How It's Actually Made - Bacon

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Kaylie Daily : I legit thought this was real for a sec, hold up😂

PatchyProductions gacha : My dog was next to me when you said ' skinned dog carcusus ' and she just stared at me edit: this is the most likes I've gotten thank you!

Aayush Sharma : Oh...I see whuchu did there😏😏

YNIC Rambo : Lmfao I’m dead I actually took the dog part serious 😂

Kathleen Dooley : This type of content is why YouTube was invented

LemonOVA : It’s actually human carcasses, other than that it’s pretty accurate

roland : Then the bacon is shown the might of the German Army, by being run over by a Panzerkampfwagen IV medium tank

Haha Haha : This was made by a vegan

YNIC Rambo : The employees turn them skin side down to make sure they don’t judge them by the color of they skin but by the content of its character 😂😂😂😂💀

RobTortureWright : ‘Into the drench cabinet of what remains of employees who rally for better work conditions’ 💀💀💀💀

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Red flavour? I've always tasted yellow. . .

Luca : I love that *RED* signature taste like if you agree

Amber Spink : Some of the funny parts in the vid : 0:11 0:50 1:00 1:28 1:37 2:06 2:18 2:29 2:39 2:51 3:01 3:09 3:20 3:30 Like I said these are the best parts hope you enjoy 😊

David Boucard : I won't eat bacon unless it has that signature Red™ taste. 😤

Aquastian : nono its not dog meat its made out of turtles

Justin Y. : Did you just bamboozle us?

HeY sToHb iT! : ...Even after watching I am still going to eat it.

Reactionators : Did he say dog?🤢

sharon sharon : I was eating a bacon cheeseburger and clicked on this😳😳😳😂

Vaish 1409 : Who else thought it was legit

konnie : I didnt realize this was fake at first and almost had a stroke

Alfa Person : I'm never eating bacon again. I'll just stick to pork thank you.

Luis Mora : When the egg and bacon walked into the bar, the restaurant owner told them that he doesn’t serve breakfast, so they should go somewhere else

PYTHON GX : Is this like a how it made parody?

ISpongeGodI : 10k PETA vegans disliked.

Bluwesnikodem : As soon he said “dog” I looked at the comments 😂


Uncharted Ghost : “As YoU cAn sEe ThE cReW ReAlLy LiKes jEnGa”

M's squishies & LPS : This is soooo funny😂

blondie 4lyfe : How to make someone vegetarian 101

Peanut butter jelly : I came down to the comment section to see how people reacted to this

Bardi B : Therefore we still love it😂

The Hoosier Craftsman WORKSHOP : 1:54 Then a local sweat shop worker earns his $2,00 an hourly salary by ……………… damn funny !

flitzerox fortnite : wtf dog why not cat

kentuckyfried meatballs : This almost wanted me to be a vegan ALMOST

f quint : lmfao I was looking for a serious video and the first thing I hear is that it’s actually dog meat😂😂😂

Jake Kegan : This scared me

SandGirl : BOI

RIP George Smith : *SCHRAGGY?* 🐶

Lps Sugar : We are eating dogs 😱🤢🤮

Cuban Brat exclusive : *DID I HEAR DOG?*

Moshi_E : The next HowToBasic

I_haz_no_comments : Cool *dog meat* We really are runnin outta food produce

Kim Pham : WoRkErS ReLieVe StreSS By PlAyiNg A GaMe Of JInga BOIII

Fifth Horseman : Fucker

JerHitEmUp_35 YT : Who Else Started The Video Over To See If They Heard It Correctly?

Sidd G : Ya thats why they say dog is man's best friend

Dodo Meat : Hey there jacktheweeb Like this so he freaks out when he sees this cause i sent it to him

Valeria Covarrubias : Omg this is sooo funny I’m dying

Derek Gaston : The Panzer joke is the reason I subscribed