''I pet my dog''

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Aj Moate : *I PET MY DOG*

Miss Starstruck : Give that dog some milk

Jesus Christ : *I pet my demon**

Color Creature : I'm crying I'm crying,I laughed so hard my back cracked.

Solar Lucky : Imagine if you're asleep, and the dog is sleeping with you, and you accidentally put your hand on his back

hornetluca : Petting your dog, doesn't reduce your dog's heart rate and blood pressure, I guess 😂

Annie animates : He has awoken the demon inside of that dog


Rickutterr : Dog : *looking around* Man : I pet my *DOG* Man : *starts petting* Dog : *TRIGGERED*

Polly Mazneva : “You see petting your dog is a very relaxing thing.” Well not in this case honey. in this case it is a very demonic thing.


Tenshi's Kiss : It’s being possessed by the spirit of a piranha.

D. H. : I feel like the only reason it lowers your heart rate is cuz that dog is a bout to kill you

Mya Nelson : The dog is me in the morning 😂😂😂

jungkookies : How do you make holy water? *BOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT* Seriously tho can someone get me some holy water cause I think I found a demon

cancer : human abuse! somebody call PETH (People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans)!

Hakuna Matata : *he need sum milk*

Bailey Dav. : I showed my grandfather, and he almost cried laughing

DuckGamerTV 8bit : Beautiful video. I would pet my dog to! if i wasnt a duck

iToastyPlayzz : This dog needs some milk and Jesus!

Fuzzy Bunny : Dog.exe has been hacked

peter van der meer : Just throw the whole dog away

Oliver Crayon : Why I hate rodents

Thunderfire_ Animates : How is he not laughing lmao?

TheGamerInDisguise : What in the hell is wrong with that dog? xD

klevis cekani : These comments 😂

Saki Reverse : Thats both of my dogs *EVIL*

P. T : omg I was *NOT* expecting that LMFAO

Polly Mazneva : that dog needs to go to a mental hospital or get mental help.

Some Guy Kai : Dog: I want to devour your insides and wear your skin as a jacket Guy: awwwww. I love you too!

Salvador Lopez : Well you see when you pet dogs the dog loves it too (Dog in back ground tearing his flesh off)

Soap Legends : This man needs help

lendial : hahaahahahahahahahahahaha look at his little fangs

Andrew Gunner : Chihuahuas... am I right?

Tim4Tim Roblox and More! : The way he said 'Like many other Americans'

Candy corn the Wolf : That dog sounds like my snapping turtle on drugs 😅

Foxy Plushie lol : He devil He atacc But most importantly Hnmjnjhsbsbudhdhudgdgyssusuhshbddbbdduudundejsjjjw

xVenez : Rat

Luke McNamara : I’ve search forever to find this video!

Heather McNamara : "OK we're done".... 😂

Solar Lucky : Hell naw 💀💀 what do y'all think a black person would've done if they tried to pet this dog

Julie TheWolf : He needs sum holy water. Dog: die you little s*** Human: whos a good boy? <3

Chase Vp : *I T R E A L E A S E S A H O R O M O N E C A L L E D B L O O D*

Art, edits, etc. with Sophi : R e l a x a t i o n

ŽōōT Šçrïbłėż : Man: Okay Were Done >:T Dog: Screw You :P

sunburst Lemon :3 : -i pet my dog- i pet my demon* he need som milk

mare1sm : *whose daddys little boy*

Sinem Gökcek : *He just wants to play*

Nurse Akali : *Trying to pet my possessed rat*

Jacqueline Pinna : O K W E ' R E D O N E