Old Audition Tapes from the TV Series: The Office
Old audition tapes from The Office Crazy to think about how different this show couldve been

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Read more here: www.famefocus.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/focusfame It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Steve Carell playing the star-making role as Michael Scott on the U.S. version of The Office and no one other that Rainn Wilson would make sense as the weird, eccentric beet farmer Dwight Schrute. But before we all knew who the characters are today, NBC auditioned many now-famous comedic actors for the sitcom back in 2003 and quite a few didn’t make the cut, including Seth Rogen for the role of Dwight and Bob Odenkirk as Michael. Would 'The Office' still be the same if they made the cut? See for yourself!


Running Horse : Your telling me, there could of actually been an Asian Jim?!?!?

Akhil dandamudi : I can't imagine anyone in Dwight's character other than Rainn Wilson.

Joey Hilton : They nailed the cast. I'm surprised the casting directors dont get more praise for what they do.

Amit Bikram Sanyal : That Steve Carrel guy looks good in the audition. Hope he got selected.

Big Haha Epic Gamer : You mean to tell me Michael Scott was almost Saul Goodman 😂😂

Jesse Mae : SETH ROGAN. As DWIGHT K. SCHRUTE. I can't see it at ALL, Rainn Wilson is king

BIG IRON : Dwight character was made for Rainn Wilson

SlackAlot : Bob Odenkirk...a very close second.

Addi Jacks : 1:13 why is John Krasinnski in there twice 1:30 🤔🤷‍♀️

Cole Cannistraci : I cry thinking that they almost cast any differently because they did a perfect job

Shailesh Rana : Damn it, Dwight was miles ahead of everyone auditioning for Dwight

Cami Ferrell : The only Dwight that fit was Raine😂 And I’m happy Adam Scott didn’t get Jim, we needed him on Parks and Rec

Elia Kiene : could you imagine if adam scott played jim omgggg 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 also kevin sounds so much smarter when he’s not kevin

Máté Szűcs : Bob Odenkirk would've been amazing as Michael actually, but still I think Carell is just the best.

CrazyWedz : The Office with Seth Rogen would've been unwatchable.

Chuu Etteck My R : I love Seth Rogan's audition for Seth Rogen

Schylar Collins : i like how the guy who auditioned before steve ended up being the real estate office boss who pam said was like 2nd michael

Skylander : Crazy how so many famous ppl auditioned but pretty much all the lesser known actors got the roles🤣

DIRT McGIRT : John Cho as Jim? Hats off to you for not seeing race.

rushc5 : Seth Rogan as Dwight would’ve probably killed the show after 2 seasons

SCHY MARK : Casting is crucial Can't be easy

Dylan Qualls : Rainn Wilson is the perfect Dwight

P L : Only Bob Odenkirk would I be able to picture be a good replacement.

Chairman Meow : PERFECT CASTING. John Cho might have worked as Jim, and Odenkirk for Michael. But really it seems like they nailed every single one.

TL Emad : Imagen if Steve Carell didnt play as Michael that meme wouldn't have been born

Sam T. : this show was perfectly cast.

Artem The GOAT : Steve had some stiff competition against Bob Odenkirk. Dudes funny as hell

A Greasy Tit : seth rogan has the comedic timing of smegma

JAmes Gaudreau : The difference between Rainn Wilson and the other Dwights is night and day

LJ Clark : They nailed the casting..... I in particular can't image Stonestreet as Kevin or especially Rogan as Dwight....ugh.

Franc Telegrafi : The final cast selection is just on point. And besides, as for Michael, i don't think there's another actor nearly as fitting as Steve Carell, he is just perfect.

Scratch Adams : Glad Bob Odenkirk didnt get the job as Michael cause he probably never would have been part of Breaking Bad and BCS

Fahd Halim : The casting director had a midas touch. In the end, the right actors made this show gold

MIRO : I would never even watch a minute of it if it had Seth and Adam Scott.

Jacopo Barberis : Bob Odenkirk's Michael feels more like David Brent, he's great but Steve Carell kills the role

miguel savage : C'mon yall people try very hard to audition for Dwights roll not easy to pull off lol

Scott : Seth Rogen plays Seth Rogen in every film casting of Seth Rogen.

Jonathan Pasch : Katherine Hahn woulda made an awesome Jan Levinson. She's hysterical!

cowboycore64 : they picked the people who looked the most dead behind their eyes. excellent casting lmao

Jacob Ross : Bob Odenkirk would've been the second best Michael Scott

gary cobiak : Dear Lord could u imagine an Office w Dwight as Patton Oswalt and Seth Rogen as Jim.

xooperz : Damn there could've been many actors that could've done really well on these parts but they really nailed the casting. I kinda wish Bob Odenkirk would've gotten some part though.

Mew Mew : Everyone except Rainn is an insult to the role of Dwight Schrute.

Lucas Andres Costa : Bob Odenkirk reaaally gets close to Michael Scott, i can see him playing the part

The Worst Ninja! : Little did they all know... That The Office was/is the greatest show this planet has EVER created... *You miss 100% of the shots you don't take* - Wayne Gretzky ~ Michael Scott 💖

_JDP studios_ : Bob Odenkirk i knew the second i saw him in season 9 that he definatley auditioned for michael he really played that manager well

leafbelly : Jarrett Grode looks an awful lot like World Champ Judah Friedlander.

Rob Illustrates : Amazing calibre of actor's/actresses going for these roles think they nailed it though.

Creed Bratton : They will never find my audition tape... I have it Buried very deep...