''I pet my dog''

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Rob Lo : *sets video to 2x speed*

UnPhayzable : That dog made more sense than mumble rap

Justin Y. : That man must have the fortitude of god himself to deal with that hellspawn

PowWow Animations : I like your pet demon.

Justin Y. : *A man needs his source*

TallyArts : Where the hell are you guys coming from tf

Swag Land : I've had the same error before just update the doggie version and it should be fixed in the 4.80 patch

DJLex : "It's very relaxing petting your dog." *Pets face*

Magnus of Arc : You misspelled demon

IhopeUr joking : Are you sure you didn't get a Tasmanian devil and put a collar on it

Shade's Insane Chamber : lovely Demon puppy ya got there!

It's Meg : Dog: *send help!*

Emilio Zamora : This is too funny😂😂😂 he keeps a straight face while his dog is nawing his fingers

littlelamp100 : “ow...” **continues petting**

Yelly : So petting satan releases tension and makes us relax

Layla Carpenter : .......ok we're done....*dog stops*

Shady Marshadow : That dogs a fucking demon

Camren Stylinson : The amount of self control this guy has is amazing. I’d be shitting bricks and trying to hold back tears like a little bitch, or trying to throw that demon across the room.

mayka : Yeah.. really relaxing..

Kedamono Trash : **Quietly pets dog while getting finger bitten off and having Vietnam War Flashbacks**

ΩTTΣR PΩP : One vicious piranha you got there.

gay lord : wats wrong with that cat

Salty Ink : Is it bad I'm laughing at the dog's face when he's angry?

devin lay : Thats a funny looking piranha.

Cat Slivka : the anguish in that man’s face is what sells it

bluecrystal rose : Nice demon you got there

veena singh : Maybe try turning it off and starting it back?

Allwin Paul : When he's an asshole and you still want a healthy relationship with him.

puella poop : I too want to stroke Satan.


Lauren : I think your toy needs new batteries

kira's world : dog: pet me again and your insidess will become your outsides guy: daddy's little boy I love you too

Øbsidian Søunds : Something is wrong with your Wolverine.

Orun Makarov : Dog-shaped piranha

Brianna : Ooooo looks relaxing have to try that some day

Rubbed Mashed Patatos on my Nippers : I too pet my dogs teeth.

mattymoua c: : all of these comments have 1k+ likes... can I have some likes too c:

ThirstyBoi : Why are you petting a piranha?

darci Garcia : Good doggie 🐶

Alex Nowosielski : So friendly!

Mine Chaser : Fuck people who say small dogs are mean, you only see the mean parts, it's like the internet, you only see the bad, not the good. We have a rescue that was thrown out the window in a Walmart bag in 90° heat. She is the nicest thing ever, just get to know your dog and make your dog accustomed to yourself.

Mercedes Heydrich : give him a pet for being a good boi

Dirty Dan : It looks like a vampire

Razeroes : I don't think that's how petting works...

atlas7027 : No offense but I've never hated a dog so much in my entire life

Mario Solorio : This is the best thing I have ever found in my life

Lollipop On a stick : I think that man died cuz that doggo not good.

u u : you can see him holding the pain in

hugh janus : Throw that Fuckin dog at a wall, thats what i would do

James CS : Its sad you see because the dog is actually very cute. If chihuahuas actually acted like real dogs i might of considered getting one already.