Tommy Meets a Trans Journalist

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John Morley : Funny how a trans woman on our side looks the part whereas the ones in the antifa crowd look like Cinderella's step sisters.

Reloaded Insight : Awesome interview!!!!!

the crazy cabbie : Very good interview. I have been in the opinion that , a person thinking they were of the other sex ,were suffering a mental disorder... but After watching this I've changed my mind, there are many birth defects.. so it's more than possible a female programmed brain could be born into a male body n vice verser.. We have to do our best to create a space to help these fellow humans come out, but we can't allow attention seekers or victorcrats to overload this subject with their limelight desperation. Tommy is seen as some sort of thug, but has sat down and held an honest talk with a genuine trans person and given a great platform for people of vastly different backgrounds to witness listen and change their minds. Well done to both of you guys.. this interview probably won't get the attention it deserves, but if you keep up the work, you can't be stopped. A genuine interview with no agenda , just two people talking and open to understanding each other. Refreshing.

Niros : She is doing this the right way. She is comfortable in her own skin but not pushing it onto other people. That's the problem with the LGBTQ movement, they want the world to change everything to accodate them. Great interview.

David Murphy : Also "was you a man" classic way to phrase that question😂😂

merc340sr : She was a man?!?. She looks 100% woman and is very attractive!

Robert Gantry : Adopting leftist ideologies doesn't serve to bring leftists toward the right. I just puts you one more step toward the left. THAT is how they win. THAT is why England is heading to the left. THAT is why the US is right behind Canada and England. The left say's you're "Intolerant", so you go left just to prove them wrong. That is a FOOLISH MISTAKE which people have been making for decades. THAT is why people have lost their freedom in England, in Germany, in Sweden, in Finland. Trying to be "Tolerant" has cost them their freedom.

Swami Chodanand : She's a beautiful soul. What else matters?

Paul Morgan : I don't agree with the concept of transgenderism. If you have a male body but you feel feminine then just be a feminine man. There is natural variability of masculinity in men but we are all men.

JONAYA : Yes, love this! Love you both!

dumdum5 : a transgender person with comon sense it s a pleasure

Michael H : Thanks for the interview Tommy. True conservatives really don't give a shit about identity politics. We just don't want people telling us how to think, feel and speak.

Papa Pingu : Jesus. Some of the people in this chat are so worried because they are getting turned on by a trans person. Such betas. Man up and admit you'd like to try that.

Vadim Bellous : WoW, definitely fooled me when I saw her interview Gavin McInnes. Beautiful, smarts and definitely going places.

RoseThistleArtworks : I appreciate the honest, fact based conversation here so much. The point of treating people with respect if you want respect is universal and well made.

UNHOLY PRIEST : you can tell thats a dude his adams apple has been trimmed down like a fade on a puerto rican Afro' and his runner back shoulders he could play for the Los Angeles Raiders with those Runner back shoulders could run a touchdown with that frame dudes arms are wider than Terry Crews's forehead' you know Tommy would smash dat lol

Ahava : You cannot be Lgbt and conservative. Why? Because it's the liberals that are keeping this decaying mutilated man out of the mental bin and his crazy parents out of prison. And isn't conservative about conserving the natural way of life ?

pete Austin : she is cool .. nice interview tommy

Clifford C : I like her. I think she's going to go places.

EmpiricalMind : Great interview, insightful and very interesting conversation.

nicole garcia : Just imagine there was a financial collapse and a war, or some catastrophic event and those people couldn't have their hormonal treatment. Would this issue be important then?

xo_silentrealm_xo : ❤ Zuzanna. A very intelligent and articulate person.

Albthe : she's so prettyyyyyyyy

Mister Anderson : Lost my respect for giving this insanity a platform to grow. This dude is 19 and already so far off the track he will never get back. This is not normal, should not be given a platform to plant seeds in other mentally disturbed people.

Casper_Skitzo : Its harder to come out as a right wing or conservative than it is to come out as a transsexual...this is our world today.

