Big Doinks in Amish

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Ryan Greene : Also at 40 subs I’ll start posting video memes regularly

Disruptus : Rip

Big money : Good night sweet prince. My mans smoking big doinks in heaven now 😭

Amish Doink : Big ol doinks

weebney : gang


Official KTAdude : In Amish but there’s telephone poles

Matthew Hamann : RIP Young King

Gabriel : Hope you got loud in God’s place, RIP.

Luis : RIP

sr-scd! : F. goodbye mate. sad to see another meme legend go.

Pescimo NUFC : rip

Antonio Seevers : Rip

A W00den Sp0of : Big ol 🅱oinks 🅱ang

RomeoAndRandom 99 : RIP in peace, reply with "doink in peace dave" to let dave smoke a doink in heaven

TheTallerGlass : Blowin the doink clouds your walking on now friend

Calico Trash Man : F

LazyTitan : He out there in heaven smoking big ol doinks

SCOTT URBANO : RIP in peace big man .. #DoinksOut4Dave!!

Duenferra : I'm here because of Pokelawls

bLa : RIP to this legend

max romano : F

John-Michael Baldy : Rip young homie.


wardrich : Can we confirm he saying "doinks"? I've always heard "doints"

Noah Johnson : xd

Adam A : Smoking big doinks in heaven

Dojomellowyellow : rip ☹️

Michael O'Neill : RIP

The Rugarat : Smoking big doinks in heaven now my friend. RIP

umair kayani : RIP, it's not nice out

SemDFX : Ricegum

Tom Cruise : F

Vibert Dylan : Rip

Garisan LaDue : Rip

Cana : Rest in peace :(

Chaim O'Goldberg : F

sam : Litt

Thechopper : RIP

toqe : RIP

Muhammad Usman : Rip big doinks guy

Andrew Scott Grace : RIP YKD

Drawing lady1234 : D O I NK

Enrique Gonzalez : out here in heaven smoking big doinks in heaven

RandomizationShow : This man is the legend of my county in NJ. My brother says he was lucky enough to encounter the myth himself at a Little Uzi Vert concert, shortly before he died. The legacy he engraved upon the world will forever echo throughout the generations.

Meowmixx : F

DoomMaster10913 : ❌: Smoking little doinks ✔️: Smoking big doinks in Amish

Viliyan Gluhchev : F in the chat boys

Mistress Aaliyah : I'M OBSESSED send help plz

Damian Lopez : Rest In Peace.