Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas)

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Cristian Gonzales : how many people just watched this for Julian Casablancas

Taimira : Can you believe this is the song that got me into the Strokes?

Victor Medeiros : "People rejoiced instead of financing". "Your preconceived notions were shattered". "The music washed away all the hate; and society started advancing". "Every demographic was represented. It was a rainbow coalition of dancing". "A boombox can change the world". I know this is a joke song, but do you realize how powerful these lines are?

SeastarTV : This video was the first time I ever heard Julian Casablancas, and I remembered there were all these comments about how good he was and how he was so attractive straight guys admitted they wanted to sleep with him. I go down to the comment section and the comments are still. fucking. There. God I love Julian Casablancas he can have my house, my boyfriend and all my money I don't even care.

A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man : I don't think you can find Boiled goose in all the places he says you can.

Jonas Butler : If you look closely, Julian is trying really hard not to laugh at several points in this video.

James P. IV : i love how Julian was so into it and he looked so epic at 1:18

Pink Floyd 707 : 1:44 you can see Julian laughing in the background

Styloac : the best part about the video is you can see julian trying not to laugh the whole time

Alex Williams : Julian Casablancas could literally sing about shit and still make it sound good

JTSharkAttack : The moral of the story is... YOU CANT TRUST THE SYSTEM

Jes : I'd pay money to see Julian's face upon first reading the lyrics....

Spagootios : Damn Julian takes control of every song with that gorgeous voice, even if he only has like one line in a song

rashad bassam : 2:03 your crush 's reaction when you say hi

FreyrFox : Julian is adorable and has a great voice.

Plowbeast : Andy Samberg was Macklemore before Macklemore was Macklemore.

DeadButterflyWings : We need a boombox, not Pepsi

Tenacious Alien : fingerless g l o v e s

TheWaqman : I saw a spanish guy doing the bartman probably one of the GOAT lyrics of our time

Jake M : Where did the find the old people to do this though

Noah Barbosa : 1:43 BOYULED GEUWSSS

jaickolm : Am I the only one who loves how Julian sings here but not how he does on his own songs? XD

Valerie Pujalt Pita : I can't stop listening this over and over again! The lyrics are so funny and Julian's voice is so awesome.

Darcy Ouwehand : Anyone here watch Brooklyn 99?

Sss Nake : Just here for Julian Casablancas... Goodnight

Phil H : 1. Buy a boombox. 2. Set to Turbo Bass. 3. Go into women's locker room. 4. ??? 5. PROFIT

That Guy Andy : i feel like the boiled goose part was improv the first time, the second time because it was funny the first time, and the third time because they dont give a fuck

Milton :D : 2018?

Halo : This video is how I found Julian and eventually The Strokes

Juércoles : "...and what happened next will blow your mind". Andy Samberg predicting clickbait six years ago lmao

Russell Lee : When you realize this song could be a legit hit single

JMK : Still so obsessed with Julian! First major crush when I was 15 & still think he's hot!

Owen Drungle : Boiled *GERSE*

Soumi Mitra : When life gives you Julian, either be Casablancas or King Julian!

Bagel Time : how come only Andy Samberg was in this one?

Britanny Lichel : His voice was so amazing at this part 1:18 😍😍

SQUIRRELBAIT : Any other songs where Julian uses his voice like this?

Ruth Castaneda : Julian low key tried to hide is amusement at 1:45 😂

Toddy Surcharge : I think this song is terrible. It needs more boiled goose to take it to the next level.

Jozef Schneider : this song is not only funny bit actually pretty good :D andy with his boombox is dope

Zed D : Casablancas does make you addicted to his voice, does anyone know other songs where his vocals are given room to roam like here?

MC Confusing : A boombox is not a toy

K. C. : this was so inspiring, that I made some fingerless gloves.

RaeVixen : Whos watchimg in 2017?

Isabelly Button : Julian is so damn sexy oml and his voice though 😍

four of cups : honestly and unironically this is one of my all-time favourite songs

nono31075 : 2018 anybody???

Douglas Murphy : I took his boombox *AND THREW IT ON THE GROUND*

Jorge Carmor : Soy solo yo o esta cancion es muy adictiva ? V:

Liberty Prime : "A BOOM BOX IS NOT A TOY!!!!!!"