Tommy Meets a Trans Journalist
Tommy Meets a Trans Journalist

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dumdum5 : a transgender person with comon sense it s a pleasure

Niros : She is doing this the right way. She is comfortable in her own skin but not pushing it onto other people. That's the problem with the LGBTQ movement, they want the world to change everything to accodate them. Great interview.

Aunty Em : She is a lovely human being.

Casper_Skitzo : Its harder to come out as a right wing or conservative than it is to come out as a transsexual...this is our world today.

CSB : ❤ Zuzanna. A very intelligent and articulate person.

Michael H : Thanks for the interview Tommy. True conservatives really don't give a shit about identity politics. We just don't want people telling us how to think, feel and speak.

pete Austin : she is cool .. nice interview tommy

wilmingtonlongman : There is something very comforting when the clumsy questioning, understood as genuine curiosity, opens the door for further conversation and learning

Trevor Jary : For the record; You're very pretty! Glad you are feeling comfortable in your skin now! Xx

Creaky Joints : 19. I was a dozy, directionless muppet at 19. Seriously, I didn't get my shit together until I was in my mid to late twenties. Good interview.

merc340sr : She was a man?!?. She looks 100% woman and is very attractive!

Anthony Davis : I'm not sure who is more impressive here: Tommy Robinson, for the conducting this interview at all, or the person he is interviewing. Both of them demonstrate extraordinary courage and break a wide range of stereotypes just by sitting down with each other and having a conversation. And Tommy seems genuinely interested in getting to understand the very different perspective and struggles of the person to whom he is speaking. This is what all conservatives need to do. As vilified as he is he really is an example to us all. As is she.

Michael Gore : Tommy's a lot more open minded than most of the so-called tolerant left.

Clifford C : I like her. I think she's going to go places.

Chris Trevanion : Trans person says male and female have innate differences i.e. they are not equal. This is going to confuse/trigger so many SJW's out there.

The Coconut Cabbie : Very good interview. I have been in the opinion that , a person thinking they were of the other sex ,were suffering a mental disorder... but After watching this I've changed my mind, there are many birth defects.. so it's more than possible a female programmed brain could be born into a male body n vice verser.. We have to do our best to create a space to help these fellow humans come out, but we can't allow attention seekers or victorcrats to overload this subject with their limelight desperation. Tommy is seen as some sort of thug, but has sat down and held an honest talk with a genuine trans person and given a great platform for people of vastly different backgrounds to witness listen and change their minds. Well done to both of you guys.. this interview probably won't get the attention it deserves, but if you keep up the work, you can't be stopped. A genuine interview with no agenda , just two people talking and open to understanding each other. Refreshing.

RuaRa : Tommy, once again a brilliant interview. I absolutely love you. please keep going.

Henry Walker : Absolutely appalled by the comments on here, I think this was a fantastic interview.

Cheddar Fodder : This video has done more to challenge my opinions on transgenderism than any I've seen so far. Food for thought Tommy. Thanks for being honest as always.

DG : She's very articulate and rational.. Definitely changed my mind on these issues or food for thought.

Reloaded Insight : Awesome interview!!!!!

Victim of Cause Stalking : Conservative transwomen are the only voice for transwomen. The left just trolls the crap out of it. I believe all the so called trans allies and non binary types are against transwomen. Non binary people are not on hormones or anything. They are just making trouble while at uni and return to being normal after.

Leeann Marie : Very nice interview Tommy...very friendly and genuine...thank you...

Alastor : how could anybody dismiss Tommy Robinson in stereotypical terms after this type of sympathetic and intelligent interview. Well done Tommy I think you were superb here and I liked the Transwoman's attitudes here too

Marlo Bernier : Tommy, are and always have been a stand-up guy - thank you for all you have done and continue doing.

D Jay : Interesting insight into ACTUAL trans issues and concerns. Good chat!

Faeth Danu : I certainly don't understand what it must be like to live in her shoes. But I would be content to live in a world where lovely people like Zuzanna had opportunities to experience their lives to the fullest. Before this interview...I felt knotted up over the entire trans issue....but she has softened my tone through her respectfulness, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you.

Bob Long : wasnt sure about this, but have faith in tommy, he hasnt turned full on leftie , nor is he full on right wing, the person being interviewed probably agrees with tommy on the main subject's that we associate him with.

Stacja Męcina : The Polish even trans are conservative!! Well done!! :D

BenNuttinYahoosreel : I had no idea. Been a fan for a short time now. Great interview.

U.S.A Mom mommy mama Mommy : BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL INTERVIEW!!! She is so dignified and more beautiful than some of the women I know!! Love to the both of you and i wish both of you all the blessings of God and our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Jen Lucille : Oh look Tommy isn't a hateful bigot. It's like Tommy is a actually a chill and accepting dude. Hate how the mainstream media treats him

Fiona Clark : Well done, excellent interview.

Tanya Burraston : I am truly grateful for this interview with such an intelligent woman.

Nastia : Great interview... Thank you! #FREETOMMY

Mike Roberts : Your awesome Tommy,This Germans Bucketlist is to one day meet a true Patriot Excellent video,don’t really connect to this topic,though I will say this Girl is smart and true to herself, Would have not turned her down at any pub,not knowing that is !

Monkey Magic : If that individual is happy then so am I; good to see a trannie who isn’t pushing a pc/sjw agenda. Live and let live.

Cowboy740101 : tommy this is brilliant.thankyou and keep doing what you do

Cro Minion : "I might have to try that." Are we going to have to start calling you Tomi Robinson? 😂 Great interview, man. This girl rocks. I think she's going to do great things. 👍

Kaspars Zambergs : It is so nice to see Tommy's transition into such a good interviewer. :)

Chade Fallstar : I don't care if they were born a male, this person was obvioulsy meant to be female, she's more attractive and feminine than a lot of the women I've met in my life.

David Wallace : This is the first time I’ve heard a trans person make the case for it without all sorts of leftist dogma that makes me switch off. I still honestly don’t know what to make of this but I think I need to listen more now. The quality of interviewing here is better than anything on the BBC because the interviewer is being so blunt and honest asking difficult questions and the interviewee is honestly answering. On the BBC it would be five minutes of pushing an agenda rather than a long and proper conversation.

Trevor Jary : See, this is why we need to talk openly, even if it may come across as rude. Tommy is being honest about what he has said and what he thinks,.and is instantly changing his mind, by this awesome girl! I don't want her to ever stop talking..AT LAST SOME BLOODY INTELLECTUAL SENSE! We may survive the PC onslaught.

Inconveniant Observations : You are a lovely, wellspoken young girl Susanna. You have a bright future ahead!

Trevor Jary : OMG she keeps talking and I am in awe..... This is some one who is Switched on!

Ray Roman : Tommy! This was good. Don't lose focus! Keep your eye on the main goal: freedom! (That goes for both of you)

David Murphy : Also "was you a man" classic way to phrase that question😂😂

pageboy : What does she mean by being a conservative, what do conservatives want to conserve these days?

Achim Stein : Thank you two for the interview ;-)