The Pot (Tool Cover)

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Kenny K : That's the meanest looking saxophone player ever

Jonathan Porter : That was fucking brilliant! To cover a Tool song is no small feet, but to cover a Tool song and completely nail it is damn near impossible. Well, looks like the impossible has now been achieved. Great job, you guys killed it! Kudos for tackling one of Tool's more intricately odd timing signature songs. Bravo.

Hobodeluxe960 : The vocalist is insanely good. Good job guys.

Toolness1 : Very few can nail a Tool cover. You nailed it.

Johnny Utah : That saxophone player looks like a goddamn axe murderer

el Miedo Mismo MX : Necesitaba ésto en mi vida!

Philimanjaro : you have a gorgeous voice

Michael Steele : Tool is not a band easily covered. So kudos to you guys for doing such a solid rendition of it.

DonWard AreYouAwake : Big Tool Fan OMG Your Voice is Incredible..... The Guys on the Horns speechless The Drummer impressive Great Job by the Guitarist. Great Concept. Take care and have a great day everyone....

Michael Egan : This is one of those videos where I just don’t understand how there are dislikes

Toprak Koç : To people complaining that her voice doesn't sound angry enough. This is a jazzier version of the song and the vocalist is a woman, of course she doesn't have the same power to shout like Maynard. Also, 5:56 Like, you must not have listened until 5:56 to say that she doesn't have the rage to sing this or whatever. Like... come on...

CZR81 : This jazz cover of the pot song is oddly satisfying

Nathan Gillmore : Well ,except for the lack of true drumming, this was amazing. Everything else was amazing, no idea why the drummer would cheap out.

Darko Pesic : flawless victory

There are many usernames but this one is mine. : I’m not feeling the brass section SOz

Will C. : Sexy.

Gh0sT : Holy shinto this is amazing

DrTomoculus : I truly love what you did with the song. But constructively speaking, I think the way you've mixed her vocal makes her sound thin. There's no bass/low mids present in her voice, and I'm pretty sure she has them when you hear her sing live. It's the mix. It's the one thing I don't like about this cover. They've EQ'd her so she has no weight against all the brass. She just floats on top of the instruments without any anchor.


Jonathan Hunt : Entire discography please 🙏🙏🙏

Mammon : Praise

Noah Saldana : This man is killing it on the Bari Sax!!! I’d kill for the sheet music for the Bari part, would definitely make me pick up mine again after about 3 years.....

Frosty : You ever wonder what type of people dislike videos like this?

Jubach : Nice. But why are they all dressed like painters?

Missy Rey : You are amazing. I will probably never listen to the Tool version again. I can't wait to hear what you do next.

Dave Brideau : This is on point. Y'all earned every one of these views. Don't listen to the haters. They just don't have anything better to do.

Ben Locsei : Holy shit XD

Control Freak : Vocals ties this together really well.

Ghost_of_ Van : Dig it. Incredible voice. Whole thing is dope.

Dave's Wood Shop : That was just bad ass.

AWOLPSYCHO : It’s really...REALLY good. But the drummer ruins it for me

Darrin Granger : Started not expecting much but then...DAMN!!

Kiwi Jim : Second cover I've heard you guys do (first being Wake Up)... excited and looking foward to discovering more from ya'll!! Hope to find an original or two in there too. Rocking beats, love the brass element in these epic songs. Kudos and ENCORE!!!!

Zach Groome : We all know it’s not Tool! Good cover though, I enjoyed the perspective shift

MindTravler : Great voice. But lacking the energy and genuine emotion for this song. The band is good for what they're covering.

Night Beard : The cover is well done. However, to nitpick I would say the singers register is way too low for this song and her inflection isn’t rolling with the phrasing consistently. Great performance overall 🤘

TwoandaHater : She killed the vocals on this.

NANCY Noise : Man, this is kinda more powerful than the original in a weird way...but I’m from Louisiana so...

Paul Rizik : The music was awesome the singer doesn't fit the song.. She needs to loosen up and rage with emotion!

itfemail : Eartha Kitt Reborn.

Paulo Avalos : Let me tell you guys, that was freaking amazing, such great work, please keep it up, i am in tears right now, so many emotions this brought up to my, just love you people

Samson B : Goddamn!

moendopi : Saxophone dud was getting it, the whole band was great, damn, Vox was killin it. I love how she ended it. Awesome. Definitely one of my favourite Tool covers ever.

Maissa Fekih : At first I thought why would she cover tool I mean it’s hard and I really love this song hoping u wouldn’t ruin it and then after I listened to this I found it pretty well orchestrated . Well done

Anderson Pereira : Respect

ABitchTookMyName : TIM!

The FHCIII : Each of the musicians is a different variation of Bobby Bottleservice

Gravel Pit : Hey lady, put some gut wrenching, sweat and hate into it! Either rip into the mic or get off the stage. That was no where near enough intensity. What a disservice to the original vocals. Get outta here, you're fired!

Kelly Kramer : Holy crap what a phenomenal cover! I was getting shivers from start to finish 😍

avedic : GREAT vocalist!