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Subscribe: WOAH! #1 Most Viewed CoD4 Video on YouTube! 6 Million views! Warning! This video may cause Epilepsy(seizures)! Please watch at your own risk. First off, I made this video. I do not play Call of Duty 4 or any other game. If you wonder how I got a creative beat, I play the drumset, marching snare drum, piano and electric guitar. I go to school, work and I spend mostly my free time going out with friends. This video only took a few hours to make. Hopefully when I have more time online, I'll be able to create more of these gun sound videos. If you think I have no life then why does it matter you you so much? I appreciate the positive comments, I hope you enjoyed my work. I would be releasing more videos soon. I'd also appreciate if you subscribe. I use FL Studio to make the song, Sony Vegas to edit the video, and I also used Video Copilot Riot Gear to make the credits. Download the MP3 FREE at (3000,000+ Downloads): • Watch the higher quality FREE at (200,000+ Views): • If you want to see my future videos, subscribe just by clicking(28,000 Subscribers): © 2007 Activision, Inc. © 2007 Infinity Ward Honors for this video: • Getting 1,000,000 views in 16 days. • Getting 800 subscribers in 2 weeks. • Getting more than 300,000 mp3 downloads. • Getting featured on's YouTube. • Getting featured on frontpage. • Getting featured on frontpage. • Getting featured on G4 TV website and TV. • Getting featured on • Getting featured on frontpage. • Getting featured on frontpage. • Getting featured on frontpage. • "Videos being watched now" on YouTube frontpage. • Most Discussed (This Month) - March • Most Viewed (This Month) - March • Top Favorites (This Month) - March • Top Rated (This Month) - March • Most Discussed (All Time) • Top Favorites (All Time) • Top Rated (All Time) Weapons used in this video(Not in order): • AK-47 • Barrett • Desert Eagle • Dragonov • G36C • M1014 • M14 • M249 • M21 • M40 • M60 • M1911 (Silencer) • M9 (Silencer) • MP5 • Mini-UZI • P90 • Skorpion • USP • W1200 • Grenade © 2007 Activision, Inc. © 2007 Infinity Ward call of duty 4 call of duty 4 call of duty 4 call of duty 4 call of duty 4 call of duty 4 gun sounds remix mix song battlefield 2 battlefield 2 battlefield 2 glitches glitches glitches online online montage montage sniper sniper game play cheats cheats hacks ps3 xbox 360 crysis crysis crysis crysis shoot fps halo halo halo halo wow css css css css css bf2 cod4 2142 pwned owned noob noob noob noob noob mod call of duty 1 call of duty 2 call of duty 3 counter strike source counter strike source counter strike source counter strike source counter strike source world of warcraft World of Warcraft World of Warcraft warrock css wow bf2 battlefield 2 euro force Armored Fury Special Forces pwnage ownage killing spree hack hacks cheat cheats aimbot wallhack nametag lag omg rofl lmfao lmao lawl omfg pwnt ownt noob nub froob snoken sir community mod modification Infinity Ward Activision xbox 360 xbox 360 xbox 360 xbox 360 xbox 360 ps2 ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3 wii nintendo microsoft sony PC tutorial guide help award wow serpento is the coolest person in the whole wide world!

Comments from Youtube

Dolan Dark : 240p is the best quality

Joe Shmoe : 7 years ago this looked like 4k

lewis field : I actually remember watching this 7 years ago WOW

God : when cod was actually good

Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune : back when 240p was good enough.  Song is still rather good though

Cyn : The guy who made all the videos on this channel is my boyfriend of 3 years, and he's currently showing me the videos alongside my sister on our TV and he appreciates all your comments and has the biggest smile on his face reminiscing. It's been years, but we're glad to see you guys enjoy it to this day as you did 8 years ago!

fuck : i had this on my fkn ipod 7-8 years ago

GrimboNutter : It looked so good 6 years ago.

〉 effe : right in the nostalgia

Danny Garcia : Someone remaster this now

Secondbest9966 : Man I watched this video when it was new lol

Randy Bear : still my favorite CoD.

Schlomo Shekelberg : LIKE IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS IN HIGH RESS 240p !!!!

YouTuber : If they would have made this the promo ad for the new Call of Duty 4 Remastered I know it would have sold much better for sure!

Secon Defense : No matter how bad the new cods get, and no matter what new fps games come out, Call of Duty 4 will always be the most epic, greatest, legendary game of all time. Good memories :')

Gillbert : omg like if ur watching in 2016 xddddd kill me pls

Daizem Stygan : when youtube was cool too

Erick Devera : How I really missed the old days ^^.

packsy : 7 Years running and it's still awesome as hell :D

Davie Jones : Miss when this was game was the most played on XBL.  One of only two really good CoD's.

4Tesla Storm : Finnaly! I found that masterpeace after 5 years!!

† Archangel † : Who listen it 2016?

Federico Trenton : I still love this, my first favourite video on youtube account

Anthony Kam oni_ant : I remember way back when my cousin showed me this; I'm still impressed. :D

Tana Mongoose : Back in day when it was CoD vs. Halo, I really do miss it. Now these games are way outdone. After BO1 this series became trash, same as after Halo 3, shame really.

Fat Pie : Where does the time go? I’ve got tears...

José Barrio : Still looking at this 11 years later mate

Quafflez : I actually remember watching this 9 years ago WOW

Infarlock : It's amazing that 9 years after - I recognize each gun sound without even watching the video.

Cazz : Make a Modern Warfare: Remastered of this

CHabY : Ohh the good old times..... only real CoD 4 players know that feeling

Omer Tahir Celik : Found the original. This is great! Thank you!

Radek Seky : LIKE if you are watching this in 2015..

Núria Carricondo : Ohh! Nostalgic sound... Best game of all time.

Akela Abbyssinian : Who listen in 2019 press Like

azooz7537 : اهنيك الصدزز بس اتمنى انك تزور قناة the best sniper وشوف كيف الابداع بالتركيب على المقطع بوركت يابني

Ariies : I remember having this on my old flip phone many years ago its been soo long

Dotzie90 : I come back to this video at least once a year, still amazing :D

Su Nguyen : I showed this in class for my music professor on the topic: "What is music?" When the music was done playing. Professor: "Everybody, how's this for music?" Girls: "This guy has way too much time on his hands." Guys: "What the hell are you talking about? This is awesome."

Wotanwehr : I recall the video quality being much better than this first time I saw it back it '08-'09.

SLMAN ksa : فيه احد عربي لاحق على المقطع غيري؟ 😂

LuLix91 : ClanBase matches on ProMod where are you ?? :(

zzurge 117 : Takin a stroll down memory lane ...

LowestLevelFPS : They were doing this 5 years ago, people do it now lmao.

AmericanMade1969 ps4 : Best video ever made !!! Absolutely love it !!!

latinokingortega : IMO this is the best COD game followed by MW2 and WAW.

Abdilatif Noor : Texas national anthem

Clemens B. : Still one of the best videos made with gamesounds!

Seif Khan : I wanna play cod4 now :(