Lettermans Greatest Moments - Dave Works at Mcdonalds

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MultiParasite : That man that bought the onions - find him and give him a cookie.

Celica Pevencie : I can't believe that guy actually bought the onions!

HoustonProductions1 : Guy who bought the unions=Faith in humanity restored.

kz1000ps : "Yeah, the food is ready, sure the food'll always be ready. Are YOU ready?" lololololololol

chris peterson : Yep , the guy that brought back the onions . The world today could stand a few million of his kindness :)

Benjamin Enchilada : The guy actually went and got onions, that is awesome lol

jetnut89 : 59 cents for a burger. How times have changed.

Kevin McCarroll : Wasn’t really a fan of David Letterman. Then I saw this. He’s got a dry wit that works. Really funny.

Margaret Paszek : First time I saw this in 1993 I fell off the couch laughing so hard. Today, 24 years later I laughed so much it was hard to catch a breath. There will never be another Dave Letterman. Hope he comes back to TV soon.

K3NNY O : "we're completely out of hamburgers........ could you go get us some ground beef?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA -Dave was awesome back in the day

Safe House : McDonald's served 80 billion last year, and we got this guy running errands for us. LOL

Mr. Anonymous : hey that was me! Dave gave me a $20 bill and thats it, but it was cool to meet him and be apart of this video! - the onion guy lol EDIT: some friends and family wanted me to drop off a bag of onions when Dave was on Netflix , my brother even tried to get a hold of Daves people but no one called back, maybe Dave didnt remember the bit since it was so long ago

Ammar Z : Just shows how different life was then compared till now

Wade S : I saw this when it aired originally, and to this day when I see someone in front of me at a drive through only get a drink, I say to myself "You couldn't have gotten out of your car for a medium Sprite?"

Sandra Snow-Balvert : I remember once when I had to work at mcdonalds briefly (thank god)  and I was on the drive through and said to a customer hello welcome to mcdonalds can I take your order and he said no then drove away :D

greenlizardballs : "what is that two cheeseburgers meal? what do you get with that??" "two cheeseburgers meal? what do you get with THOSE?" "yah" "you get a free pack of cigarettes"

TX Camper : Letterman before he got grouchy and political. Like he hating showing up for Work the last 10 years.

BroBeWan JoeKnowT. : "The kid took a sick day..he swallowed a straw" Ha!! Were going to miss you Dave. Your my generations Carson💚

Papa Dragon : 4:57....He is 53 now. Time flies, kids.

der22672 : And this is one of the many reasons im going to miss David Letterman soooo much.  Pure comedic genius.  I have been watching Letterman ever since he had his morning show on NBC.  That's how long I've been a fan.    Then of course I followed him to his late night show on NBC and then over to CBS. I have been enjoying his walks down memory lane the last week or so, and I so hope they show at least one of his times at McDonalds.  The best comedy bit ever.

AROD2287 : "The food is ready, it'll always be ready....are you ready?" Letterman is the GOAT

MostVerticalPrimate MK II : I love how much of a shithead Letterman was in the 90's.

Rick Harmes : Ronald McDonald's gay.. roflmao

Clay Tumey : It's really too bad YouTube wasn't around when Dave was young. He could've been rich!

supermanscottforever : He's lucky no one came in and kicked his ass or shot the place up.

TrainMan 555 : best quote I'd like a happy meal you have to prove to me that you're happy

Wirebiter64 : I discovered Letterman because some kids at my highschool in Denmark were talking about this back in the 90's.

Pt0wN973b0iI : You want cheese on that!? 😏😏😏😭

DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿ : This made for great TV, but I still find it hard to understand why a restaurant would be willing to harass and annoy their customers this way. I mean, it's not like McDonald's badly needs more national TV exposure. It scared and worried me when that angry guy at the end peeled off with the gas pedal floored. 😬

rapier1954 Farrell : I forgot to go to the market - could you go by and get us some ground beef LMAO

Youssef Dirani : They should bring the old school uniforms back

brugglesby : I forgot to get to the market!!

Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes : These were the good old days before Dave turned into an unfunny, angry, old, ultra-liberal coot.

Infamous Yash Show : All the greats now say, where influenced by Dave And O my Lord $0.58 burgers 😣😣😣 rip 90s

Chris Brophy : 2 people hate fun.

miscellaneousone : "Mack-Donalds" ..... this is how you do late night. ... the Onion Guy ... 🍈 😂 🤣 😍

Jebu911 : I hope he payed that onion guy generously

Peoples KarmaSquad : Larry Bud would have been great at this.

no name : when i think letterman i think this exact clip

dner75 : There was a sweet spot in the '90s when this was possible. After most of the "greatest" generation prudes had retired, but one generation before the thugs (who would stab someone in the neck for slowing down their busy day of unemployment) had exploded. I miss you, Dave. I hope you come to your senses about defending liberal retardation, because they are they ones who don't like this brand of comedy.

Cory Carpenter : Born in 87, I missed all of this genius comedy. Thanks for YouTube and people that recorded these gems. Taco Bell and McDonald drive thrus, Rupert, the lady across the street at Simon and Schuster, crushing things with a steam roller, and his overall cynical displeasure for everything is priceless.

Bill Hunter : David Letterman... greatest troll of all time

Dannie Henriksen : Funny as hell😁. Love Dave..

Daniel : letterman is a legend

VlogUntilDawn : "What is that two cheeseburgers meals? What do you get with that?" What the hell do you think you get with that? Man, I would not have the patience to work fast food with questions like that. xD

Carl Scripter : I miss Dave... He was my favorite (HE'S NOT DEAD).


teamreckdjipod : Damn they had a 59 cents burger

Bee Girl : OMG Dave is a damn genius!!

Mehdi Esfahani : i'm hungry