude!

MasterJugitsu : yessss!! now can you do chop suey in queen style?? EDIT: omg i wasn’t expecting to have this much likes thanks y’all

Gamerpro xzz : I *really* wanted David Bowie version but this is good


PorkMan : Can you make an 10 diffrent style or more song of the negetive one - slipknot

Gabrol : do country roads in the style of pantera please

Jason Edwin : Chop suey in Queen style Makasih like nya babi

Joseph Miller : This was fucking incredible... it's the literal epitome of a SOAD song

antonio estrella : Now in Tool versión 😍

gary snyder : So practically play the song in a minor scale?

HCkev : At 4:33 I think Daron's voice saying the "scaramouche" and such would fit better

Brioni Faith : SO EPIC.... I have no words

DynasteeHD : How do you not have more hype on you. You absolutely rock man!

Bogdan Golmont : Круто, что тут скажешь, талантище🤘

Ghoests Sakakibara : Style: Guns N’ Roses 🌹🔫

The_Potato_ Cult : Tabs pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!


Iron Lion Zion 432hz : Epic alert!

Allan Alejandro Dìaz Zapata : Me emocioné.... Realmente suena a SOAD!!!

Albertix Animation : David Bowie style , please)

Thomas Anslow : Please do an Avenged SEVENFOLD Seize The Day in 10 seconds, like if you agree

Miguel Restrepo Castro : Dam - Lost in Hollywood - Soldier side intro - A bit of hypnotize and ATWA - 1:20 - 2:41 Toxicity era (drums) - Mesmerize - Hypnotize era (guitar and vocals) - 2:42 - 3:12 That is too Lost in hollywood and a bit of Revenga - 3:17 - 3:23 That solo could be Spiders or ATWA, (the middle finger is a Deer dance refence because of Daron) - 4:06 - 4:19 Holy Mountains, U- fig, Soldier side and Revenga vibes - 4:20 - 4:33 Pictures, Chic N stu, CUBErt, Innervision and the bridge of war? 4:34 - 4:39 Typical soad scream but i would say is Deer dance and Prison song 4:40 - 4:42 Fast picking part of Stealing society but is more Question or Revenga 4:43 - 4:45 Galileo part is too Chop suey part of FATHER and agin the fast picking part War and suggestions and from Scars could be Dictator 4:53 - 4:55 After this typical soad scream and riffs of the self titled album Chop suey ( the whisper) 5:08 Mama mia part is Suggestions, I E A I A I O, sugar Aerials vibes 5:27 - 5:34 Totally Revenga - 5:35 - 6:00 the screams are pure Needles ( EY ) 6:01 - 6:05 LALALA part could be BYOB or Radio/video 6:05 - 6:09 and the prison song riff 6:10 - 6:13 the end is pure Holy mountains and Aerials EPIC Great job. (EDIT) the end is violent pornography too and thanks for the likes guys!

Alan : even flow pearl jam in 15 styles 👌🏽👌🏽

Tahir Ö. : Thats so awesome Mate i love it

DarkLord75253 : Damn dude, you nailed their style. =subscribed

Vito Reyner : 2:41 Turn your headphone volume to the highest

LocoOfAO : This is crazy how you changed the tone enough to sound like System of a Down but not too much to where it doesn’t go away from the original.

Kiky Eka : omg... it's really really cool.. u made this song up to another level n atmosphere.. but still keep the epic soul of the song stay right there .. i like it.. 😆😆😆

Elise Petriew : my family hates me for loving this version more than the original....

Jessica Martucci : Well done!! It seems soad's song!!

Xzaedra Null : I find it hilarious how the song has been turned into a complete trend. Now all the millennials are obsessed with it “Best song ever written” it’s a good song, but that is definitely not true.

Varangian Bill : That went from "Lost in Hollywood" to "Prison song" real fast.

Deribn : Ma BF stood and watched all this "Very Accurate System Of A Down" big smile on his face, big smile on mine. You nailed this.

Dina Ayu : oh and Good luck for the album!!! 😍

Jacob Ream : Dude this is spot on. You just earned my subscription!

Spawn of Kyuss : Nirvana in the style of Buckethead would be amazing.. Teen Spirit with the amount of technical expression he has is something I would kill to hear