Binging with Babish: Pizza from Deadpool

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The Big Babadaboni : The Pineapples on the pizza is really what keeps Deadpool immortal.

Jacob Ibarra : Sweet and salty just how I like my woman

myjungkook : I love pineapple on pizza tbh. edit: just because i like pineapple on pizza doesn't mean you can be rude and nasty. everyone has different likes/dislikes.

Brant Yang : Degrees Kelvin? Every science teacher out there just got triggered.

Linda Michelle : These are literally my favorite pizza toppings for years and everyone always calls me weird-even my husband who is a HUGE Deadpool fan. So ha....but to each his own lol

NG Slot : Every time before watching your videos, I read the title and order the same food,because after your videos i want to try them :)

Koolid_ Jammers : How about the spaghetti taco from icarly 🤷🏾‍♂️

Your Old Pal Greeny : Ordered this at a pizza place actually they thought i was nuts but i cleaned the box. This is fantastic especially if its got garlic butter crust.

Anna Woods : Imagine having the patience to start making pizza on Sunday when you know you can't eat it until Thursday wow can't relate

Nevalei : Make Steamed ham

nem tudom : but hawaiian pizza is the best..... :C

fantasyfanatic1995 : canadians everywhere disagree with the statement that pineapple on pizza is gross.

Mart van der Laan : Pinapple on pizza is great

Veridian : Well I like pineapple on pizza *_Come at me_*

Jennifer Smith : I love pineapple pizza...its my fav pizza! I feel like a lot of people that are grossed out by it have never even actually tried it.

Crisperz : look all im saying if you're being so aggressively defensive about pineapple on pizza, maybe it's not us you're trying to convince it's good

Angry Yogbuscus : Use smaller pieces of pineapple. Hawaiian pizza is at it's best using small pieces of canned pineapple, thinly sliced and fine, yet long, pieces of deli ham. The barbeque sauce is optional, and I personally don't use it. Eat it mouth-burning hot, and don't reheat ( it's better cold than at the temperature your microwave will bring it to). If you must reheat, use an oven. I prefer 5-10 minutes at 400 °F.

J C : You should do cocktail recipes from Archer. That'd be awesome.

Izzy : The Ultimate Gross Toppings Combo: olives, pineapples, anchovies, really sour pickles, blue cheese and broccoli. With a sprinkling of bonito flakes for that extra class. *If you actually like this combination...get help.*

Dickie Blues : You should do Crazy Eye's pizzas from Mr. Deeds, french fries and oreos & peanut butter and gumball!

SamboiG : Me, an intellectual: Kelvin isn't measured in degrees

Pumpkin's Corner : I'm late to the video but, PINEAPPLE IS DELICIOUS ON PIZZA! I'm not ashamed! You heathens ought to try it.

the red rebel : Don’t press read more Now you have bad luck like to undo

Gavin : This video will have 40 percent more fourth-wall breaks than the next leading brand.

Adittya Raghuraj : Technically there are no vegetables in this pizza because olives are technically fruit 4:16

yellowjello42 : Nikka Coffey Grain? Nice. An _empty_ bottle of Nikka Coffey Grain? *_Very nice_*

Emily Frappier Photography : Cartman’s assburgers!


That1WhosAlwaysLast : I kinda like pineapple on pizza....(please don’t hunt me down and hurt because I said that)

Jakob Pesl : 4:32 dislike because you said "degrees Kelvin"


// snake emoji // : pineapple and olive is the best

Bruce Wayne : < degrees Kelvin Laughs in metric

southbeauty1 : Technically, it's all fruit, no vegies, unless there's some in with the tomatoes in the sauce.l

Dog of Wisdom : Just so I don't die stupid, do people actually put pineapple on pizza? Like unironically? Because I'll be honest, that sounds disgusting as hell. May as well pour some caramel and vinegar on top while you're at it.

Desmond cheng : Can you make shinobu donuts from anime (Nisemonogatari)

l Rez I : How about Bensons chili from regular show?

Veridian : Babish needs to train and learn some jutsus and make some Naruto ramen for us

parsia1363 : Hey Babish, first of all I love your videos so much! I had a suggestion if it's ok? Is there anyway you can mark the videos in their title or thumbnail to indicate if there is "proofing" or "resting" time? For those dishes that wouldn't be ready the same day?

lmao aden : Make Loco Mocho from Hawaii Five-0 The reboot

R3fug33 : Olives are delicious. You're a bad person if you think otherwise.

BanyMany ! : Does pineapple belong on pizza?

A Vsaucy Boi : I wish this pizza was like Deadpool, regenerative so I can eat it as many times as I want

Captain Smek : Hey Babish, what made you want to go for the shaved heard look?

RLEONARD_0810 Productions : My favorite movie😎👌

Tranzik : No.

marco riley : I don't really hate any type of toppings I love both olives and pineapple on pizza

Prem Kr Prashant : i love olives and pineapple on my pizza ...kill me for that if you want

Jacobmpp : It's not "about 7000 degrees Kelvin" it is just "about 7000 Kelvin"!! I don't actually care I probably would have said degrees Kelvin if i wasn't thinking about it at that second.