Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.
Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex

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Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961. Warning us of the military industrial complex.


Deborah Armstrong : He tried to warn us. Too bad we didn't listen.

BT : How did we go from these Republicans, to the ones of today.

Differential Equations : we have money for war but we can't feed the poor

gvg144,000 : In an age of information, Ignorance is a choice....

Aman : a true conservative!! not the inbreds we see today

Thomas Écuyer : And 35 months later JFK was dead. JFK and Eisenhower were the last true presidents of United States.  

Makali Utlatolisdi : Wisdom from the last true conservative republican. "Conservative" today means "radical reactive regression." By the same token "Liberal" today means "radical reactive authoritarian.". Elephants and donkeys have made our country a circus.

djentlemenBehold : Funny how it was a Republican who warned us about the military-industrial complex, and how it's the Republicans of today who continuously push for bigger military spending.

Bryon Lewis : And THIS coming from a career military man.....5 Star General at that.

TheGreaterGood80 : Did we listen to him? No

rdingo1 : Clearly we didn't listen.

Joe Smith : Eisenhower warned us about Reagan.

RebelThoughts82 : Reagan was the one that built up the military industrial complex. He increased funding to the military at all time highs back in the 80s. Its been doing damage to this country ever since.

Tyler Livingston : Ah good old Eisenhower. Smart guy. Especially considering he's warning against the acquisition of power in the military sector when he himself was a supreme allied commander during world war 2. To me that shows a lot about the man Eisenhower was. Top 10 presidents of all time in my opinion. And what he warned against turned out to be a very real thing during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A lot of Kennedy's top military advisers were very eager to invade Cuba and were pressuring JFK to launch an invasion of the country. Kennedy even expressed concern that some of the military personnel might disobey his orders and go rouge. It's crazy to think about how close we as a country came to mutually assured destruction. Scary stuff.

TheIronDuke W. : Eisenhower was very much a man of his time. He served in both World Wars and knew that they had been incredibly devastating both in lives and resources. Ike saw the big picture and understood what was at stake for the very same mistakes that had triggered WWI and WWII could very well have unimaginable consequences should they be made again. It was definitely a time to be wise and reasonable

Danilo Marvel : WISE MAN... HE said THAT ONLY knoledgeble citizens can do something against it... BUT thats only 1 per cent of EUA population... the other 99 PERCENT  are interested in beers and footballl estatistics...

Harry Euler : remember republicans this isnt some pie eyed michael moore message heeding the united states of america to its potential dangers of defense spending in the future...this is eisenhower...republican president..commander of allied forces at D-Day..

DivineSimply : Wow. Totally prophetic. Look at us now. If Ike had made that speech at the START of his administration, he'd have probably been assassinated by Dow Chemical and the politicians they had bought in Congress.

Sean McDonnell : 900 bases in 153 countries..."it's not fighting for your freedom. it's an empire". 

Cameron Bell : This warning is more of foresight if you ask me, just think about it: 1. Most of our taxes goes to the military 2. We have the most military defense spending in the world (more than everyone combined) 3. The best benefits are in the military 4. Propaganda supporting Militarism (We have people looking at them like they are Gods when they are no different from us) 5. We haven't fought a defensive war (at least for a country that needs us) since Korea, we honestly don't know why we've been in a war from Vietnam to now 6. Our terrible/corrupted economy forces able body people to join the military 7. Our education system sucks ass (improper educated people make great soldiers) 8. College debt vs Post 9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill 9. We have 900 bases in over 100 different countries 10. Most of our civilian jobs are being given to the only developed country who's government want our downfall inwhich most of our debt is owed to (China) The corrupted leaders Eisenhower has warned us about is all of our politicians, not just worrying about who's gonna be president, but everyone who has some sort of power whether if they own a business, practice law or a politician. 

dansk björn : All the military spending after 2001 on the "war on terror", the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has been useless,, It has just served the interest of a very few war mongers and completely drained the USA for money which could spent on schools, repair of infrastructure etc... These things and the damage from more extreme hurricanes and droughts are the real issues for the american people....  The great divide by rich and poor is terible now with the 1% ultra rich and no great large middle class is present anymore,, Those middle class families work 60 hours a week just to pay for health insurance and food and a roof on top of their heads. 

mmadiscussions : The military industrial complex was responsible for the death of President Kennedy

KevyneShandris : Eisenhower was an traditional conservative, that had a healthy distrust in a military that supersedes the Constitution. His warning was about a complex that's about keeping people employed ... for war. If the economy is run on war (keeping and making more jobs by selling arms and instruments of war) it lost touch with the reason we even have the USA -- which never was about warfare every decade to keep people employed. The greatest asset of the USA isn't it's firepower, it's it's people who refuse to live under tyranny.

