Boombox (ft. Julian Casablancas)

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JTSharkAttack : The moral of the story is... YOU CANT TRUST THE SYSTEM

Alex Williams : Julian Casablancas could literally sing about shit and still make it sound good

Taimira : Can you believe this is the song that got me into the Strokes?

A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man : I don't think you can find Boiled goose in all the places he says you can.

Victor Medeiros : "People rejoiced instead of financing". "Your preconceived notions were shattered". "The music washed away all the hate; and society started advancing". "Every demographic was represented. It was a rainbow coalition of dancing". "A boombox can change the world". I know this is a joke song, but do you realize how powerful these lines are?

Tenacious Alien : fingerless g l o v e s

SeastarTV : This video was the first time I ever heard Julian Casablancas, and I remembered there were all these comments about how good he was and how he was so attractive straight guys admitted they wanted to sleep with him. I go down to the comment section and the comments are still. fucking. There. God I love Julian Casablancas he can have my house, my boyfriend and all my money I don't even care.

Jes : I'd pay money to see Julian's face upon first reading the lyrics....

ASMR Rufus : Julian low key tried to hide is amusement at 1:45 😂

Cristian Gonzales : how many people just watched this for Julian Casablancas

James P. IV : i love how Julian was so into it and he looked so epic at 1:18

FreyrFox : Julian is adorable and has a great voice.

Spagootios : Damn Julian takes control of every song with that gorgeous voice, even if he only has like one line in a song

Jake : Where did the find the old people to do this though

Plowbeast : Andy Samberg was Macklemore before Macklemore was Macklemore.

justconfirm yourage : LYRIC [The Lonely Island] Imagine in your mind a posh country club The stuffy old money where the poor kid's snubbed The spread is bland sauerkraut and boiled goose There's no way these people will ever cut loose But then I walk in the room, hold my boombox high And what happened next, will blow your mind [Julian Casablancas] Everything got outta control The music was so entrancing Everyone got out on the floor It was a bunch of old white people dancing [The Lonely Island] The big apple, where people never dance Spirits go down while profits expand The cops or the dealers, who's got the juice The street benders peddling their boiled goose So many types of people will never get along Till I bust out my boombox and play this song [Julian Casablancas] The music washed away all the hate And society started advancing Every demographic was represented It was a rainbow coalition of dancing Whoa! Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves Whoaaaaaoaaaaaoh! I saw a spanish guy doing the Bartman [The Lonely Island] Transport now to an old folks home Where the elderly are tossed on their brittle bones The orderlies are stealing there's no excuse Everyday for lunch they eat boiled goose So I grabbed my boombox and hit the turbo base And what happened next was a total disgrace [Julian Casablancas] Everybody started having sex The music was way too powerful A bunch of old people fucking like rabbits It was disgusting to say the least Oh! A boombox can change the world You gotta know your limits with a boombox This was a cautionary tale A boombox is not a toy

rashad bassam : 2:03 your crush 's reaction when you say hi

Sss Nake : Just here for Julian Casablancas... Goodnight

Pink Floyd 707 : 1:44 you can see Julian laughing in the background

Noah Barbosa : 1:43 BOYULED GEUWSSS

jaickolm : Am I the only one who loves how Julian sings here but not how he does on his own songs? XD

Xshu Bastion : It's kind of bizarre: I seem to like Julian Casablancas more in this song than in the handful of his own stuff I've heard.

JMK : Still so obsessed with Julian! First major crush when I was 15 & still think he's hot!

Isabelly Button : Julian is so damn sexy oml and his voice though 😍

TheWaqman : I saw a spanish guy doing the bartman probably one of the GOAT lyrics of our time

Owen Drungle : Boiled *GERSE*

MC Confusing : A boombox is not a toy

masuts : Oh Julian... you elevate everything.

Halo : This video is how I found Julian and eventually The Strokes

SQUIRRELBAIT : Any other songs where Julian uses his voice like this?

DeadButterflyWings : We need a boombox, not Pepsi

sebbe91 : Oh, I didn't know Macklemore sang in this song.

Phil H : 1. Buy a boombox. 2. Set to Turbo Bass. 3. Go into women's locker room. 4. ??? 5. PROFIT

Milton :D : 2018?

K. C. : this was so inspiring, that I made some fingerless gloves.

Toddy Surcharge : I think this song is terrible. It needs more boiled goose to take it to the next level.

Amer Gemok : yoww they added ur boombox in fortnite lol

Alexandria Seren : Is it just me or does it look like Macklemore saw this video and decided that he was gonna steal Andy Sambergs look

Nick Gamez : Fingerless gloves for life

Joseph Ragonesi : Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves, i saw fred arminson doing the bartman


Styloac : the best part about the video is you can see julian trying not to laugh the whole time

Koty Wilkinson : They were the first to discover the Harlem shake

Jonathan Neal : Hey anyone else notice that they added in an entire verse to the album version?

RayisOkay : With the glasses on Julian Casablancas looks like DiamondProx

RETRO TOY NERD : I was a strokes fan but this makes me a super fanatic

Charity Ervin : It bothers me that Julian Casablancas is one of the best vocalists of this age with one of the best bands I've ever heard of, along with a wonderful solo album, but out of everything, a vast majority people know him as "the guy on boombox."

Jorge Carmor : Soy solo yo o esta cancion es muy adictiva ? V:

Valerie Zahn : Anyone else get turned on when he smashed the vase?

Monika Velichkova : Listening to this after 7 years..i got the chills