Peter Griffin Hurts His ASMR

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EXCEPT : REUPLOAD! Hello class, today we're going to ruin family guy. Blame DogBeef for this idea. 100K stream countdown soon!

shiv 421 kobra : TURN ON CAPTIONS

surreal entertainment : Thanks for the reupload, made me watch it again

Natalie Alfera : 🅱️eter *t h i c c*

Kadz12 : I see you did your thumbnail smoothing! 😂👌

EXCEPT : When it’s 4pm and you won the golden ticket

MaelidMorgan : Kinky

Whoa hey there pal thats pretty edgy : *ssss ahhhh*

feroui hamza : sounds so gay

AnimalTruk : *When you quietly nut*

Smokin Monkey : Who ever dropped that 1 dislike ur mom gay

Dead Af : Why does he sound like Owen Wilson in some part???

notliH lenoiL : Next ASMR, do that one scene from Spongebob where the evil Patrick meme originated.

WEEB POLICE : fitness gram pacer test ASMR do it.

Tactic : Just close your eyes and listen...

I HAVE THE POWER : It pennywise asmr

Cojoe 3 : Gucci Gang ASMR!

EmptyDinosaur 72 : Turn on captions

Anonymous : I'm getting an erection

Kain Stellitano : 700th like and view

Doodle Poodles : *peter thicc.When peter falls he still thicc.I like peter.* -captions 2018


-Northadox- : This makes me feel uncomfortable

Phantomus : ORGASMIC

HunBun Draws : Peter thicc When Peter fall he still thicc I like Peter


That derpy dog _ the 1st : The tingles are *real* guys

Jenerik_Guy : It hurts

Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Even the foot steps were ASMR

God ziller : Tingly

Lunatic Fringe : Owen Wilson impersonating Peter Griffin hurting himself

Streed : Epic

Last Gen Richyboy : Many people claim to enjoy asmr as it gives them a tingling sensation in their dongle

KILLEKIRAHVI : The damn subtitles make this 20times better

Murmaxy : Feels like Deja Vu,huh?

zettaisback : We had tapping, wind sounds and AAhhh. I can't wait for more ASMR videos.

Video Games Incorporated : Who else expected suprise earrape

Krogu : so again on this side of youtube...

My Snicker : calmest leg fracture ever

Michael : Fuuuuuuck! Yooooooooouuuuu!😊

Wolfy Mt Gems : I like how the footsteps are the sound of asmr lol..

EXEMASTER 777 : 195 subs till 💯k

Too Candy : *turn on captions*


Hose Water Studios : I feel so calm after watching this video please help me

Big Sauce : Is this the new grand theft auto?

Wolfy Mt Gems : Peter griffin sounds like he’s drinking a cola.. At the end he’s like ahhh

Keepsake Studios : _ah_

Lazeeh .Kookie : Fffffff aaaaag ffffff aaaaahhh ffffffff aaahhhhh fffffff aaaah fffffffff aaaaahhhh fffffff aaaaah Ffffffff aaaaaah FFFFFF AAAAAAH

The Iron Art Manufactur : *_Peter thicc._* *_When Peter fall he still thicc._* *_I like Peter._*