The Bizarre Channel of Jimmy Maximum and Terry Davis

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That Chapter : Check it out!

Sami Dark : The editing in this is hilarious. This was really interesting, too. I'm assuming its an automated uploading art project. :0

Bryant Magdaleno : In your some of your other videos you go over the twitter horror stories people make, and those are intended to be creepy and give build up to horror moments with the writing leading to something other worldly or supernatural. But those at times seem so artificial and so try hard to make things scary, but this... this is real horror to me, the ability of the unknown. These videos by jimmy maximum defy logic and understanding, like a good lovecraft book the fear doesn't come from the threat of danger or violence but from the fear of the unknown. Who makes these? Why do they make these videos? What's the meaning behind them? What kind of person could upload this many videos a day? The answer is we don't know and that's most terrifying part of it. The imagery is so bizarre and strange you can't get into the head a person who makes these types of video, unlike twitter horror story writers who want you to be scared because of their writing, the horror isn't the content of video itself, they don't seem like there meant to be scary just bizarre, the horror comes from the mystery, and that's what really makes good horror in my opinion. Either way good video mike, keep up the good work and good editing ( quick thing tho, theres seems to be a bit of overlap in voice over from 6:44 to 6:45) can't wait for more vids.

Ryan Higgle : That terry guy was bananas!!! XD

Vordh0sbn : Me encanta este canal. :D A pesar de que probablemente no entiendas mi español sin ayuda de un traductor. :P

Emillie Hines : LMAO WAKE ME UP INSIDE Ur a good irish nice vid ❤️

frances : This channel is unique Never seen anything like it Love the video 🖤

Katelin Palmer : Oh, that channel looks super... fun. Your videos are hilarious and great as always. :)

Jacob Frye : Was tempted to go to that guys videos cause it looked kinda funny but , oh well. turned out he was an asshoe

Samantha Port : Yeah, I'm fairly certain this is just an art project using an automated algorithm to randomly shove together video clips, sound clips and text (for the titles) from around the internet. There's no way a human being could produce these at such a consistent rapid pace. (Then again, later in its life @horse_ebooks was actually being run by a human being named Jacob Bakkila as part of an ARG leading up to his company's new game. That wasn't as rapid, but he did fool a lot of people into thinking he was still a bot, rather than them realizing the account was sold and taken over by a human.) I've heard speculation that this channel and the world whatever (I already forgot the name) channel in its related channels are owned/run by the same person, and so are part of the same project. Hell, there could be even more channels. So if it is an automated art project, the questions remaining are: Who is behind it? What is it trying to convey? Does it even have an intended message?

JedDraws : i think i've actually seen a channel like this before at some point. i just assumed it would be some weird bot that auto generates videos and uploads them automatically or something

Blah : Seems an AI experiment.

Natalie Elliot : Another great video, Mike. I absolutely love your channel. You deserve more subs. Keep up the awesome content! Take care!

hill0ck666 : thanks for sharin buddy . neat vid yo

Citrus Limona : Pretty excited for the marathon, your videos are cool :)

?explain?a blind mans dream : Let's go have a gander 😳

AlwaysfightFangirl : O.o is tat okay? But this is interesting

Lethan Drimes : that temple os tho

lineny man : Why is there a video on this????? It's normal

JedDraws : wow i'd already heard of temple os, saw a youtube vid about it a while ago

matt tucci : He's getting memey

omg wtf : F

Vitto Barrow : 3:20 sh00k

Evolt : I think it is an AI. Or some form of algorithm creating videos. But since the videos seemingly evolve it could be a learning AI project of some kind.

Moonbeam : What would God need with an OS?