This guy knows how play with Slinky Rainbow toy

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WOW! This is man knows show us how properly play the slinky rainbow toy.

Comments from Youtube

Shibe Dog : Does this exploit Still Work or has it been patched?

jmjohnson1081 : I can watch this all day.

shika maru : Ive been doing it all wrong

Tamsmit Sam : If he messes up one time, then the slinky will be more tangled then God can imagine

Bob wants 50 subs : What glitch is this

Laila xx : I tried that and now mines like a very tangled wire i cant untangle it

Chicken What : WHAT!! Since when can you do that with a slinky

Erureido : GOD *DAMN*

Darwin Gabriel : Alaverga yo no sabía cómo jugar con esas cosas

Lil Dom : Slinky Manipulation

Flowless : I can't even correctly put it on the stairs wtf

Zanium : Looks like a time lapse !

falkerhard : Wow and I thought down the stairs was the way to do it.

FUN FACTS SUBSCRIBE : OMG!!! That's awesome!!!!

JL MetaMix : The enovation of playing the slinky, wish I knew this move as a kid, would have practiced and showd off to my friends lol.

Its Kashaf : I have this spring but i can't play with it like him 😂😂 and he is cute 💟

necro the ink angel : this dude not how to spell

Aljon Belen : He cute.

Kagura baka warrior Kirishiki : He's a god!!!

HAN CRACK : It's like edit

Gaming Purrdur : wtf just happened

Renzo : This looks unreal.

Aca Dolinga : I'm shook

Peregrinne Charm : Amazing!


นินจา ฮาโตริ : แค่ยากรู้ว่าเพลงอะรัย

A.W ForestWolf : What the heck!? WOW!

Junk Boys : cgi effect more better

igor de lima fernandes : Ahhhhh entao é assim q brinca ...kkkkk por isso eu nao conseguia .kkkkkkkkkkk

sine matik : how can i learn this?

Robloxian Highschool : Wow amazing

Blue Doge : Hack

Danna Hernández : Estoy impactada 😮

Darshan Jadav : mare pas bhi he

Sabio Profeta Baldán Consejo De Sabios : Nice DLC.

mancalled Bintent : Lookslike a real glitch

Сергей Слободян : Now I really want to buy myself a slinky👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💗💗👍👌✊✌✋👊☝👆👇👈👉👋👏👐

Nezly Shooter : Ternyata begitu cara mainnya

Ken Api : wow

kyle_ _unicorns : wow

Outa handa : I can't find the name to this song .... help

Jhon tapiero : 😱😆❤️

Cordero Ebberhart : Yo that’s crazy

alasker relient : damn!

AbpioisTrash : Can I have a slinky?

mayumi asari : who is he? 😂😂😂

Lispy Jimmy DRIP : I use to think these things were useless

100 subscribers without a video : Mind= blowned

Mariane MoisesMariano : 😱😱😱