Big Doinks in Amish
Smoking big doinks in Amish gang

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The Doom Master : ❌: Smoking little doinks ✔️: Smoking big doinks in Amish


weebney : gang

Gabriel : Hope you got loud in God’s place, RIP.

Amish Doink : Big ol doinks

Matthew Hamann : RIP Young King

sr-scd! : F. goodbye mate. sad to see another meme legend go.

Disruptus : Rip

Big money : Good night sweet prince. My mans smoking big doinks in heaven now 😭

Antonio Seevers : Rip

A W00den Sp0of : Big ol 🅱oinks 🅱ang

Calico Trash Man : F

Chris Pescod : rip

Noah Taylor : Doink in peace Dave. Hope you out there in heaven smokong big doinks in heaven.

PEMDAS : Out here in Amish smoking BIG DOINKS IN AMISH

bLa : RIP to this legend

davefigthe3rd : Out here in heaven, smoking BIG DOINKS in heaven, BIG ‘O DOINKS...gAnG

Luis : RIP

qraunm loves u : kids in my school do big ol doinks But I Stop Them cuz they Not In amish

RomeoAndRandom 99 : RIP in peace, reply with "doink in peace dave" to let dave smoke a doink in heaven

TheTallerGlass : Blowin the doink clouds your walking on now friend

LazyTitan : He out there in heaven smoking big ol doinks

Roman Fuentes : Cody Parkey be like

Official KTAdude : In Amish but there’s telephone poles

Omar The Great : That's that children of the corn Chronic 😂 #gang

Vibe : Day after my birthday in 2017 (Oct 5th), And this man is smoking big doinks

Andrew Way : Rip Young King Dave

VegasGamerBoy : *D O I N K S*

32DEGREES : this video should have millions of views

Lil Figaroo : all he wanted to do was smoke a doink

Mark Hatfield : RIP Bro! Thanks for the laughs.

wardrich : Can we confirm he saying "doinks"? I've always heard "doints"

Vince Dilorenzo : God bless this kid, made me laugh. Can't say I haven't smoked a few doinks out in the ole amish country.

DaddyPlsNo : gang dude


Dale Gribble : About to smoke a big ol doink for you bud! R.I.P

Godloves P : i remember when i first saw his video of him smoking loud in his garage with his friends on facebook glad to say i saw it

roy khau : Rest in peace big guy

Chriselda Segura : DEM BAG OLD DOINKS

jacobhnt17 none : R.I.P to the legend 🙌🏼

Beast 345 : Repsect our woman like we respect our doinks!

PopPow : R.i.p the doink king on this most scared of days

Swaggin Wagonnn : R.I.P. young king Dave. Smoking big doinks in the afterlife

Cole McLaughlin : legendary. rip.

Ethan Wands : Everytime I hear big doinks i think of this man. I didnt know you but I wish I did. I'll smoke a big doink for ya out here in my part of amish country haha RIP homie

FB I : I thought he said blunts and Amish but he said doinks and Amish...MaNdElLa eFeCT?

SCOTT URBANO : RIP in peace big man .. #DoinksOut4Dave!!

L Smith : RIP my dude. I’ll be lighting a big ol’ doink tonight

Diamond Cannon : 0:05 this just for me or for you