The Pot (Tool Cover)

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The Pot- (Tool Cover) ft. Sophia Urista Arranged by Andrew Gutauskas Brad Hammonds Web: Order CD Here: iTunes: Spotify: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project by Brad Hammonds | Arranged By Andrew Gutauskas Follow the Musicians: Sophia Urista- Vocals Andrew Gutauskas - baritone saxophone/arranger Frank Cohen - Trombone Mariel Bildsten - Trombone Tyler Tritt - Trumpet Kai Sandoval - Trumpet Nathan Ellman-Bell - Drums Brad Hammonds - Guitar Corey Wilcox- Sousaphone Video shot by FILMSHOOTERS MEDIA Cinematographers: Josh Keys & Blaze, the Rebel Edited by: Blaze, the Rebel Recorded at The Bunker Studio Mixed and Mastered: Chris Davies | Whitewater Music

Comments from Youtube

aNtICKS : It's interesting because the sax gives it a more hysterical sound which compliments the stress the singer is putting in her vocals, it gives the song a crazier sound to it which sounds absolutely amazing. Good work indeed!

HiFiAwardTour : Honestly who tf even has the balls to cover this. So good.

Nick Gavreseas : I realize that the musicians are truly awesome but I must admit I could only focus on her amazing, awe inspiring snazzy jazzy ruthless raw melodic massive slow low raspy racey voice that I can't get enough of.

Joel Arms : Scream at the end got my boxers pregnant.

Kenny K : That's the meanest looking saxophone player ever

Joshua Henderson : HO. LY. SHIT. This group killed this completely, and that’s amazingly difficult to manage with a Tool cover! So much technical skill on display here. And the singer’s voice, especially that scream at the end...😳💯

Sneakyvolta : im a hardcore tool fan from '92 and i would buy an album of Sophia covering every single tool song ever...

Gabriel Athitakis : I started listening to this thinking like "Ugh" And by the end of the song was honestly shook. You guys area amazing.

Habitual line stepper : This version really shows me the genius of tool.

Bull Falls : Looks like a jazz club started at a psyche ward.

Shodd : The drummer did a great job for this arrangement and comparing him to Danny Carey is unfair. Even so, I'd love to see his reaction when they told him they were covering Tool!

destroyermaker : The girl at 1:11 shaking her tail feather is killing me. Love it. And you guys couldn't have done a better job with this. It's really fucking outstanding. Every damn second.

M N : steve stiffler on the sax (y)

Katie9395 : This cover gives me the chills. I almost prefer it over the original version.

Michael Johnston : The real hero is that sax players eyebrow

not a zombie : This is one of the best covers ever!! Now I have a really bad girl crush too. 😍😍😍😍

AnteConfig : I don't need to say it. everyone else is saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway. That shit was amazing!

F & S MTB LB : Best Tool cover I've heard , incredible voice , awesome band

Matthew Long : Jesus, somebody put these people on tour so we can give them money to keep doing this.

Bryce Krispiez : Geezus luizus everything about this was amazing

Steven Ingram : KICK ASS! A fantastic rendition to a brilliant song!

Josh Fairhead : Ahhh so its this performance that you were after! So much more groove than the other vids, better singer, more movement!

Word Unheard : HO LY SH IT

Mike Dang : That bari sax is honestly soooo dirty I love it

Mike Thomson : I haven't been keeping count but I think the last 700000 views were me.

b4ghead : As soon as the sax kicked in in the beginning i knew this was gonna be dope as fuuuuck

Mike CorLeoné : SAX homie looks like he’s gonna wreck you with vibes

Dave Dufrene : Fan fucking tastic... I love Tool and this gave me chills and brought me to the same place mentally that listening to Tool always does... relaxed, enlightened and feeling rage all at the same time... BZ

Daniel Rodriguez : I’d love to see them cover “Stinkfist.” After this performance I think they definitely can pull it off

Oskari S. : 2:09 where's the drum fill lmao?

Collin Purvis : Kinda like the big jazz band sound, great cover. I feel like Tool would appreciate it.

Marcelo Bassalo : Props to the singer for the screams at the end.

Jonathan Porter : That was fucking brilliant! To cover a Tool song is no small feet, but to cover a Tool song and completely nail it is damn near impossible. Well, looks like the impossible has now been achieved. Great job, you guys killed it! Kudos for tackling one of Tool's more intricately odd timing signature songs. Bravo.

Saber0003 : This is really good. I'm always skeptical when it comes to Tool covers, but man, this girl can wail!

Timothy Norville : This makes me want to just listen to the original. This is a good version, but it’s hard to top off the sound of Tool

Aly Gaafar : Eartha kitt covers tool

screamao : shes hot!the last scream is fire!

Michael Steele : Tool is not a band easily covered. So kudos to you guys for doing such a solid rendition of it.

Rob Saylor : Whoa! I think I've watched/listened to this 20+ times, now, and it just keeps getting better every time I do. Please grace us with your presence in Saint Louis. You are amazing artists.

h34dsm4sh3r : this is amazing. that voice...

Steven Hunter : I am absolutely speechless! What a fucking brilliant take on a great song. My God... Flawless. The vocals, the arrangement; everything is inspired!

Angelus Novus : great badass cover. the arrangement suits the song.

Iuri Rodrigues : *Becomes an oldman and starts crying tears that bring plants too life* Edit: Holy Shieeet , this comment is the most sucessful thing i done with my life LOL

Vanilla gorilla : Are you here to peel my skin off, sir? No ima play you a song on my saxamaphone.

Steven Szurovecz : wow this is just amazing never thought I'd ever see this song covered correctly Danny and the boys should be proud

Matt Eagle : can't top the feeling of the original, but this is still very cool. big probs.

Nycrone zeith : Sounds great... especially the song are trying to cover

Toolness1 : Very few can nail a Tool cover. You nailed it.

James Woodrum : That was impressive!