Magnet Polarity Switch - Marble Machine X #60

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DMadHacks : It is Wednesday my dudes...

Дмитрий Исаев : She used your main theme marble machine Ночные снайперы - инстаграм

michaelyoung4190 : hahaha dude the tshirt advertisements are so funny. cheers

Daniil P : MARTIN!! you could cut off a part of the screw head!!! (2:48)

Reignand Bongao : how'd you transition from that picture to the fusion 360 model? Looks sick and I would like to try it out for myself.

SeanHodgins : I'm have a suggestion for the marble entrance and exit designs. I see you have already corrected the issue, but it might make thinks much cleaner to assemble. I think it would make thinks a lot easier if you 3D printed a guide that the tube could slide into, and perfectly form to the metal so you could just cut off the tubing flat. It would save a lot of hassle of trying to perfect the angle of the tubing where they connect to the lasercut metal mount and working against the deformation of the plastic. I've made a quick example design to show you what I mean (just rough based on your design), here are some images.

Sean Reilly : Dear Wintergatan, Through the trial and error going through this build, you could have taught some valuable lessons on "Don't give up". With this design, it may change our perspective of many things. I will be happy to see the Marble Machine X in action when its finished! Though I don't think ill be at a show for it. May god be with you, and with us all. From: Sean

Chris Leiter : Love the Tee! Ordered one as soon as you started talking about it!

Arif Cahyono : Hey Martin, go to the Polymagnet to get your magnet awesome 🙏🙏

Luke Timpani : This machine is going to be incredible dude. I'm so blown away how far you've come from that goddam shipping container.

Wintergatan : Hey all, Thanks so much for the great feedback on the MMX “I Believe” T-shirt! I had several emails from people asking for posters, I am working on a poster design of the same print, but also from people wanting to make their own t-shirt using the same print, love that idea, you could make anything with the print, so I have uploaded my high resolution (7194x11342 pixels, 30 MB) transparent master .png file, so you can use it to create whatever you want,  EDIT: I have received a lot of emails from people wanting to use this print to sell products, this is not the intention of the sharing of the print, use it to make stuff for yourself but please don't use it to sell stuff, You can download two versions of the file here: “MMXIbelieveWITHGREYSMASTERTransparent.png” has still some sketch-style grey areas which makes it look artistic in a way but might confuse CNC machines or lasers when trying to create other kind of print files. “MMXIbelieveBLACKANDHITEMASTERTransparent.png” is the same exact file but I have cleaned away the grey areas and made all the black areas 100% black. Use the version that best fit your needs, Looking forward to see what you create with it!  use the #MMXIbelieve hashtag if you post any pictures of what you made online so I could check them out!  Thanks so much for caring about the MMX, have fun making and see you on the next Wintergatan Wednesday :) // Martin

Hanno Berger : 21:31 IT'S SO SATISFYING 😵

King Mondo : Everyone stand up and cheer; this was amazing.

Kirstein Balili : Hey. Maybe the existential issue about galvanic corrosion will only take effect after months or years? Even I didn't know about engineering I am concerned about your projects. P.S. 1: Good video. Never completed a week without my dose of Wintergatan Wednesdays. P.S. 2: I am not saying that I disagree with the idea of the aluminum fang combined with mild steel. I am only just concerned that the existential fear of galvanic corrosion will manifest over a very long time.

John Roth : Does Teespring sell your print in a polyester/cotton t-shirt?

RealMetalGaming : 4:22 Cleric Beast!!!

Keilan L : I can't believe you've done such great video editing while building this great machine, while making merchandise all at the same time! Really awesome work!

Doomrun598 : What is the music you use for the background at 22:00 ?

Thot Police : Is the intro song available anywhere?

Benjamin Crespan : "BOOM!" :) 22:02

Jonathan Lavoie : You need to apply a coating to this aluminium piece, but not because of galvanic corrosion. The hardened steel balls will create a channel in the aluminium piece with time due to the impact of two difference hardness material. You'll be effectively bead blasting the same spot on the aluminium. The best would be an hard anodized coating. Another method would be to have a wear layer like a hard paint or a good plastic like Delrin. At the worst put a layer of Kapton tape, that will show the intensity the effect and protect temporarily. If you worry about the look, there is clear anodize or alodine, which is less hard, but much better than nothing.

