Bohemian Rhapsody Performed in 42 Styles
Bohemian Rhapsody in 42 styles Incredible

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jackie richardson : the *"2 Me"* joke is underrated

Penny Rollz : Putting "mama mia let me go" as ABBA was perfect!

Exedy : Man I'd kill to see full of Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra

redd : 4:05 he actually sounds like a girl?? Woah. Impressive

TJ Jose : 2. Me I see what you did there

Scittle Skits : Now I want an Ozzy Osbourne version. If only he wasn’t retired.

ֆքǟƈɛ ɢʊʏ : Make Sound of Silence in more than 40 styles. Edit: Scratch the 40 styles, but many styles are good.

Bio Biscuit : I love how groovy the Johnny Cash one is while he’s talking about murdering a man

Shiba-inu anime otaku : Is sounds like 42 bands/musician's fighting for the right's Boheman ryhaoedy

Tan Siying : Freddie himself did it in many diff styles!! There's CD style, 1981 Montreal style, DRUNK STYLE (YOU GUYS GOTTA HEAR IT! IT'S SOOOO GOOD), and others in his other concerts!! He really sang them differently!!!

a my : We need a full Johnny Cash cover

Yıldız Ayar : 2 Me, Mamma Mia and Bruno Mars's parts are hilarious 😂😂

rattyeely : Marvel: infinity War is the most ambitious crossover of all time This video:

GamerLjvesMatter Making Gamerica Great Again : *If my iPod, loaded with 40,000 tracks, were a human being.*

twatwaffle : honestly want the full version of johnny cash and frank sinatra pls

SynysterBullett : Full Ozzy or Muse would be amazing!!

Rosenthal Bros : Your Aretha Franklin was so accurate though (4:05)

Jill B : Off topic but you have outstanding hair!

Memes Are Good 42 : I would love to see a full cover of Bohemian Rhapsody with David Bowie

Matthew Noneyabusiness : Holy Mercury (hehe, see what I did there)! You nailed this!

Lapis Lover : If Johnny Depp and Weird Al had a kid, he would be the outcome.

Joanna Lapienko : When you hit high notes you sound like late Chris Cornell. You also look like young him. May I ask who is your musical influence? 😅


Miguel Andrade : Where the f- is Linkin Park? ;-;

Søren Frank Hjernøe 9IA Frederiksbjerg Skole : this is one of the most impressive videos ive ever seen. Voice: amazing, edits: amazing, female impression: amazing. I respect you. Sub from me.

Mohamed Magdi : Why's everyone pronouncing it Bismillakh Its simply bismilla!

wheeze : Metropolis - , Pt. I ("Any Way the Wind Blows")

TacoBoy : I'd pay for the complete song on Bowie's style

Amethyst Samia : Epic! Some great artists represented here. Johnny Cash is amazing! OZZY...Aretha...Bowie...incredible. Kenny G...*headdesk*. Boyz II Men... *double headdesk* Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

The Quiet Kid : I loved the Johnny Cash part. Easily my favorite part of this.

Diogo L Scarmagnani : You are a very talented person. Be proud of yourself. No words of how good it is. Thank you for the video, I just love Bohemian Rhapsody.

Irishman under Your Bed : I would pay for a full Johnny cash cover

ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ʙᴜɴ TM : The daft punk and Boyz II Men really got me like OSHIT 👀 They where all good honestly

Demetrios Levi : Dude, you got so much talent it isn't even funny. This song is nearly sacred and you did it so much justice.

Jade Gagne : I lost it at NWA and Kendrick Lamar 😂 you nailed it!! 🤯🤘

Lemon Soda : I'd like to hear a full version of David Bowie, Johnny Cash and The Chordettes! Edit: Bad Religion

Ace Alquinto : Kendrick Lamar version was on point tho! 🤣🔥

BARBARA a bárbara : Não queria falar não, mas minha paródia de Bohemian ficou melhor. SÓ QUE NUNCA kkkkk mas dá uma olhada lá que tá legal também :D

Cole Rolland : My body wasn’t ready for this

MADAGIN91 alias MontgomeryCZ : T - Series - *We have the best songs of Bollywood* Ten Second Songs - *3:33** Hold my mug!*

SighKick : I'd really like to see a full Johnny Cash cover. It sounded very interesting!

Dukes : Can we get a full version of the Ozzy cover please?

Escape : Full Version of Ozzy Osbourne. I dare ya

Gavin’s Friend : I want full Jonny cash version and David Bowie version

Connor Mcclennen : The only one that wasn't great was Death Grips but that's pretty hard to pull off

Usama Nasher : Great cover(s)... but just to clarify things..... it's not pronounced "BismillaaaaKKHHHH **phlegm**

FlyingScotsman 4472 : The Johnny cash one sounds quite accurate.

luke dawg : God let's make a deal. Freddie mercury for the Paul brothers 🤞🙌

Alexandre : Full Johnny cash would be so damn cooool ❤️❤️