Magnet Polarity Switch - Marble Machine X #60

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Wintergatan : Hey everyone its Wednesday again, nice to be back! Hope you are all good, and I hope YT gives us the 4K version of this video soon. It was uploaded in 4K & from now on I will only upload 4K but I am learning YT needs several days to render the 4K version, anyway enjoy & all best! / Martin

Wintergatan : Hey all, Thanks so much for the great feedback on the MMX “I Believe” T-shirt! I had several emails from people asking for posters, I am working on a poster design of the same print, but also from people wanting to make their own t-shirt using the same print, love that idea, you could make anything with the print, so I have uploaded my high resolution (7194x11342 pixels, 30 MB) transparent master .png file, so you can use it to create whatever you want,  EDIT: I have received a lot of emails from people wanting to use this print to sell products, this is not the intention of the sharing of the print, use it to make stuff for yourself but please don't use it to sell stuff, You can download two versions of the file here: “MMXIbelieveWITHGREYSMASTERTransparent.png” has still some sketch-style grey areas which makes it look artistic in a way but might confuse CNC machines or lasers when trying to create other kind of print files. “MMXIbelieveBLACKANDHITEMASTERTransparent.png” is the same exact file but I have cleaned away the grey areas and made all the black areas 100% black. Use the version that best fit your needs, Looking forward to see what you create with it!  Use the #MMXIbelieve hashtag if you post any pictures of what you made online so I could check them out!  Thanks so much for caring about the MMX, have fun making and see you on the next Wintergatan Wednesday :) // Martin

Practical Engineering : Such a good video (with so much context ;). So great to meet you at Thinkercon.

Nathaniel Salzman : You sort of beat yourself up a little on the aesthetic vs. functional aspects of your design, but I’d challenge you to reframe that and embrace the aesthetics as merely another engineering constraint. Function + beauty > function alone. I’d argue that not being as thoughtful about the aesthetics makes the machine worse, not better. If you just wanted a literal machine that plays music, your laptop already does that. The functional artistry of what you’re building here is what makes it remarkable. Efficiency be damned, and don’t listen to anyone who wants to you water this down, including yourself. Making something functional AND beautiful is very difficult, which is part of why what you’re doing is so great. Keep embracing that difficulty.

STAG162 : this video was proudly supported by Galvanic Corrosion

Elizabeth Godwin : Where were you last week? The existential fear of galvanic corrosion is always worse when Wintergatan doesn't post.

Damian Amrhein : ok, now thats stupidly sexy the way those marbles flow now.

Jonathan Lavoie : You need to apply a coating to this aluminium piece, but not because of galvanic corrosion. The hardened steel balls will create a channel in the aluminium piece with time due to the impact of two difference hardness material. You'll be effectively bead blasting the same spot on the aluminium. The best would be an hard anodized coating. Another method would be to have a wear layer like a hard paint or a good plastic like Delrin. At the worst put a layer of Kapton tape, that will show the intensity the effect and protect temporarily. If you worry about the look, there is clear anodize or alodine, which is less hard, but much better than nothing.

Anton Nym : For those unfamiliar with the term PMMA, that is an acrylic-type plastic, Poly(methyl methacrylate). It is a very hard, very clear plastic with the familar trade names Plexiglas, Lucite and Perspex, among others. Great, entertaining video!

SeanHodgins : I'm have a suggestion for the marble entrance and exit designs. I see you have already corrected the issue, but it might make thinks much cleaner to assemble. I think it would make thinks a lot easier if you 3D printed a guide that the tube could slide into, and perfectly form to the metal so you could just cut off the tubing flat. It would save a lot of hassle of trying to perfect the angle of the tubing where they connect to the lasercut metal mount and working against the deformation of the plastic. I've made a quick example design to show you what I mean (just rough based on your design), here are some images.

G Nelson : My Wednesdays have just not been the same these past two weeks.

Marius Loubeeka : If you shorten a screw put a nut on it before that. When you remove the screw after cutting it kind of repairs the thread that you don't have to re-thread.

Chris Coleman : please put this video's intro/outro music on bandcamp! I'll pay anything for it, it's so lovely ♥

Jonathan Scott : So does the MMX-Under the Sea come before or after MMX-Zero Gravity?

Ashton Ellis : Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 20:42?

This Old Tony : love it! almost cried at the end too.

The Legend of _iPhoenix_ : I love the music for the intro of this video. Can we have a download? :D

polter geist : whats the song at 20:43 please

ramosel : Have you considered using something like a "Greenlee 860-1 PVC Heating Blanket" for bending your pipe? I know the heat gun works quickly but doesn't give you even heat for bending. I'm sure someone makes them for the European market (voltage). With a blanket you don't have to worry about burning or bubbling your pipe. Having retired as a development engineer, I think you might want to look at the sharp edge of the inner shoulder of the lower lift wheel. A small radius might be beneficial in the offload at the "fang".

Joakim Larsson : As with all your work - fantastic job! As a fellow engineer I think that part of your problem with the exit pipe is due to the fact that you have a quite long pipe before the first mouting point (making the first part of it an effective "lever"). This will pick up vibrations and start to move like it did in your video (causing the stucked marbles). Either the holder needs to be very stiff or you could just add a little support arm near the exit at a different angle. Anyway I fear that you might run into the same problem again when you are running the machine at full speed of the gears and also when you get a little wear on the parts.

