The Pot (Tool Cover)

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Jonathan Porter : That was fucking brilliant! To cover a Tool song is no small feet, but to cover a Tool song and completely nail it is damn near impossible. Well, looks like the impossible has now been achieved. Great job, you guys killed it! Kudos for tackling one of Tool's more intricately odd timing signature songs. Bravo.

asra kristen : I have to say I am a psychotic Tool fan and I typically do not like covers. This cover is absolutely awesome you did total justice to the pot and I love it thank you

Michael Johnston : The real hero is that sax players eyebrow

Lars Frederiksen : So..... Can I have a whole album of this? You take Visa?

Tim Noonan : People gotta stop comparing the drummer to Danny Carey. This arrangement is totally different than the original, and if Danny were to play with these cats he’d probably produce a much more subdued performance, not unlike what the drummer’s doing here. Also don’t mistake the mix (in which the drums very much take a back seat) for the actual performance by the drummer. He did a fantastic job, and nitpicking that a cover is, in fact, a cover and not the original track, takes away from your ability to enjoy it for what it is.

neuroflare : Am I the only one disappointed that a cover of The Pot was not called The Lid? I'll see myself out...

mattmo317 : 2:09 Dude can do drum fills without even moving his hands.

Stela Rufine de Souza : Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been outta your head Eye hole deep in muddy waters You practically raised the dead Rob the grave to snow the cradle Then burn the evidence down Soapbox house of cards and glass so Don't go tossin' your stones around You must have been high You must have been high You must have been Foot in mouth and head up ass So whatcha talkin' 'bout? Difficult to dance 'round this one 'Til you pull it out Boy, you must have been so high You must have so high Steal, borrow, refer, save your shady inference Kangaroo done hung the jury with the innocent Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo Got lemon juice up in your eye! When you pissed all over my black kettle You must have been high! High, you must have been high Who are you to wave your finger? So full of it Eye balls deep in muddy waters Fuckin' hypocrite Liar, lawyer, mirror, show me, what's the difference? Kangaroo done hung the guilty with the innocent Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo Got lemon juice up in your eye When you pissed all over my black kettle You must've been So who are you to wave your finger? Who are you to wave your fatty fingers at me? You must have been out your mind Weepin' shades of indigo Shed without a reason Weepin' shades of indigo Liar, lawyer, mirror, for you, what's the difference? Kangaroo be stoned! He's guilty as the government! Now you're weeping shades of cozened indigo Got lemon juice up in your eye, eye! Now when you pissed all over my black kettle You must've been high! Eyeballs deep in muddy waters Your balls deep in muddy waters Ganja? P-lease! You must have been out your mind!

Artur Malachowski : To every person criticizing this cover: Stop being a tool!

Jayden Piñones : I feel like that sax player is gonna rob me

Kenny K : That's the meanest looking saxophone player ever

Jason Hoover : Haha this was ... not bad. She has a pretty cool voice. She couldn't let the anger loose in the end though or stretch it. I'm glad they didn't change the lyrics. Really dig her vocals, though. That sax haha he rocked that shit

J G : This cover so fuc**** deserved to go to space with Tesla car. This is pure skill, you nailed it 😍😍

Coonstev : Band is outstanding. Singer is technically gifted, but is somewhat too dry for this song.

TheMarvelous1310 : I always thought this song would sound better with a female singer! Then again, I always thought horns didn't belong in rock and roll, and look how wrong I was about that! Hang on, the last verse just started and I think my head is explodi

PurpleTrackz : Such a beautiful voice, this is pretty remarkable.

CottonCandyGhoul : I usually don't like covers of Tool songs, but this was so good. I'm here for it. Take my money!

Jason Smith : 2019 will be the new album to close out the decade with a party

Gonkosan Roberto : The drumming is meh

Avinash Sinha : Please please cover Fortysix&2, LOVE YOU SOPHIA URISTA

mrdaym : She has the absolute perfect voice for this song.

Yippee_Ki_Yay MF : My god she is beautiful. Great cover. More Tool please.

M N : steve stiffler on the sax (y)

Tibor Marusic : The singer is great ! But the brass sounds honestly really bad. Does not catch the feel of the song at all : / No idea why this was on somebody's agenda, but hey, now at least we know what not to do XD Sorry for being harsh !

The Hiver : >> 4:09 << (pure awesomness replay button)

steve hood : Been listening to tool for 10 years now and never realised the sax on this was meant to represent the sound a pot makes when boiling. Great track, PS love the blonde girls little wiggle :P

Cervantis Storm : Love what you did, very unique and creative, but as a drummer, i feel like he was underutilized as the the original by tool had a much more intensive drum line. So i look forward to future covers, but let the drummer be more, show more because allot of what especially tool is there drummer, and i feel if he were to have more free reign it could... would have been better. Essentially dont script the drummer for cover songs.

LJTeam : Weak voice... needs more behind her... this is too easy for them they are so relaxed

Anthony Crawford : I hope you guys aren’t listening to this with iPod earphones. I couldn’t do it.i use pioneer dj headphones. For music

Bull Falls : Looks like a jazz club started at a psyche ward.

Axxwound : 10/10 would buy an album of these covers! Amazing!

schindler91589 : oh my God this is perfect. her voice is so suited to Maynard's high notes, too.

cg0618 : THAT scream on minute 6 - 6:06

Ricardo garcía-salmones rovira : Female version of ie!!

Iuri Rodrigues : *Becomes an oldman and starts crying tears that bring plants too life* Edit: Holy Shieeet , this comment is the most sucessful thing i done with my life LOL

Michael Thomas : WOW!!! That took some serious balls of steel! Great version of an impossibly difficult song. Every instrument and the wonderful voice... Damn.

aaron veranos : THANK YOU !

The Shaft : Nice voice

Greg Norton : Adam Jones showed a clip of this on one of his instagram stories last week!

Hobodeluxe960 : The vocalist is insanely good. Good job guys.

Ash Hash : Woow\,,/ 😘

b metrix : The vocals are prime. The music is average. The groove is crap. Utter crap. EVERY Tool song has an unmistakable groove, a taught phraseology that makes the song extra special. These people not only missed it, but they ruined it. Ruined.

Brian Martinez : Chills!

john bowse : WOW

IceDragon978 : Wow, less than a minute in and this is already incredible. Never heard of you guys before, but for once I'm actually glad for YouTube's recommendation system.

Lina Lunar : Im wet

Tater2018 : Is anyone else not really into the sax? I just feel like with the exclusion of the bass guitar the song is missing something very important within the song

Max Estep : You guys could be huge if you expanded your variety of covers. Tool was an excellent choice 👍🏻 and the cover was phenomenal

The Band Trash : This is one of the most amazing things I have ever fucking seen. Well done. At first I wasn’t expecting such a different sound, so I didn’t know how to feel but that was absolutely amazing, and I love your voice

Mike Dang : That bari sax is honestly soooo dirty I love it