Jacob Moore : honestly thought you were done with this project :T

XBloodyBaneX : Whats the music for this video? I can't seem to find it.

Tony Mancini : This was a great video, Martin! Your skills are improving so much, it's beautiful to watch. Keep up the good work

tomaviv57 : best merch plug ever

Anton Nym : For those unfamiliar with the term PMMA, that is an acrylic-type plastic, Poly(methyl methacrylate). It is a very hard, very clear plastic with the familar trade names Plexiglas, Lucite and Perspex, among others. Great, entertaining video!

James Russell Moore : Hello Martin, greetings from Spain ^^. I really like the music you chose to be the background of the beginning of this episode of Wintergatan Wednesdays. I looked in the video description in case you had left a link to it there and was happy to see one to Bandcamp, but I think that specific piece isn't there (I went through it all :P). Is it a work in progress or maybe unreleased? Could you consider putting it up please? Cheers!

Galaxxi : also *who complained about martin saying idee instead of idea, i love the way he says idee >80*

flightvision : That design looks so cool.

Galaxxi : aaaa the song that plays at 20:46 is so pretty, is that available anywhere for download?? it's so enchanting

Brick : I'm gonna buy that t shirt just for the anti-galvanic corrosion

Fant Kng : you are insane - in a good way

Андрей Касименко : love you!!

parallelvan : What a successful work!

Lightfire228 : 20:54, And this is where I start grinning like an idiot

齊藤京子 : 面白かったです! It was interesting!

Tien Nguyen : Great work, love it

Tony Lauda : Very encouraging! Thank you Martin

Jacob Warnick : Just placed my order this will be the first item I've ever bought from a YouTube channel

Nathan Xaxson : OMG that looks so damn amazing.

Peter Juncker : FYI the third tap in the set is only for blind holes. For most cases, just the second tap is all you need, but the first tap does help you start it straight since you are power tapping. All of the taps have fully formed threads, the difference is just the taper angle to those threads.

Play with Junk : Hey Martin... I really like what you're doing with those magnets. There is something you should consider testing: Even if aluminium is a non magnetic metal, it is a good conductor for electricity. The magnets passing that piece of aluminium will induce eddy currents. Those currents can heat up the aluminium part. They will also create a certain braking force to the wheel. For safety reasons you should check the temperature of the aluminium. Maybe it is not a problem since the airflow is quite high but you better check it before it gets problematic ;-)

Jon H : The reason the magnets work better when they're alternated is that magnetic flux likes to form a circuit, just like electricity. The magnets sit more happily anyway when each N is next to a S (or a pair of S poles), but when you put a marble between the two it forms a more conductive path - almost a short circuit - between them, and you get a stronger attraction than when the connection to the other pole has to go the long way round, through the air. This is why horseshoe magnets are a thing.

Vincent Jay : I want a "Galvanic Corrosion" shirt.

ckid slag : Wouldn't it be better looking for the MMX to add a reddish wood coloring to the glue sections of the wooden side gears?

Dembai : Martin - how are you going to compensate for the Aluminum being so VERY soft? The marbles might be smooth, but dust and other contaminants are going to wear that out of shape pretty fast, imo. Likewise with the plastic piping. Dust and other contaminants (in particular, oils, when it comes to the plastics, like the ones from your hands) are going to roughen up, and eventually wear out in the inside of those tubes. Also, how are you planning on preventing those tubes from yellowing over time?

Patrick Winters : The moment it hit the 21:00 minute mark I started laughing and giggling. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Martin.

Casterborous : why is the music bootleg doctor who?

Mateo León Restrepo : beautiful moment here 20:50

Dylan Pritchard : Gosh it looks so elegant!!! Definitely getting a MMX t shirt 🤟🏼