Bohemian Rhapsody Performed in 42 Styles

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Ten Second Songs : Check out the behind the scenes here -

Noah Thiessen : Now I want System of a Down to cover Bohemian Rhapsody.

Glen Caleb : I think Bohemian Rhapsody is already in 42 styles.

Carly Landrum : please make a full johnny cash version i can’t stop listening to it

Andot : I lost it when he sang Bruno Mars' "Grenade" "Easy come, easy go"

FalconMemeJoker : now ia want Johnny Cash to cover Bohemian Rhapsody

Danny Fandubs : This wasn't just a normal video... It was a spiritual experience


Viktor Ptychenko : Please , do the sentire Song in Jonny Cash style

depsatico : I need a full ver of the johnny cash bit

Yumeng Boy Pulpol Mengyu : *So sad no one wants Vitas version!* 😢

Cole Rolland : My body wasn’t ready for this

The Ghattlings : "Hey, this is going pretty nicely, especially with the Johnny Cash, Micheal Jackson, and -" *gets to Aretha Franklin* *Dies*

S J : Bohemian Rhapsody in Ozzy Osbourne style pls

Alexander McGrath : That Bad Religion style was spot on.

QXZ : CONCEPT: i do covers of songs HIGH CONCEPT: i do covers of songs in the style of another artist FLY CONCEPT: i do covers of one song in the style of multiple different artists SKY-HIGH CONCEPT: same as above, but for ten seconds or so, i do a cover of a song in the style of popular 80s vocal foley artist Michael Winslow imitating the specific tones of guitar impresario Jimi Hendrix doing a cover of that song, and then just move on to something else without calling attention to how buck wild that is

Ten Second Songs : Sorry man, but this was surprisingly bad.

MIKE GROSS ROCKINGUITARLESSONS1 : Great job dude. Knocked it out duh park. KEEP ROCKIN'

Venomaniac 07 : 4:20 You had one job... And you've done it perfectly

Mariana Saragi : you look like capt sparrow

Vito Reyner : N.W.A part was sick

MariktheGunslinger : Your _Me_ impression needs work. You sound nothing like him.

zDie - : Wow i need daft punk full version dude....

Элина Аллахвердова : Ору с Витаса и со Звездных Войн

schnitz.bauer. : Is this the real life ? Is this just fantasy ?

Caio Nicolas : Forgot the Beatles

Orangefan : An absolute masterpiece. I wish Freddie Mercury could see this.

junnelle salagantin : the vitas part blew me

MONEY : Johnny cash full version!! Please

Gafarock.P5Pro : This us Crazy... Really best Crazy.. I was Spontanly Lought when Dream theater Part.. This so Amazing brader.. Good Job.. I am satisfied

Ivan Yañez : Johnny cash bohemiam rhapsody please

331Erock : I had high expectations. Totally fell short. Surprisingly bad.

Leo DS : We need a full version of Johnny Cash and Kendrick Lamar

Cursable : the lead in from muse into vitas was hilarious

박지승 : He looks like the Kirk Hammett of Metallica! 🎸

Lord MRF : Johnny cash style is the best

Demetrios Levi : Dude, you got so much talent it isn't even funny. This song is nearly sacred and you did it so much justice.

Anggi Noffasri : You're so awesome Love it from INDONESIA

Deathabove : This Ozzy Osbourne style,need a Full version

Lily-Kate Cotter : This was so good but, at the same time, I actually wonder how exactly ripped to shreds his vocal chords were after this.... My brain works in strange ways... Hmmm....? 😂

Uncle Sam : Que vocal múltipla é essa?! Mano que inveja da zorra

Rob Landes : You nailed this. We’ve got to collab, man.

Canal Novo Homem : 2:46 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

: Oh my god, can you PLEASE do a full-length johnny cash one!!!!!!!!!!!

Loesy van Vliet : I love Queen!

Iconic Dragon : All of them were awesome! Also I knew you would do dream Theater!

Skip6235 : I love how in the Bowie section the Space Oddity melody fits in so well. Now I want a full Bowie rendition of the song!

Anton G. : I deeply admire what you're doing! My favorite cover is heartbreaking "Heathens" in Nirvana Unplugged style and it makes me wept every time. I haven't found a truly depressed and purifying cover of "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy. "Live with me forever now, pull the blackout curtains down." Another love story... Why? Death is a better motif. Fall Out Boy: Immortals - In the Style of Nirvana Unplugged in NY. Please, man. You're my only hope.

Galactic Wolf : you should sing bohemian rhapsody just in Sinatra style it would be awesome

M. Imam A Faisal : when vitas came out i press like button😁😁😅