Coca-cola Polar bear So cute

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Vasil Gkanes : when harambe did almost the same they did the same only cause he is black

Hugh Orr : imgur, +1

Alyssa Blackheart : Da cutest

Green Ranger : This made my day.. Thank you very much.. :)

Princess Evo : i so cute

Mary Oak : 😂😂😂😂

DJ - W0LFB3AT5 : 1:11 - End Was the funniest and best scene!

epsonia : We really need to have this Polar Bear costume! Anyone know... where to order or buy this exact cute costume? Please tell us! Thank you very much. Inform us here: londomedhit (at) gmail dotcom.

admiral Baily : hold for the sex abuse complaints.

zelastjoker : glad I found it.hilarious

Rj Pena : PepsiMaaaaan!

Johannes Rosenberg : Imgur +1 2018