How It's Actually Made - Bacon

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Kaylie Daily : I legit thought this was real for a sec, hold up😂

- JerHitEmUp_35YT : Who Else Started The Video Over To See If They Heard It Correctly?

PrimeLaughter : I legit thought it was real till it said "The meat is placed skin side down on a conveyerbelt to ensure the employees judge it only by the content of its character." I mean I was halfway there when it said they used dog but anything's possible now 😂😂

G Money : "Giving the bacon its signature fishy taste"....... what??

i hate youtubers : When he mentioned dog skin this video got my attention lmao

LemonOVA : It’s actually human carcasses, other than that it’s pretty accurate

ᴀᴍʙɪᴛɪᴏɴ : “Hmmmm... this bacon sure does taste red...”

burgmeopen : I sat up and replayed the video as soon as he said skinned dogs

Aoi Silver : *Is reading comments and ignoring the actual vid* -DOG CARCASS *eyes snap back to vid and just goes wtf*

Sean Baker : I was so confused at first. Dog? 🤣

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Red flavour? I've always tasted yellow. . .

Morgan Gentz : as you can see they love jenga

Anonymous Anon : In case any of it is still screaming😂

Savannah26889 : Feel the wrath of the German army 😂😂😂 IM WEAAAKKK

HPB 420 : If I ever eat bacon that tastes fishy I'll never eat bacon again. WTF he talking about "fishy flavor"

konnie : I didnt realize this was fake at first and almost had a stroke

Anthony J : "Then the bacon is shown the might of the German army by being run over by a Panzerkampfwagen IV medium tank"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Buzzin Boi : 2:05 they bathe in the blood of their enemies

TROUBLEdExpl0iter : 1:43 lmfao

Adang Amiarsa : You are the Troll Master 👏 👏 👏 You see kids, a master troll can make you watch the whole clip on your own will.

Peanut butter jelly : I came down to the comment section to see how people reacted to this

TrickierCobra : When he said dog meat i looked at my dogs and said "im sorry I didn't know"😭😭

AJ Halili : playing jenga with slabs of meat hahahaha ohmygawd!

Garrielle Gee : The crew really loves Jenga Lmfaoo omg

Kill YaBape : This is fake but ok 😂😂😂👌 Nice Video

f quint : lmfao I was looking for a serious video and the first thing I hear is that it’s actually dog meat😂😂😂

Qiy : What is this china or japan?


Luka Gamer : Not a big fan of bacon..but still watched the vid : P

burgmeopen : I think this video is fake😂😂

top kek : "to ensure the employees only judge it by the content of its character" loool

IsH_LoSt : 1:36 LMAO

INK DEMON : 1:39 XD lol tf

Eli Shoe : I wish this was real LOL

yada yada : Man said "the consumer cant taste the difference between dog meat and pork"sat up so quick!

David Ly : The workers love Jenga and wrap it up for later 😂


Enchantress Natasha : This video is funny

TheJoltySpark : 8.8k dislikes smh

Gerry Berry : I love bacon's red taste!

Bluwesnikodem : As soon he said “dog” I looked at the comments 😂

the tics : I'll never eat bacon again can't believe this is how it's made I'm disgusted 🤢

jamie : Sounds like Bale’s Patrick Bateman from American Psycho lol

Richard Krishendath : 2 dollar a hour not me and that

alberto santos santos polanco : Excelente 🇩🇴🇩🇴🌎

Saadat Khan : *clicks on video thinking it's legit* "Okay everything good so fa.. wait did he just say dog carcasses? " 😓

Dylan Ratcliff : It is getting intense let’s rap it up

TROUBLEdExpl0iter : DID they just SAY DOG??!!

dolan darker türkiye : 100k subs baby

PyroCrewHaarlem : 😂👌🏻