Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Rural China // CHINESE HOLIDAYS

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Chuling Chen : Hi Miriam. I am glad that you enjoy your countryside life in China. I wish i could do the same. Btw, if you are interested in traditional chinese cooking with home grown food, i recommend you a video blogger 李子柒,http://www.miaopai.com/show/eLrX~ncMauTvPyLsEEqMWirq-~NGcdfM.htm。Her video is very popular now among Chinese. Hope you will like it too. Take care!

yicozao : your life is very peaceful, I want this kind of life when I am old. but now I have to make money in another country for now . If I marry a chinese girl, the chinese mother in law must ask me buy her daughter a house. 😂So now I have to make more money alone to get a better life in the future. Sometimes I envy you such a life.😂😂希望你和你的丈夫幸福美满,给你最好的祝福。

Lenaaround : You're growing so fast! Well-done 😘😘 And it's so nice to see what's going on in the countryside. Really a different side of China 😊😊 the festivals are so much more important in the countryside. We didn't celebrate with anything here in Beijing 😁 I didn't know about these stealing traditions

来了好 : wish i can find a girl just like you🙂

BRETT WONG : We sow the seeds in Spring and harvest them in Autumn, so we choose the middle day of the harvesting season and get together with our family to celebrate what we have and be grateful to the nature. The edge of a full moon is a circle and it's called “圆” in Chinese, "圆" can be extended to "团圆" and that means getting together. All those things seem related, so the ancient Chinese decided to mix them together and named it Mid-Autumn Festival so that it can become a tradition and last long, quite a smart move! Actually that's my wild guess, Haha. Nice V-log.

Jessie Horne : Quite the interesting festival Miriam 🙂 As with all your videos you bring the feel of being there as if we are there in person ☺️ Superb videography Miriam 👍

WODE MAYA : Good night Mariam!!!

Li Min : Celebrate the God of Moon. The Religion of moon has disappeared in the flow of history. But the celebration has beed maintained and become a important culture of east asia.

Chinese Vital : That was a very nice portrait of an interesting mid-autumn day and night, it has all the feature food yet it's more than just a food presentation. Keep up the spirit and I hope more and more people are gonna subscribe to ur channel.... I like the ManTou little snake by the way, I know how hard it is to make those shapes with ManTou, 加油 !

RespectOthers : It's really satisfying to see your family source food from the immediate surroundings...a big thumbs up to self-sufficiency! We didn't do any of the fun things you guys did. Just ate a few mooncakes because they are pretty expensive in London (£4 - £5 each!) P.S. Good luck with that Swedish programme!

mo weike : Happy mid-autumn

Tree Theodore : Hej! Your grandmother & the children's outfits with the pink bows is a great capture. Your low camera angle of your husband preparing vegetables is unique. Is that a wood burning stove @ 3:17? Cool the piano music, Miriam.

Om Ni : Interesting! Never heard of stealing moon cakes! Here in Malaysia, the kids would carry colourful lanterns of myriad shapes and walk in groups around the neighbourhood.

3nien : You are quite good with those chop sticks

Yanan Zhu : 中秋节是纪念嫦娥奔月的故事,嫦娥是后羿的妻子,一个人吃了仙果化作神仙飞去了月亮,比苏联的加佳林早了几万年先到月球,可是后羿没有吃到仙果,去不了月亮和嫦娥相聚,所以Miriam中秋节不要一个人偷吃水果哦,不然你也会一个人飞上月亮的。月亮上有印度的好色之徒天蓬元帅等着你哟!

Hanna : Alla dina filmer är så himla fina och lugna. Du ser ut att må bra, saknar dig när jag ser detta! Blev så stolt när jag lyssnade på radioprogrammet också. Kram finaste <3