How It's Actually Made - Bacon

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Somali pirate who's actually somali : Red flavour? I've always tasted yellow. . .

LaKayla Lambert : I feel vegan now

Saadat Khan : *clicks on video thinking it's legit* "Okay everything good so fa.. wait did he just say dog carcasses? " 😓

Cooper Ooper : Lmfao some kid is gonna watch this and think it’s real and never eat again

ItssVenom : "to give the bacon its signature red taste"

LemonOVA : It’s actually human carcasses, other than that it’s pretty accurate

Marron : *red taste*

Ben Williamson : “AFTERBIRTH” thanks for that

Jazzy Jax : "The crew really Love to play janga" "It is put in to a freezer for a hundred years to bring out the true flavor" Oh god this is hilarious XD

xBrubs : i always thought i tasted a variety of colors

CringeLand : Horror

Uncle Swagger : I don’t know what this is, but it’s kinda hot.

Greg G : Ima still eat bacon but am i eating your dog.

JaCrispy Valcano : After seeing this video I will make sure to judge meat by the content of its character and not the color of its skin.

Outrageous_Builder : I`d love me some dog, bork.

Peanut butter jelly : I came down to the comment section to see how people reacted to this

AD The Smeargle : Even the process of it is delicious

Why Not? : I like my women like I like my meat screaming

Journe7 : Lol at first I was taking this seriously, then they said they use real dogs. Then I questioned my existence, then I Realize he was playing a joke the whole time.

Adrian and Axel .Co, and more!! : #signatureredtaste

konnie : I didnt realize this was fake at first and almost had a stroke

Byleh Myneh : Hugbees blesses us with knowledge

CoolDoctor274 : this practice is RUFF on the meat *insecurity increases*

Chanel’s_ World : They add red food coloring to give it its signature red taste... but I thought it tasted like white

Beat Box : “The bacon is shown the might of the German army by running over it with a panzer tank” Edit: fixing my spelling

Dank Lord : Understandable, have a great day.


1v E : I think I missed the part where they smooth it out with a bunch of sleem

tolivenottoexist : W H E R E S T H E C H I L D M E A T ?

Taylor Sessions : So sad that I finally realized it was a joke at 1:28

ZedNet : Hot *dog* , Bac *dog* Cmon people, the answer was right infront of you the whole time.

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Doggie : Hello,Yes this is dog.

Logan Cool : This is fake

Gavin MacDierney : He’s not joking about the tank. I work in a bacon factory and are lucky enough to have tank driving duty. It makes up for the $2 an hour salary, trust me.

Mark Neil : The factory owners encourage the Jenga because when a worker inevitably ends up losing and the tower falls upon them, the grease from the bacon lubes them up, making them faster workers.

Karlia Boyer : this video just messed me up

The Worshipper Of Memes : I always eat some delicious red for breakfast. But my vegan friend always eats green... disgusting...

Tessa yo yo man : That’s how it gets it’s red taste

Maurice F : did he just said dog ??🤢🤢🤢

f quint : lmfao I was looking for a serious video and the first thing I hear is that it’s actually dog meat😂😂😂

LilMissPaws : DOG?!

The Ancestor : They breed quickly down there in the dark, but perhaps we can slay them even faster.

Mrs.Beauty : I'm never ever eating bacon again...Its my worst nightmare😂😂😂😂

Joe Joseph : How come there are so many dislikes? If someone clicked this video thinking it was real, they should at least stay for the humor instead of disliking it and storming off.

adam anthoni ford : The great part about the first one was that it felt real for a bit, then pulled the floor out from under you: Tl;DR don't go all in in the first sentence.

Rever xd : Honestly i rather hotdogs...

Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval : Nothing can make me hate Bacon.

G-Boi : Oh so this is how ROBLOX got their free bacon hair?

Cong Le : we been eatting dog the whole time!!!!!

Kaylie Daily : I legit thought this was real for a sec, hold up😂