Binging with Babish: Pizza from Deadpool

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milk milk : The fumble with the un-oiled counter and sticky dough is grade A Binging With Babish humor. Great Job.

The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFOOD4U : Delivery takes too long...Now you want me to wait a week? Just throw a pizza at me already, I'm hungry.

A Vsaucy Boi : I wish this pizza was like Deadpool, regenerative so I can eat it as many times as I want

Brandon Allen : Black Olives on pizza is Da Bomb!! Reviled ?? I think not!!!! No one better bash my pizza olives .. Now pineapple ... I don't know. Never tried it. But can't say it sounds appetising to me!!!!

MakoRuu : I like both olives, and pineapple on pizza. Never tried them at the same time, though.

Gavin : This video will have 40 percent more fourth-wall breaks than the next leading brand.

NullPoEx : Pineapple? On a pizza? GROSS! What kind of heathen decided that FRUIT and CHEESE should go together?? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some apple slices and stilton to get to.

myjungkook : I love pineapple on pizza tbh.

NG Slot : Every time before watching your videos, I read the title and order the same food,because after your videos i want to try them :)

Aaren YASS : For the record to ya'll, people top entire hams with cherries/pineapple so that it can release some of that sweetness onto the meat to make it tender, juicy and a tad sweet. So it's really not weird to have pineapple on pizza when you got it with nice charred ham or even better, crispy bacon. The pineapple should caramelize/char a little too, otherwise your pizza in general is probably trash if not at least mediocre/ edible. There's a RIGHT way to do things, if not at least more familiar way. -

Anna Woods : Imagine having the patience to start making pizza on Sunday when you know you can't eat it until Thursday wow can't relate

Drew Mac : "i.e." - not "a.k.a.". Please.

Niguel Breland : Me and my mom love your channel and she asked me if you’ve done Kathy bates famous meat loaf recipe from misery I told her I don’t think you have she said she would love to see you prepare it keep up the great work and thank you for giving your viewers great content

wingsabre : They're both fruits, in fact the tomatoes in the sauce, pineapple, and olives are all fruits.

T E M Z U : He made a joke in Deadpool 2 of how bad pineapple pizza is.... 😂


Blight VonDrake : Pineapple on pizza isn't THAT bad if you know what you're doing with it and your pineapple is good quality.

Hoigwai : Pineapple I can do but not olives, I despise the flavor.

Aquarius : Pineapples on pizza is the only way to truly eat pizza

Max Müller : Do spaghetti tacos from iCarly

Kevrolld : The toppings are nice, but watching you make that pizza was sadly regrettable.

jobban chand : I'm fine with olives but i do not like pineapple on pizza

Jonathan Cruz : You should do cocktail recipes from Archer. That'd be awesome.

lampa dedromia : Deadpool is awesome!

Yeh HD : I kinda like pineapple on pizza....(please don’t hunt me down and hurt because I said that)

Crisperz : look all im saying if you're being so aggressively defensive about pineapple on pizza, maybe it's not us you're trying to convince it's good

Tylly B : For anyone wondering: The pizza, Andy took a bite out of, was 7000° Kelvin = 12140,33° Fahrenheit = 6726,85° Celsius.

Shane Fowler33 : ya I like 1 large pineapple and olive pizza 15$ great oh 30 minutes it would be here thanks.

Amber Beam : What do you eat day-to-day. Is it super simple given how extravagant some of this cooking can be?

Papi ChowMein : Make Loco Mocho from Hawaii Five-0 The reboot

sahkanoodo : Spaghetti tacos from Nickelodeon’s iCarly?!?!?!???

Nevalei : Make Steamed ham

Max Allen : You should make the lightning roasted mushrooms from ratatouille

Prem Kr Prashant : i love olives and pineapple on my pizza ...kill me for that if you want

Jennifer Mihalko : Do the special sentient sandwich from adventure time.

Andika raka Mahendra : Mr.babish, could you make the Eggsellent from Regular show??

Brant Yang : Degrees Kelvin? Every science teacher out there just got triggered.

lilhaduken : No way that dough doubled in size, u added extra, Ur a scammer, babish

Aaron Greenfield : No Chimichangas?

cr1t ical : The funny thing is this is my favourite pizza

Angry Yogbuscus : Use smaller pieces of pineapple. Hawaiian pizza is at it's best using small pieces of canned pineapple, thinly sliced and fine, yet long, pieces of deli ham. The barbeque sauce is optional, and I personally don't use it. Eat it mouth-burning hot, and don't reheat ( it's better cold than at the temperature your microwave will bring it to). If you must reheat, use an oven. I prefer 5-10 minutes at 400 °F.

MisterWilly : I don't think you qualify as "super lazy" if you take a week to make pizza dough properly.

Captain Smek : Hey Babish, what made you want to go for the shaved heard look?

HORRIOR : Make foods from American Dad! Ravioli Burger and giant cookie! Edit: And all the great suggestions from the replies XD

petunia lavender : make a pretty Patty from SpongeBob🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

_Jamison_ : Thank you for not using plastic wrap and being sustainable 🙏🙏🙏

Lion 322 : Haha. I got one of those Deadpool 7/11 ads before this video

S1LVER TONGU3 : Wade requested that the crust NOT be burnt

Micah Philson : Really? You're calling pineapple "one of the most reviled pizza toppings"? Have you *_tried_* anchovies on pizza?!

SuizaPrGaming : No.