Kire Schneider : Neoconservatives must hate this speech 

Radu Andrei : America, how the hell did you have presidents like this man and the disgrace and cancer G.W.Bush? .. with a new tumorous Bush on the horizon. Pull yourself together!

rowena flores : today the new dictators are the banksters...  the federal reserve and financial complex...liberties and freedoms are subordinated to the demands of debt issuance and repayment..... the social theme today?? not cold war ,or expansion....  its  debt, and social sustainability ..  the new battles that are to be fought...

Shawn Ryu : Last great leader of United States.

djwood84 : "Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry..."  Ah, see that's where you got us, AMERICAN IDOL IS ON, CAN'T THINK RIGHT NOW.

Bo De : Well, sadly we didn't listen to him and there we are, the weapon makers are sucking the economy dry. In lieu of food, water, clothing, shelter and healthcare for all humans, we have nuclear weapons, labs working on biological warfare, the US selling weapons around the world and all the death and suffering that comes along with it. And it's our fault, all of us, for not standing firmly together against the madness. We reap what we let them sow...

Julian Escobedo : "Dear America, it's been a good eight years. Now I must leave. Oh, and by the way, I left a dangerously huge defense industry for you. Rest assured, no more wars!"

ihatelameusernames : What about the 1953 attempted coup of the Iranian president? Does anyone criticize Eisenhower on that cause all I see is all this praises.

mcbrizzle82 : unbelievable how we have gone from this (someone looking out for his countries citizens) to the greed of whom runs it now

Marty Thurman : How Prophetic was That? Well I guess its safe to say we blew that one off didn't we?

Ivan Drago : Totally Amazed that America had sensible Presidents once..

laura4basics : think about it, John F Kennedy warned about secret societies and was murdered, his brother took his place in speaking out against the sycophants and he was murdered, and Eisenhower warns of the Military Industrial Complex and a few years later he drops dead on the golf course, I do not believe it was a coincidence at all,. and guess who was his vice president, none other than Nixon. Also Eisenhower signed the civil rights act in 57' and spoke out against white supremest, do you not think that pissed off the Zionist nazi pigs that are running amok of our planet right now. that is also what spawned the Martin Luther King movement and he too ended up dead. its time to start exposing the facts and get these sycophants out of our political system, that includes all of congress, everyone in the white house, and the pentagon, all the alphabet groups as CIA, FBI, NSA, CDC, and also big pharma, and the United Nations, the European Union and the royal family and the bankers namely the Rothchilds, Warburgs, Rockefeller, Bush's, Clinton's and obamanation.

martin mosti : The Military Industrial Complex now counts munincipal police departments among it's best customers.

Arthur Morel : 181 people want to make money from war.

Joel Mann : Hands down one of the finest speeches in American history. Shame you only played this one part as there are two primary warnings from this roughly 16 minute speech if you continue to play the remaining portion. Everyone remembers the military industrial complex, but for some reason Eisenhower's warning against the scientific technological elite is conveniently ignored. Combine these two powerful pieces of foresight with the wisdom the man recommends, and many of our modern problems are not problems anymore.

Peter Hutt-Sierra : One of our greatest presidents. It takes a man who served in wartime to understand the importance of peace.

Zutaaaable : "The potential of the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, AND WILL PERSIST".  This speech is the smoking gun.  52 years later look at where we are now!  I don't thing that our citizenry is alert and knowledgeable.  I believe our government has been infiltrated.  It is a disaster and will persist.  Soon the machine will come crashing down.  Imagine the shock when people realize they have been lied to. 

Doctor Garbonzo : JFK paid the ultimate  price....

mrandmrscrooked : ISIS was created by the CIA. The recent beheadings are staged as a pretext for the next war. 

Jason W. Hamilton : There will never be a resolution until we start a revolution.

Joe Chagnon : Watching this as a Marine sickened by the state of his nation, sworn defend the constitution yet not allowed to, a pawn of the corporate oligarchy.

John W : I worked DoD for 16 years that is where your taxes go to war machines. We have two air forces the u.s.a.f. and the u.s.n.(carriers). In most ways they duplicate themselves. We could save trillions if we got rid of the air force. But those generals and admirals treat their service needs as a competition for our tax dollars. Also the contractors lobby congress constantly to buy the newest nuke.

Fabian R : Economy = wars

David Kaye : 54 PERCENT if US tax revenue now fund this MACHINE, that IKE warned US about!!!

Eddie Eee : yea don't forget about the lawyer-litigation complex

Michael McNamara : and then this military industrial complex which killed Kennedy...