Pit Bull Attack at School Has Happened Before

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https://DogBiteLaw.com/facts The pit bull attack on children inside a Charlotte, NC, school was not a unique event. Once per month for the past 3 years (and even before that), pit bulls have invaded a home, an apartment, a mini-van, a yard, a police station or a school. This type of dog is the only one that has repeatedly done such a thing. Attorney Kenneth Phillips asks why our lawmakers allow this to continue.


Crazy and Stupid : Waking up and knowing, wouldn't hurt that much❤❤❤ This Is Saaa true

Davy Jones-Locker : Even if the dog is treated kindly it's whole life, the dog still has inherited aggressive tendencies in it's genealogy lurking just beneath the surface. Most responsible people would never consider this bread for dog ownership. Like Liz Wheat said, the less responsible owners seem to be attracted to this breed.

D90Girl : Thank You !

Barbara Reyes : There will be those who own pit bulls, tell you it depends on the environment and owner's treatment. I don't buy that. Any dog of any size can be unpredictable, but the pit bull has a history.

D90Girl : Look up dogsbite.org and get angry ! Call your legislators!! It's time to act !