Tom Green's RAZZIE® throw rug...
Tom Green bringing his own red carpet when he accepted his Razzie award for Freddie Got Fingered

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Tom Green rolls out his own "Red Carpet" as he arrives to pick up a Bunch o' Berries for FREDDY GOT FINGERED...


Tombo NoLastName : "How would you describe this LAST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE?" really sounds like a threat.

ThaRealSonRah : Freddie Got Fingered is a cult classic. "Daddy would you like some sausage" The movie is extremely funny. I'm gonna go watch it again for the 8th time.

Nick Peterson : lol at people thinking tom is stupid for being stoked on this award....first of all...the movie was freddy got fingered, it was the type of comedy that is destined to be hated by critics, and loved by teenagers,,,it getting a razzy and him being elated by that only makes us love the movie even more

trixen : LMAO! I love Tom Green.

AlexD : Please upload his speech

Mike Ni : that movie was hilarious

CC Mania : Some people have the sense of humor to find movies like Freddy Got Fingered hilarious and some don’t. THANKFULLY I am one of those people who have that sense of humor lol that “Daddy would you like some sausage” scene killed me 🤣🤣

Tony Sauce : All imma say is tom green may be hated by the world but i actually liked the movie. Personally i feel like people would rather have a mob mentality and bash the movie just because the last person didnt like it.

Thomas Wepfer : Semi truck sounds in the background. This sure is a very classy location.

Ridgeway David : I love it when people turn up to this:-)x

Tomasopotamus : Upload the speech!

mabusestestament : Freddy Got Fingered is the best movie ever to win razzies, together with the camp classic Showgirls.

Taim The Watcher : Mike Stoklasa from RedLetterMedia thinks the film is genius.

Selfish Stockton : He looks like my Uncle and it's awesome

schavira : RIP Santa Monica Bright Child/Toys "R" Us

Kķn_D : : I think razzie should be a friendly parody of oscar version award... no offense cos it can seriously effect the career of stars. .. yeah it should held .. cos it will be reminded as not to waste our money in theater. .. by promising us by great trailer

Geforce2187 : Does anyone know if video footage exists of Tom Green's acceptance speech, where he supposedly started playing the harmonica and refused to stop until he was removed from the stage?

barbiquearea : Tom Green was proud of winning a Razzie? That's like being proud of getting an ice-cream cone but with dog shit instead of actual ice-cream. What the hell is wrong with this dumbass?

Gingerkids28 : Oh, konichewa

iceboy207 : lol

Brian Washington : Oh whoops, this is tom green, not tom cruise. silly mistake.

iceboy207 : what the hell? no, Freddy got Fingered.

yolod it : lol

Andrea Alfaro : @sn0wsh00s I want to see that too please upload it anybody

Elisa Aguilar : please please PLEASE upload the speech vid!

DeadJ0ker27 : Tom is the fucking man. He manages to stay grounded and mock the whole situation.

Richard Smoker : I'll love you forever if you upload the video of him getting dragged off.

Razzie Channel : u're welcome - yes we do...

sn0wsh00s : Thanks for this clip! I was wondering what was up with Tom Green and his red carpet throwing at the Razzies. Do you guys also have video of him getting dragged off stage?

Laurie Laurence : Sleepycast? Anyone? Anyone?

e n : こんにちわ〜 どうもありがと〜

kylar stern : Legend

Dan Maler : 03-23-2002

voteZDLR : Freddy Got Fingered is actually low key brilliant though. BASICALLY what happened was it was around the turn of the millenium, music network channels played music still but they were beginning to branch out into the realm of ... I guess comedy is the best way to describe it. But yes the Tom Green Show was one of those shows and it was absurdly popular for a while. It ultimately paved the way for Jackass stuff in that it was basically street comedy with stunts involved and revolved around getting reactions. Anyway Tom Green was the shit, the people who run the studios were like "Hey uhhhh the kids love you, we have no idea why. But tell you what here's $1 million go make us a fucking movie, do whatever you want just make sure it makes at least $1 million back" and Tom's like "Huh, anything you say?"