Henry V : Surgery and implants, and puberty blockers. A decade down the track this bloke will have lost his battle against the facts. XY. This is what the media does - shows kids on their way to wrecking their life, and push other confused kids into ruining theirs. Stick to immigration issues Tommy.

Sir Winston Churchill : chopping ur knob off dont make u a bird mate

RuaRa : Tommy, once again a brilliant interview. I absolutely love you. please keep going.

Dévd Jemáz : That is not a woman in my opinion

DrowFighterMage : Well done, Tommy.

Trevor Jary : For the record; You're very pretty! Glad you are feeling comfortable in your skin now! Xx

Brad Stephens : How is genotype not chromosomal? It’s hormones? I couldn’t watch after her/his self serving explanation of biology and lack of understanding.

Fight Milk : I’m friends with her on twitter and she is really, really nice. I will call her a her anytime she wants. Kind of hot too uh oh did I say that out loud bye

Yusuke : Boys are boys. Girls are girls.

Aunty Em : She is a lovely human being.

David Belcher : That’s a Dude?? Wow.... had No idea, thought it was a real chick at first

Bob Long : wasnt sure about this, but have faith in tommy, he hasnt turned full on leftie , nor is he full on right wing, the person being interviewed probably agrees with tommy on the main subject's that we associate him with.

Cro Minion : "I might have to try that." Are we going to have to start calling you Tomi Robinson? 😂 Great interview, man. This girl rocks. I think she's going to do great things. 👍

Anglo Saxon Elle : Enjoyed that interview, cheers Tommy.

James Corrigan : He's wrong about "trans" brains. Everything he said is a lie and yes I am saying HE

DG : She's very articulate and rational.. Definitely changed my mind on these issues or food for thought.

Fiona Clark : Well done, excellent interview.

Grammar Nazi : So ... apparently I'm gay, cause I genuinely got a half-erection just watching her face. But on to a more important issue: They've thrown Tommy in jail and there's a genuine risk he might get attacked and killed by Muslims in prison. Anyone got any ideas what we can do? I don't live in the UK, but I want to help.

CaptBunnykiller : Great interview! The LGBTQ "community" does nothing to assist trans people when it comes to real related issues (health, job, social interaction etc.). They only use them for publicity, putting additional pressure on those they can't even distiguish from drag queens. They are making it harder for t-people to live a decent life, portraying them as clowns. Thank you, Zuzanna, for speaking the truth. Brave people like you will truly make a difference.

Nicholas Robinson : Its because you were brought up by your mother you had no father figure that you went this way. There is also demonic influence that makes a child think this way. Parent's sins allow demonic influence and strongholds on their children.

TheMalmoSon : I'm sorry i can't stand behind this. I would never mistreat someone a trans , but these people are ill. What if someone identified as a child as an adult and was curiious about the othe sex let's say a grown man identified as a boy and started to touch a little girl on her genitalia, would you say "oh what the heck it's just kids being kids?" Or would you say that man is insane? Because you can't choose to accept that you can identify as one thing and then reject when someone identify as another

Tibor Uray : Transgenders are mockery on Real women.

Warrior Linda Clark : NINETEEN?? Wow! Smart for 19.

David Yorkshire : @14:17 "There has never been a case where a trans person assaulted somebody in the bathroom." Total lies. Miguel/Michelle Martinez was convicted in October last year of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom in Casper, Wyoming. Also regarding trannies sexually assaulting children: Kira Leverton of Stoke Hill, Somerset was convicted of a string of sexual offences in June of last year. In January of this year, Gary/Carys Cooper of Hertford was charged with 11 counts of indecently assaulting children. Kathleen Carpenter (formerly Keith Thompson) of Hatfield, Doncaster was convicted of two counts of indecently assaulting a child in January of this year. Lana/Ben Laws of Kent has been convicted several times for child pornography and making indecent images and was last convicted in January of this year. Those are just a few recent ones.

Creaky Joints : 19. I was a dozy, directionless muppet at 19. Seriously, I didn't get my shit together until I was in my mid to late twenties. Good interview.