The Bizarre Channel of Jimmy Maximum and Terry Davis
The Bizarre Channel of Jimmy Maximum

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jimmy maximum is a very odd channel, uploading bizarre and a little disturbing videos every day for the last two years. Like 40 videos a day. With links to internet cravkpot Terry Davis, let's take a look into it! That Chapter Clothing: Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: Instagram:


David Parry : Some channels are simply the youtube equivalent of having schizophrenia and Down's Syndrome at the same time as dropping acid... Congrats, TC. You found one.

rottendollface : The editing in this is hilarious. This was really interesting, too. I'm assuming its an automated uploading art project. :0

1963geistaffe : Jimmy Maximum is an AI running on templeOS that makes the videos and uploads them. Remember Skynet?

littleteethkeith : Jimmy Maximum would be a great porn name.

peachy proncess : OK I absolutely am fascinated by Terry Davis. As someone who also suffers from bipolar disorder and has had some pretty severe manic and depressive episode that probably SHOULD have landed me in the hospital (honestly suprised im still alive tbh) i see him and think "holy shit I've been there before I've been this guy" though my delusions tended to run more along the lines of "ima go start a whole entire charity and take leftover food from fast food joints and make meals for the homeless in my city all in 3 days" or "oh ima drive to my favorite city all the way down in Florida and make art to post around on lampposts and totally live on the streets because who cares!!!!!" Honestly it's fascinating what bipolar disorder can make you do lmao

Gary Rhodes : Couple more awesome videos then it might be nap time!πŸ‘πŸ‘once again great job Mike! All videos were binge worthy!πŸ‘πŸ‘β™Ώβ™Ώβ™ΏπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Everyone have a great and safe rest of the night πŸŒ™

RDR : Watching that man in those videos is heartbreaking.

PsyintZ : For those interested, Terry A. Davis, the creator & programmer of TempleOS, passed away on August 11, 2018. He is believed to have committed suicide (although some think it could have been an accident due to his mental state). His story is actually very sad, albeit incredibly interesting. The guy was absolutely brilliant, he just hit a downward spiral and eventually lost his battle with mental illness and, like so many others, became a prime example of why it's so important to continue researching these things. If you have any interest in technology and/or mental illness, I highly recommend you go and check out this man's fascinating story. It's a great example of how the mind can be so powerful, yet so volatile at the same time. (I highly suggest Fredrik Knudsen's "TempleOS: Down the Rabbit Hole" found here: )

James Kahl : Just crazy people who feel like they're actually doing something?

Day Late Gamer with Will : Jimmy Maximum seems to be running TempleOS

Hank Thrill : 300 times 40 is only 12,000. I think you meant more around 100 videos a day, to equal 30,000

Jared Black : Jimmy Maximum seems to have stopped uploading new videos about a couple weeks after this video was published.

frances : This channel is unique Never seen anything like it Love the video πŸ–€

SweetPeach Bellini : Gosh, Terry reminds me of Bill Murray's character in "Caddy Shack".

Emillie Hines : LMAO WAKE ME UP INSIDE Ur a good irish nice vid ❀️

EvergreenHilux : Terry had severe schizophrenia and eventually died after becoming homeless. The Jimmy youtube channel seems more like a bot that someone created. Probbaly just because they could. Maybe to test youtube algorithms or something. Who knows, while rhe videos are unsettling, I dont think the reasoning behind them are.

rich g : So I doubt this is what it is, but you never know. Both during and after WWII there were radio bursts that came from Germany, Japan, and Russia (I'm sure there were more, these are what I know about). They were nonsensical, sometimes relating (seemingly) random numbers, sometimes odd noise combinations that were always very short lived. Fifteen to thirty seconds. No one really ever understood what they were other than convert ways of communication that had never really been deciphered. These remind me of those bigly. πŸ˜€

Canatotaur : They're aliens. Or artificial intelligence. Simple.

David k : Check out gloomy houses video on terry Davis. I love your content by the way.

Ryan Higgle : That terry guy was bananas!!! XD

Charles Show : Terry is Shoe Nice's father LOL

imkindapissed aboutthis : Good morning, Mike.

Arianna McTarsney : I like that these videos are more obscure and artistic. Great music and creativity shown throughout. Clearly this is a project, maybe a social experiment, art project, or perhaps a group of friends that created a concept and executed in order to watch what happened? I think were supposed to speculate, they're clearly incorporating mainstream multimedia elements.... and I think this is brilliant. Truly my favorite. I believe this is a passion project, not hard to believe a schedule of which team member uploads what video at what time... this is not just one person.

Simon Moodicus : Prolly AI made if it's 40/day

Papa Burgundy : Call me crazy but i think Mr. Davis is homeless.

Cum Angel : Terry A Davis is a hero actually and he got hit by a train and died so show some respect

Kelly Thier : Another topic...Albert Ostman....kidnapped by bigfoot.

glorbo jibbins : Poor Terry... What a human being. Our flaws are deep

Melvyn Gingell : They both sound like Snooker players !

Bryant Magdaleno : In your some of your other videos you go over the twitter horror stories people make, and those are intended to be creepy and give build up to horror moments with the writing leading to something other worldly or supernatural. But those at times seem so artificial and so try hard to make things scary, but this... this is real horror to me, the ability of the unknown. These videos by jimmy maximum defy logic and understanding, like a good lovecraft book the fear doesn't come from the threat of danger or violence but from the fear of the unknown. Who makes these? Why do they make these videos? What's the meaning behind them? What kind of person could upload this many videos a day? The answer is we don't know and that's most terrifying part of it. The imagery is so bizarre and strange you can't get into the head a person who makes these types of video, unlike twitter horror story writers who want you to be scared because of their writing, the horror isn't the content of video itself, they don't seem like there meant to be scary just bizarre, the horror comes from the mystery, and that's what really makes good horror in my opinion. Either way good video mike, keep up the good work and good editing ( quick thing tho, theres seems to be a bit of overlap in voice over from 6:44 to 6:45) can't wait for more vids.

cecil chuck : Terry was a genius.

slam zamillion : It was definetely that irish guy...

K/ VonKirk : You say complete randomness I say conspiracy theorist are going nuts on this one.

Cool girl 123 : Some sort of art project.

Davidautofull : no thanks. you are quite crazy enough for me.

Cadwaladr : 1:30, that's Minneapolis in the background!

kris Martin : Crazy people are so much fun..πŸ€ͺ🧐

zug zug : RIP Terry Davis

Mediocre Generica : The Jimmy Maximum channel is using clips of Terry's Temple OS footage so thats where the connection comes from.

Derrick Bentham : Good show, thanks

Karma Cat : Rip Terry A Davis. He was actually quite brilliant, mental illness robbed him of a normal life. Mister Metokur does a great job honoring his work while also looking at his more colorful behavior.

Zero_BS_Tolerance : "Have a meatball." XD

Gas the Koopas : Glow in the dark CIA n******

jodo1971 : I guess art isn't in ur vocabulary

Fetus_the_paddy : This is one of metokurs secret channels just look at the clues jim in the name, pictures of Minneapolis and Terry A. Davis

Katelin P. : Oh, that channel looks super... fun. Your videos are hilarious and great as always. :)

soldav : "Well...No"

kostas vizoulas : temple os are on some of the pics in the beggining

Reginald Pots : >Mentions Terry Davis and refuses to show what he is most famous for >Mentions Global Worldwide and doesn't reference the Liber Primus saga or any of the tie-ins with QAnon or Cicada 3301 You're at two strikes, bucko. You keep rustling my jimmies like this and I'm going to have to stop binge-watching your content.