Bohemian Rhapsody Performed in 42 Styles

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Ten Second Songs : Check out the behind the scenes here -

Noah Thiessen : Now I want System of a Down to cover Bohemian Rhapsody.

Alexandre : Full Johnny cash would be so damn cooool ❤️❤️

Louis Goens : Bohemian Rhapsody is already in 42 styles

Salamander Queen : Jesus seems to be doing well these days

puwwq : who needs the full version of "Frank Sinatra" ?

Danny Fandubs : This wasn't just a normal video... It was a spiritual experience

Joaquin Hacendado : Ozzy Osbourne WTF!??!??! That so amazing, full version of that please, incredible job 💪🏼❤️

Chicken Plays : Styles in order 1 - 42 1. Queen 2. Ten Second Songs 3. The Chordettes 4. Johnny Cash 5. David Bowie 6. Ozzy Osbourne 7. Frank Sinatra 8. Sam Cooke 9. Boyz II Men 10. Daft Punk 11. Janis Joplin 12. Scott Joplin (King of Ragtime) 13. Skrillex 14. Hendrix (Michael Winslow version) 15. Kenny G 16. Bobby McFerrin 17. Star Wars 18. NWA 19. Kendrick Lamar 20. System Of A Down 21. Elvis Presley 22. Bollywood 23. Bad Religion 24. Bruno Mars 25. Death Grips 26. Chuck Berry 27. Michael Jackson 28. The Clash 29. Ray Charles 30. Aretha Franklin 31. Soggy Bottom Boys 32. Death 7. Frank Sinatra 13. Skrillex 9. Boyz II Men 25. Death Grips 32. Death 2. Ten Second Songs 33. ABBA 34. Ghost 35. Muse 36. Vitas 37. Medieval Music 38. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons 39. Tool 40. Prince 41. Nirvana 42. Dream Theater 1. Queen 2. Ten Second Songs 2. Ten Second Songs & Frock

AJ to the M : No one’s gonna talk about that Janis Joplin one?

YaBoi_ James : I loved the David Bowie, Ozzie Osbourne, and Frank Sinatra versions. That was dope. You just earned a sub.

Ten Second Songs : Sorry man, but this was surprisingly bad.

fabio dominguez schubert : PLEASE Do "Money" by Pink Floyd in 42 styles.

cain marsh : I didnt know Kirk hammet could sing.

Meilinda Dwi Pertiwi : This video has only one problem, it ends.💔

Jack Jackson : The Johnny cash one was actually pretty good

MariktheGunslinger : Your _Me_ impression needs work. You sound nothing like him.

It's Ya Boi LD : Full versions we need: Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, and Elvis Presley

tf2los : I love Nirvana style xD (it's look to Op)

Krzysztof Wojtaszko : Putting The Clash at "We won't let you go" was brilliant.

Conor Smith : Hey the Queen one was very good you should do a Queen version of this 👍

Demetrios Levi : Dude, you got so much talent it isn't even funny. This song is nearly sacred and you did it so much justice.

Егор Хачатурян : Кек, Витас :D

Jerinho : i pity your wife if you think 10 seconds is forever

Matthew Klueh : This guys level of talent pisses me off. Genius off the charts.

Pedro Silva : Bohemian Rhaspody Panic! At The Disco Style

Cole Rolland : My body wasn’t ready for this

ToteZ Goat : Daft Punk Bohemian Rhapsody sounds SOO GOOD

Cris Nanzer : Jajajajajaja JANIIIIIISSSSS! 😂😂😂😂 Ok new sub ❤

Tracer Scythe : I'd love to hear you do a strictly Tool version!!!

huldr rrr : I for one would pay good money for a full version of The Clash cover (3:57)

Orangefan : An absolute masterpiece. I wish Freddie Mercury could see this.

thio xinyu : MUSE💗💗💓💓

Realistic Optimist : Why hasn’t YouTube suggested this to me yet? That algorithm flawed af.

cure for boredom : I want to hear your full versions of this from your take of Johnny cash and tool!

Benizzor : I wanna hear a full Ozzy Osbourne one

331Erock : I had high expectations. Totally fell short. Surprisingly bad.

Alex.12 ArtAutZ : Ozzy Osbourne-Mama I'm comming Home Dream Theater-Metropolis Pt.1 (The Miracle and The Sleeper) Tool, i don't Know but it sounds familiar Muse-Plug in Baby/Hysteria

Dave Mustaine : My mind just exploded!

Hey, VSauce Michael Here : An Ozzy Osborne version would be awesome

GetJazzy : That David Bowie part was spot on!

Skip6235 : "2. Me" -dying!

XiMMiX : Need a Frank Sinatra version

Tasko Ty : Pls do Tool full version, it's really fokn awesome

Rudra Mishra : Numb in 20 styles please

Nimesh Shahi : Every style was perfect except the queen u cannot copy freddie mercury he is legend !!!!

Skip6235 : I love how in the Bowie section the Space Oddity melody fits in so well. Now I want a full Bowie rendition of the song!

GGGamingforce : Anyone else see the doll move at 8:47???

Msam 07 : *Michael Jackson*

Geometryjosh 21 : I thought I could sing along to this I was wrong