The Plot of 君の名は (Kimi No Nawa) Your Name by Song♪

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君の名は (Kimi No Nawa) Your Name Directed by Makoto Shinkai Subscribe for a new perspective on the movies you love! Remember to leave a suggestion for the next movie you wanna see done!-Marcus Bell Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @calmsurble #kiminonawa #yourname #makotoshinkai #calmsurble #calmsurblepv

Comments from Youtube

DavidRussell323 : omg this was really good hahahhahahaa Have you done this with ghibli or disney movies? The plot of Mulan following the Be A Man accompaniment would complete me

John Smith's Basement : Yo this is fuckin dope content man! I loved this cover with the revised lyrics. One thing I will say though is that not all of the lyrics were spelled correctly. Keep up the great work man!

Lvanish Koul : Holy shit. This is amazing man You deserve more bro

ViXXSTAR : Awesome. you do only movies or serials too ?

Abenezer Girma : Can you make your top 10 fav anime Movies? Plz , I like your style


Bubbab 5 : The creativity on this is pretty great. I don’t usually comment but this video deserted it.

DAM Kid : Wow noice