Will Smith recalls iconic “how come he don’t want me" scene + Being pushed by James Avery
Will Smith recalls iconic how come he dont want me scene Being pushed by James Avery

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Black Press Media Group, July 2018 Emmy Award winning actor Will Smith joins Rap Radar and reflects on working with actor James Avery also known as "Uncle Phil" on sitcom The Fresh Prince of Belair. Will talks about the iconic "how come he don't want me" scene. Via: @BlackPressNetworks on Instagram


Brandon McFarland : First things first, Rest In Peace Uncle Phil...

HollisKing : This is why James Avery is always talked about with respect. By far one of the best tv dads of all time.

Cameron Neal : Me: It’s a lovely day YouTube recommendations: You’re going to *CRY*

Korey Sylver : That scene is not only the most powerful in Fresh Prince history but in sitcom history overall to me. And you can hear the co stars of the show crying. “Hillary Banks” said she was one of them

Fikash : Will Smith and James Avery deservedly get a lot of praise for this scene, but you have to give it to the writers as well. Such a great mixture of feelings of anger and defiance built up over the years, finally culminating when he can't keep the walls up anymore and the child inside him reveals his true simple and desperate desire for his father's love and attention. "How come he don't want me, man?" It's so easy to understand and it breaks the heart every time.

Claren Dennis : Shout out to James Avery for bringing out the best of Will...

TempeSoldier123 : Sounds like Uncle Phil was the man on and off screen.

Ariel clemons : “To hell with him” always is the deal maker to make my eyes water

Jersey'sFinest TT : First things first r.i.p. uncle Phil, for real, you the only father that I ever knew...

Bork98 : Whatever happened to TV dads like this? Now they're all morons or deadbeats.

Smith A : That scene gets me everytime. Especially when they zoom in on the statue of father and son. That's some good acting right there.

Joshua Frick : Back in the 90s a lot of sitcoms would have that one episode every season that had a special message to promote... This episode was an instant classic though. I remember watching this live and thinking damn that’s powerful. I have both my parents, so it didn’t hit home for me, but you could just tell. And the episode wasn’t preachy. Same ol Fresh Prince for 28 minutes & then they smack you upside the head in the last 2 and make you think. Fresh Prince was like that. Could entertain you and make you think... even 25+ years later.

DABIGDAWG001 : Can we finally start saying that "America's Dad" is no longer Cliff Huxtable but Philip Banks?

DowntownLAKid : James Avery, Uncle Phil, knew kids needed the message So he pushed Will to make the scene right. Thank you uncle Phil. You made will do it right, and you made a whole generation of kids without fathers feel understood

Bai tza : That part when he screamed "to hell with him!" You can just feel the chilled silence.

Randy H. : When Shredder speaks...you listen.

Josh Leonard : I was maybe 12 or 13 years old when that episode aired, and I told myself after watching it that I will never ever leave my kids... Thank you Will, James Avery, and Ben Vereen....

Sahil Shah : Uncle Phil's emotion at 3:20 was priceless. I think Will Smith did such a great job that even James Avery got teary.

beastyguy123 : As an actor watching this amazes me because you would think that Will is flawless because of that scene when really behind the curtains he was beat into the character we saw on our screens... Like Michael Jordan said “On the court what they were seeing greatness but they didn’t know my pain behind the scenes and failures”

Leonardo Datore : He was called Uncle Phil, but we knew him as Wills Dad

Paul Ruffin : On the real, I asked the same thing about my father. Unfortunately many of us Black men have asked that question.

Michael Wesley : WHO TF IS CUTTING ONIONS!!!

PR_Mikiii 999 : They put the video and I was "oh no I ain't crying" god dammit I cried :(( 😂

Games, games And even more games : That “to hell wit him!” And that “how come he don’t want me man” with the voice crack gets me EVERY TIME😭😭😭

Katie Lewis : Who still cried?🖐🏾

HvyMetal4Ever : I'm 38 years of age. Almost 39 - And this scene hits me every.single.time. There was a point in my life when my Dad was absent. I think it hits harder for some of us, because we connect more with that emotion. This was outstanding acting by Will Smith & James Avery. RIP Mr. Avery. You are truly missed.

pompe221 : Will Smith was amazing in that scene, yes, but check out James Avery's face during it. You can just see Uncle Phil's heart breaking because the nephew he loves is in so much pain and he can't do anything to fix it. RIP, James Avery. You will always be THE Shreddar to me.

Masked Piano Player : I like how the first thing will gives credit to is James Avery. Such a down to earth fellow.

Jason C : Saw this a million times. This is 1,000,0001 time and I'm crying again.

Dom Sansotta : R.I.P. Uncle Phill you are still America’s favorite TV dad the scene where Will’s father walks out on him and Uncle Phill was defeniteley a great role model and this scene still makes me cry

Emy34 : One of the best scenes ever produced. Guaranteed tears!

Derek Pearson : Seriously.. Everytime, I tear up everyyyyytiiimmmeee

Tacitus Kilgore : 'Every young man needs an Uncle Phil in his life' - Will Smith

Peter John Pickles : The reason why Will has grossed so much from the box office, he learnt from the best, Mr J. Avery aka Uncle Phil.

solo Jurnee : I cried because I never had a father self taught trial and error

Benita Angela : So, I'm the only one who would get exponentially more emotional about this scene because there was that meme that went around with this clip for a LONG minute saying that Will Smith's emotions and improv in this scene were directly tied to his relationship with his OWN father?? Cuz... I'm slightly disappointed, but at the same time impressed because that was NOR the case.

akatheempress : I cried the first airing of this episode. And again subsequent times

Natalia Boyer : This scene goes down in history. He really pulled from the collective on this one. He channeled everyone's pain who has experienced this.

Sticky Arrow : Putting the scene at the end... you caught me slipping, haha. 😭

Arpus : NOT FAIR! I didn't know you were gonna play the scene after the interview... you gotta warn people!

I Am Timo : Who else went to see the scene again just in case you could hear the "Thats fuckin acting right there? lol

Stemster : I use to cry because of my biological dad but now i cry for uncle phil

Cole Morrison : God damn acting - Uncle Phil 1:41

Ron Collier : RIP James Avery This was one of the best scenes in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air history.

Jeff Busby : best scene of the show. rip james avery - uncle phil was amazing

Louis Alexander : Shyt that made me emotional right now lol

pusero : if you didnt cry during that scene, do you REALLY have a soul?

T J : That was the saddest/most serious scene on fresh prince of bel air

Really Tired 64 : 3:37 Right as his hat hits the floor you can hear a woman sobbing offscreen. It sounded too close to be an audience member so it must have been one of the actresses.