JakobLenke : A 24 minute video? Am I in heaven?

Matas Dubauskas : The quality of this video is so good!!

veloci3000 : Me and my 5 year old son watch eagerly each week to see the Marble Machine X being built. He loves to build and is just in awe of what you do. Just ordered a t-shirt without hesitation... We'll frame it in our house as a tribute to your amazing creativity and positivity!

Honza Papež : I se one potential issue here - what if top gear somehow clogs? Looks like it could jam whole machine. Btw, it's cool to see marbles going through machine, but I don't think that tubes are lucky decision. They'll become opaque, once they wear from marbles and clear plastics tend to turn to ugly yellow semitransparent plastic once they see daylight... I think that rails made from thick wire would fit better to overall design

Andy Lee : What's the background music for this video?

Make Build Modify : YES! This will be a good Wednesday!

KawKa : 20:43 - 24:19 I reported this for pornography.

Doomrun598 : What is the music you use for the background at 22:00 ?

Jonathan Park : 20:43 This is what I call Art.

RealMetalGaming : 4:22 Cleric Beast!!!

Dembai : Martin - how are you going to compensate for the Aluminum being so VERY soft? The marbles might be smooth, but dust and other contaminants are going to wear that out of shape pretty fast, imo. Likewise with the plastic piping. Dust and other contaminants (in particular, oils, when it comes to the plastics, like the ones from your hands) are going to roughen up, and eventually wear out in the inside of those tubes. Also, how are you planning on preventing those tubes from yellowing over time?

Thot Police : Is the intro song available anywhere?

XBloodyBaneX : Whats the music for this video? I can't seem to find it.

Dimitris Koutsipetsidis : In all honesty, and while appreciating what Alex has made, I liked the fang more after the grinding - it got character! Have been watching these since the beginning - thank you for taking us along with you on this trip! Last but not least - could you (pretty please!) upload the song starting at 21:15 (or 20:43 if it's the same)? Simply beautiful...

Alex CNC : Amazing to see my part to be assembled and working! Even if you had to make some adjustments. And of course also the rest of the video is amazing! Can't wait to get a T-Shirt :)

Michael : It is beyond words how satisfying it is to see when one of your improvised parts works exactly as intended. Watching that train of marbles move seamlessly through that tube warms my heart.

Galaxxi : aaaa the song that plays at 20:46 is so pretty, is that available anywhere for download?? it's so enchanting

Christopher Pardell : I’ll say it again... you have no idea if the magnets will work over the length of a song or two. You need the entire pathway in place- including the demagnetizer and subsequent divider to determine 2 critical issues- Magnetized marbles do not ROLL, they align and lock in N-S orientation to each at several points the only thing driving the marbles thru will be the Pressure of backed up marbles fed in by the mechanism... the magnetized marbles may move only because they have very low friction... but the marble divider and divergent channels will multiply the friction dramatically and may simply shove marbles out of the tracks, rather than forward, given the rate at which they are fed from the wheels. The Second potential issue will be cumulative magnetization of every ferrous component in the system- metal brackets, rails, and release levers may accrue a polarity over time that will result in magnets holding up after a minute or 2 minutes of operation. The marbles will run fine at the start of a song and gradually start to misfire...with increasing frequency. You can still eliminate the magnets without significant design change- you merely 3D print gear teeth that will fit inside the magnet track channel- and act as tiny individual buckets, like those in the chain lifter. Would have to only add a half circle ‘fender’ of steel that would hold the marbles in their toothed track for each wheel... and would match the style of the steel arcs that form the frame. this should not significantly reduce the feed rate of the lifter.

Patrick Winters : The moment it hit the 21:00 minute mark I started laughing and giggling. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Martin.

Victor Donoso : I find it really hard to believe I laughed at a galvanic corrosion joke.

willprogresivo : I have a question tho. How would you replace these tubes should they break on the world tour? They aren't machined, you made them by hand. That'd be a pain to fix, right?

齊藤京子 : 面白かったです! It was interesting!

Connor O'Leary : I noticed something that could be important. The foot pedal, which was in the up position where it cant crush your toes came down by its self at 21:59 Im not sure if it was fully locked but if so maybe you should take another look at how that is held out of the way so you don't break any toes.

Lord Kiyo : Gota love when you say ID instead of Idea.

DMadHacks : It is Wednesday my dudes...

D-railed : Really dont need to use three taps on a through hole. Just run the starter tap all the way in. The plug tap is so you can get threads all the way to the bottom of a blind hole, even then most of the time i skip the middle one anyway.

Westley Jamieson : @Wintergatan did you notice at 14:18 how the pipe is being pushed away by the marbles? It looks like as it pushes away the marbles are clogging up worse. Maybe adding set screw(s) on the ellipse to hold the opening of the pipe steady?

Prozacgod : I have moments when I feel too lazy to even make a piece of toast. And here you are probably going insane to the sound of marbles falling out of the machine, yet... still persevering.

DeltaXY : My Goodness! You're back!! I mean I'm French (Bordeaux), it's not like you're 10,000 km away! Well, anyway, you're back, everything is all right with the world again. Still wishing you all the success in the world, sincerely, A dazzled Physics teacher

stocchinet : Finally a t-shirt that doesn't corrode my metal body