This Land Is Mine

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MrNderman SanityGaming : "so take my hand!!!", *cuts off hand

ynderulets tyalikanky : That's secret of land's fertility. Blood.

Mousechris : Started off funny, then it actually got scary, and very very revealing of the current world.

Kaizoku Mugiwara : ive seen it a million times and i just cant get enough

Ultimate Bleach : The real owner of this land is death himself.

UniversalPotentate : LOL! I love the elevator music outro That just made it PERFECT! XD

ItsARandomEncounter : I love everything about the Angel of death in the end of the video. From its amazing design to the very sharp and nihilistic moral of the story.

Jefry Xavier : One of the best representation of stupidity I've ever seen...

Adrià Medina-Altarriba : Probably the best metaphore not only of the isreali-palestinian conflict but of human history itself that I've ever seen. Remeber folks, Death always wins!

Kenneth Mitchell : 100th time, still get chills at the end

drumphil00 : Why isn't this more well know?? If anything gets to the point more than this, I can't think what it is.

Frank Farmer : "Nobody owns the land.  We are merely the caretakers." - Chief Sitting Bull The entire Middle East has been a train wreck for countless centuries and it still is.  The US has no business even being involved.  We need to bring our troops home now - AND ALIVE!

FroneRon : This should have more views!

JimIBobIJones : "God" as a justification for violence (regardless of whether you believe in him/her/it/him-her) has never been more than a thin veil to hide human-created agendas, although at times the perpetrators themselves do not always realise it.  The land in question has been fought over for so much of history in truth not so much for religion but because of its relative fertility and geography (just one example is that it has ideal access to the river Jordan) in a physically harsh region of the world.  Because most of us strive to be moral beings, there needs to be moral grounds to justify the taking of this land for a particular subsection of humanity whilst depriving all others of it. "God" is just a convenient excuse. Furthermore, the conflict over the "Holy Land" (for want of a better aggregate term) is in no way unique, though it does typify human conflict quite well. 

M. Djervig : This video cracks me up. Simply brilliant.

Basil The Egyptian Alchemist : Although I am an Arab Muslim and Nina is a Jew, every time I watch this magnificent video she made, I feel my original simple human nature glowing out of my heart and all my other identities fading away in its presence.

Ric Downing : Excellent video and song! Simple enough for All to understand what's really going on! It doesn't have to be this way anymore.

Andy Scott : Oh perfectly done.....and so dark :(

bodiesofwater : I can see somewhat of an alternate version to this video. Wherein the cartoon figures don't lip-synch and are just killing each for the land. When the Angel of Death comes in, he is shown to be the only one singing, giving the strong impression that the land being claimed and fought over by those people was actually given by God to Death and not Man.

Jonassoe : You forgot the Achaemenid Persians!

ComradeSch : Excellently-made and an excent piece, but I have one nit-pick: The Israeli Defence Force does not use the AK-47. They use a variant of the AR-15 platform as their main infantry rifle.

Mark Verdad : This saved me on my World History paper.

Robin Markowitz : Ironic. "This content is MINE!" Say the song-owners. No, it's not. The high Court has ruled, unambiguously, that parody is fully protected fair use. No ifs, ands, or buts! I shared this on Facebook, and got "likes" from people who vehemently disagree on the current matter. This is genius. And it's also the history of the human race, not merely the middle east. Thank you.

Charlene Swallows : Finally an accurate portrayal.

geoforamorio : Κανένας δεν είναι είναι ιδιοκτήτης αυτής της Γης...This LAND has NO owner!!!

Nugzar Mikeladze : you missed persians(Achaemenid Empire) after babylonians

Mike R : Nina, you're awesome!!

VideoBytes NL : Amazing!! When men war there are only losers.

Jacob Campbell : 4 years ago and there's only 2 videos like this on your channel. WHY??! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! WE ALL DO!

japjosea89 : the real owner of the Earth, Death.

Jason Rodriguez : Glorious death to Israel and Palestine .....

fegu : Liked, shared, commented, favorited it, and I recommend everyone to do the same.

Erwin Rommel : Humanity will always be like this

Chichopuente : Well, looks like you'll have yo make a longer version thanks to Trump

robotguy : Brilliant.

staffis : Angel of Death. Monarch to the kingdom of the dead.

mazardeus : This is more focused on entertaining our irrational obsession towards watching violence than informing the public on the reality of the conflict. Now that this is the 21st century, we need to expose the true reality: Israeli government is severely oppressing the Palestinian people and taking their land as days go by. It is near the end of 2016. We need to move on as a people to think about justice now.

blasterforever : Is there oil or gold or diamond in this land? Or something valuable worth to fight?

Astronautical : War. War never changes.

hamod7732 : i want to know who is that black huge person have a skeleton face at the end

Wassup2020 : Believe it or not, Israel is the land of Bloodshed. The land of conflict. From the Crusades, to the Ottoman and British occupations to the current Israel Palestine situtation today. All because of the shrines and monuments dedicated to the three main abrahamic religions of the world, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Shervin Peyghambari : when you say "Copying is an act of love, please copy and share." you make me jealous of your generosity. and i love the video and the music. please keep up the good work :)

noam mor : to mach bloob.......................................................

Collin Miguel : THIS LAND IS MINE

omer shaik : This is such a powerful video. I teach this year a course on middle eastern history to an israeli audience and this video and others of yours are a must have in these lessons. You are amazing

Elnoctambulero : History of mankind in 3 minutes

Khalid Lebdah : *Death shall prevail*

The Violator : In the end the only one that wins is death.

C. M. : It is not about the land, it was never about the land. It's about hate and religion.

Lone Wanderer : The only winner in all this is Death.