How It's Actually Made - Bacon

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Somali pirate who's actually somali : Red flavour? I've always tasted yellow. . .

CringeLand : Horror

f quint : lmfao I was looking for a serious video and the first thing I hear is that it’s actually dog meat😂😂😂

Adolf Danker : Now that’s where my lost dog went

cunt : Oh my god, i actually took this seriously for like a minute. I was really about to go vegan when i heard about the dog meat..

LemonOVA : It’s actually human carcasses, other than that it’s pretty accurate

Deadpool Lee : My dog doesn't taste this good.

Kyle Mulvey : Wait, so they DON'T actually play JENGA with my bacon???

SIIR YT : *It's meat... What a surprise*

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : But why does my bacon have plastic bottles in it

DeEchoVibe : this voice over is funny as hell

top kek : "to ensure the employees only judge it by the content of its character" loool

김성윤 : I lost it at the panzerkampfwagen part lol

Saadat Khan : *clicks on video thinking it's legit* "Okay everything good so fa.. wait did he just say dog carcasses? " 😓

Lensy6 : The only thing better than your streams are some of the comments on this video.

konnie : I didnt realize this was fake at first and almost had a stroke

Spider Man : I'm telling!

Zer0ByDivide : Moment of silence for the people who took longer than half a second to get that this was a joke.

Marron : *red taste*

JLeon40 : Before the end me: "Wh-what!?" After the end me: "Phew, that's a relief"

Kaylie Daily : I legit thought this was real for a sec, hold up😂

#1 EXIDLEGGOTRASH : Dog skin.....

Greg G : Ima still eat bacon but am i eating your dog.

AD The Smeargle : Even the process of it is delicious

Fabiola Francis : i thought this was serious until he mentioned that $2 salary omg

Peanut butter jelly : I came down to the comment section to see how people reacted to this

Uranus Planet : I still remember when I was a kid where I just sitting around and accidentally watch some random dog get killed,skinned,butchered, cooked and ate it by some old dudes in my neighborhood and ask myself "isn't that dog had rabies and some other sickness?". Damn, being Asian is weird.

s m i l e! : 1:39 I realized it was fake. Why in the world would he disgusted and be doing it while he is narrating.


Tornado Xing Studio : I didnt even think twice about the dog part,I just accepted it kinda disappointingly,also Im Asian

Taylor Sessions : So sad that I finally realized it was a joke at 1:28

Reeyaun : Wait what??? DOG??? WTF!

1v E : I think I missed the part where they smooth it out with a bunch of sleem

OG LOC : I took this serious for 20 seconds while eating bacon. I almost died.

Jazzy Jax : "The crew really Love to play janga" "It is put in to a freezer for a hundred years to bring out the true flavor" Oh god this is hilarious XD

Mark Neil : The factory owners encourage the Jenga because when a worker inevitably ends up losing and the tower falls upon them, the grease from the bacon lubes them up, making them faster workers.

MegaWatch : 13 seconds in..I already knew something was up with this information :D

Lekli Mario : Did you say dog meat??

Zaria Ahmed (زاريا أحمد) : I'm NOT surprised if bacons are Really made with Dog Meats-There might not have Enough Pigs for Meat Processing in the near future... 😳😳😳 I even doubt some of the meats used in Fast Food Restaurants in HK are Actually Pork/Chicken/Beef Since they taste different for me

Kateisha Fields : Wait Wtf ? Did i Just Hear Him Say Dog meat ? or im Tripping ?

Karlia Boyer : this video just messed me up

Dee T : Hwe said they use dog carcasses. So we actually eat dog when we eat bacon

soyon manlai : Bacon is made out of Dog carcass? Bacon is Dogs!

Chara Dreemurr : Great documentary. XD

adam anthoni ford : The great part about the first one was that it felt real for a bit, then pulled the floor out from under you: Tl;DR don't go all in in the first sentence.


ultra o : Bacon is from asia😂

GoBoyZ : Our life is fake !Quite a bit good foods

Playboyblack : It’s a joke there is no dog skin :)

Justin Y. : Did you just bamboozle us?